Hello sweet dreamer. This is a list of super cute cottagecore nails for those who feel good when incorporating the cottagecore aesthetic into their lives.

There is something so romantic yet ethereal in the bucolic, natural, simple life of cottagecore, that just inspires some of us to even do a mani with the theme.

I have already written tons of cottagecore aesthetic guides, which you can check all below:

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Now going to what matters, some lovely, cute and aesthetic cottagecore nails inspo for who is in the mood for something very bright and sunny.


Where there is cottagecore, there is a cute mushroom, so of course mushroom nails are on this list.

cottagecora mushroom nails

Mushroom Aesthetic Posts

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Strawberry Nails

Strawberries are the most obvious symbol of the cottagecore aesthetic, so obviously cottagecore nails with strawberries are a classic. Extra cuteness and natural elements, like the polka dots and nails below will evoke extra cottagecore vibes to a simple cute strawberry nail design.

strawberry cottagecore nails
cottagecore strawberry nail
strawberry and daisies cottagecore almond nails
cottagecore nails
strawberry cottagecore nails
cottagecore aesthetic fruit nails

Woodland Critters

Mushrooms, Wildflowers, and forest critters medley is the most detailed type of cottagecore nail design. The first one is just a combination of nail stickers and they make the most gorgeous collage of mushrooms, bees, woodland animals such as foxes & butterflies, and nature.

cottagecore nails
cottagecore woodland nails

Although bunnies are more common for easter nail designs, these cute little creatures are also perfect for super sweet cottagecore nails.

These butterflies on a bucolic scenario are a joyful summer option!

33 Aesthetic Easter Nails Designs & Ideas To Try This Year

Grandma Towel

Gingham checkerboard creates a grandma or picnic towel effect, which are popular items in the Cottagecore Aesthetic. I love the second one for its vintage effect. The first is super cheerful, which is suitable for fanciers of super cute nail designs.



Cottagecore is not cottagecore without flowers, so of course floral nails are an option here. Go specifically for daisies or vintage flowers for a more specific cottagecore floral nail design.

Christmas Cottagecore Nails

Christmas plus cottagecore is probably the coziest mood ever.

Vintage Cottagecore Nail Ideas

For the vintage souls who would love to live in a bucolic forest wearing light vintage dresses or in a Jane austen summer novel.

Cottagecore aesthetic nails are lovely and perfect for the pure souls. Click here to check out nail ideas for every mood.

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