40+ Dark Academia Wallpapers for iPhone and Desktop

I first wrote this post in 2022, and now I am updating this list of dark academia wallpapers for iPhone with some new photos, and images and adding the plus of wallpapers for Desktop. Of all the aesthetics we have explored and written about in this blog, one of my favorites is the Dark Academia Aesthetic.

There is something so intriguing about the moods elicited by this aesthetic and lifestyle. It inspires me to buy new mystery books or open YouTube videos and learn to play the piano. Dark Academia imagery and visual aesthetics transport me to a calm darkness where all that matters is having your soul filled with art, music poetry, and wisdom.

There is a beautiful yet inspiring melancholy in the symbolism of the dark academia aesthetic. So, I made this post with gorgeous images taken by professional photographers and some exclusive visions generated by me with Midjourney.

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When I stumble on aesthetic Instagram profiles they often tell me a visual and written story that helps me discover things that I love in my life, things that I love depending on my mood, and things that I didn’t even know that I loved until I discovered that aesthetic.

Dark Academia has these 3 effects on me. It makes me realize that I feel highly attracted to classical music, museums, and mystery books. I would never have thought that my soul craved experiencing an orchestra in Austria, for example, if it wasn’t for the Dark Academia Aesthetic triggers

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Dark Academia Wallpaper ideas

Below you will see a list of dark academia backgrounds for your phone. Pick your favorite topic or which one is more appealing to your heart.

Background ideas for the passionate about antique architecture and old palaces.

Photo Adrien Olichon via Unsplash
Photo Daniele Colucci via Unsplash
dark academia wallpaper
The Mood Guide
Photo by Ryan Klaus via Unsplash
Photo Jaredd Craig via Unsplash
Photo Nicolas Hernande via Unsplash
Photo Kateryna Hliznitsova via Unsplash

The dark academia images below depicting typewriters and letters are the perfect background for the phones of writers and poets.

Photo Zoe via Unsplash
The Mood Guide
Photo Nur Yilmaz source Pexels
Photo Dominika Roseclay via Pexels
Photo via Florian Klauer on Unsplash
Photo Andrew Seaman via Unsplash
Photo Andreas Rasmussen source Unsplash

Classic music and piano are iconic symbols of the dark academia aesthetic.

dark academia classic wallpaper aesthetic
Photo Miguel Dominguez via Unsplash
Photo Benigno Hoyuela via Unsplash
Photo Sudhith Xavier via Unsplash

More aesthetic objects that mirror the nostalgic feels of the dark academia.

Photo: Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash
Photo Taha Mazandarani via Unsplash
Photo Jon Tyson via Unsplash
Photo Zoe via Unsplash
Photo Olesia Hnatkevych via Unsplash
Photo Sixteen Miles Out via Unsplash
Photo Annie Spratt via Unsplash

The moody, mysterious, gloomy, and inspiring dark academia landscape.

dark academia wallpaper landscape

To the romantic souls and abstract imagery fans.

dark academia wallpaper couples
Photo Ruan Richard Rodrigues via Unsplash
Photo Zoltan Tasi source Unsplash
Photo Erol Ahmed Source Unsplash

From your precious bookshelves filled with treasured books to charming antique bookshops in old Europe or stunning libraries carrying the big answers, questions, and mysteries, of the universe and multiverse. The dark academia wallpaper ideas below are for all book and knowledge lovers.

Photo Harun via Unsplash
Photo: Ruiqi Kong via Unsplash
Photo Anas Anas via Unsplash
Photo Henry Be via Unsplash
Photo Elena Kloppenburg via Unsplash
Photo Eilis Garvey via Unsplash
Photo Dana Ward via Unsplash
Photo Zoe via Unsplash
Photo Zoe via Unsplash

Museums and sculptures bring us closer to the surreal and instigating realities and lifestyles from the past.

sculpture dark academia wallpaper

Dark Academia Wallpapers for Desktop

Open the images below in a new tab to preview the dark academia wallpapers for desktop, then save them to your Mac or PC and set them as desktop wallpaper!

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The Mood Guide
The Mood Guide
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