I decided to create a list of dark academia wallpapers because of all the aesthetics that we have already explored and written about in this post, one of my favorites is definitely the Dark Academia Aesthetic. There is something so moody about the moods aroused by this aesthetic and lifestyle, that it actually inspires me to buy new mystery books or open Youtube videos and learn to play basic piano.

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When I stumble on aesthetic Instagram profiles they often tell me a visual and written story that help me discover things that I love in my life, things that I love depending on my mood, and things that I didn’t even knew that I loved until I discover that aesthetic.

Dark Academia have theses 3 effects on me. It makes me realize that I feel highly attracted to classic music, museums and mystery books. Things that, before knowing the aesthetic, I would just know that I liked the lifestyle surrounding this aesthetic after experiencing an orchestra in Austria, for example.

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Dark Academia Wallpaper ideas

Below you will see a list of dark academia backgrounds for your phone. I selected the images myself around the internet, so you can find something else that is not already on Pinterest. Pick your favorite topic or which one is more appealing to your heart.

Background ideas for the passionate about antique architecture and old palaces.

dark academia aesthetic wallpaper
dark academia door wallpaper

these dark academia pictures are perfect background options for the phone of writers and poets.

dark academia aesthetic background
dark academia handwritter letters wallpaper
dark academia aesthetic background typewriter

Classic music and piano are iconic symbols of the dark academia aesthetic.

dark academia aesthetic wallpaper piano

The moody, mysterious, gloomy, and inspiring dark academia landscape.

dark academia wallpaper landscape

To the romantic souls.

dark academia wallpaper couples

From your own precious bookshelves filled with treasured books to charming antique book shops in old Europe or stunning libraries carrying the big answers, questions, and mysteries, of the universe and multiverse. The dark academia wallpaper ideas below are for all book lovers.

old books dark academia wallpaper
dark academia wallpaper books
dark academia aesthetic bg
dark academia books shop

Museums and sculptures bring us closer to the surreal and instigating realities and lifestyles from the past.

sculpture dark academia wallpaper

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