Coquette Aesthetic Guide (Outfits, Decor & Romantic Parisian Lifestyle)

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Soft Girly + ballet aesthetic + Minimal Chic + classic Parisian. Mix everything and you will get the overall mood of the modern romantic coquette aesthetic.

You might not be living in Paris, but it does not stop you to romanticize your life or at least create a lifestyle that brings you closer to it, even if just by drinking a glass of rose in your bedroom while Listening to La Vie on Rose.

The Coquette Aesthetic: Colors & Moodboard

White, pink, black, neutrals & beiges are the main colors of the Parisian chic dolette, ballerina, also known as coquette.

Also, vintage classy places, such as classic art museums and castles are the main scenarios of this aesthetics, making them also relatable with royalcore, angelcore and light academia. Urban -romantic scenes (hello Paris) are a differential as the main setting of this aesthetic.

coquette aesthetic

Coquette Girl Traits & Lifestyle

I write posts about aesthetics because I believe it is so useful to use images as something more than inspiration, but actually as a tool to help us dig up things that might be internalized, stopping us to do things that we truly love.

So, I gather images and storytelling to motivate you to just go live the lifestyle you want, through simple things, using the tools you have at hand. So, below, I listed a few simple suggestions to help you live a coquette lifestyle.

Believe me, even the simple things can make a huge difference in your self-esteem.

  • Wear a pretty satin bow in your hair
  • Wear some beautiful vintage lace & Underwear
  • Treat yourself to some pretty roses
  • Listen to la vie on rose on cover versions
  • Write a love letter to yourself in a beautiful envelope
  • Always have delicious Truffle Chocolates in the house
  • Make yourself the prettiest macaroons on the weekend
  • Wear long satin gloves just because
  • Own a pair of Ballet flats (It doesn’t have to be Chanel)

Coquette clothing

The right fabrics & materials are one of the best ways to express the coquette aesthetic through your clothing style. Also, the details and colors hold the power to evoke a whole mood: satin, lace ribbon, tweed, pearls, black or white tights with details, bows & berets are the accessories to go to evoke the Coquette vibe.

Coquette aesthetic outfits

Below are some outfit ideas to channel your inner coquette Parisian-chic-ballerina-princess for summer, spring fall, and winter.

Satin/silk dresses

Satin and silk pink or white dresses are a chic and feminine option for a Coquette aesthetic outfit.

Bows on the outfit

Big statement bows.

All black

All Black satin, bowls, lace, and tights are my favorite coquette outfit composition. So chic yet slightly mysterious and romantic.

Tweed & knit

Corset Outfits

Coquette aesthetic room

A coquette room is quite similar to a girly princess room, but less rococo and much more urban and classy. Mix vintage elements with modern architecture to get that modern romance in your interior design.

Little compositions that influencers call ¨coquette clutter¨ are a simple way to make little corners with a mood

The bathroom below is the perfect coquette bathroom. The natural candlelights make the environment so aesthetic, plus the modern chic candleholders making a composition with super girly roses an channel prints creates an easy DIY coquette bath time. The same romantic with the modern combination also works for the vanity decoration.

coquete bathroom decor

Coquette aesthetic Beauty basics

Girly brands and designer french perfumes are must-haves for a coquette life. Miss Dior is a perfect example, but also Parfums the Marly. Some US brands also invest in Frenchie romantic branding for their cosmetics and perfume, such as Too Faced, Gisou and Glossier.

coquette makeup
coquette beauty
Photo: @venicedamsel
Photo: @princess.sugarplumphoto

Shop the Mood: Coquette Aesthetic Gifts

Whether you want a gift for yourself or for a friend, Here are some super coquette aesthetic things.

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Coquette Aesthetic Guide (Outfits, Decor &  Romantic Parisian Lifestyle)