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A cottagecore gift is a very unique and special item that invokes a time, place, and feeling. A reminder that the simple little things matter the most, that we are connected with nature and that is ok – and necessary – to slow down.

Wondrous creatures, delicate flowers, wandering in the woods, carefree running in the fields. The enchanting smell of old books, the mysteries, and the thrill of opening a rare vintage victorian book written hundreds of years ago. The simplicity of mushroom picking in the forest, the possibilities to decor your home like a forest fae…

All these are moods invoked by the cottagecore aesthetic, and this post will list unique cottagecore gifts that will make you help a loved one live the Cottagecore Dream.

These are perfect holidays or birthday gifts for wild spirits, soft & sweethearts, and simple souls.

🍄 The cottagecore aesthetic: mushrooms, strawberries, cute woodland animals, forest insects, botanical, feminine, serene, English countryside, English gardens, light greens, light pink, browns and earthy tones.

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Cottagecore Jewellery Gifts

Attention to detail and bringing exquisite nature with you wherever you go is what makes a botanical, nature-inspired gift a perfect cottagecore-themed gift. Flower-pressed necklaces or anything handmade inspired by mushrooms and flowers will make anyone feel more connected to nature and the woods.

cottagecore mushroom gift
Photo: Etsy

Mushroom Earrings

Picking just one earring to feature from this shop was hard work. Everything is handmade and so cute, inspired by flowers, moons, and mushrooms. You should just go and check this aesthetic shop for yourself!

$26.00 – PepperandPinkCo

vintage cottagecore gift
Photo: Etsy

Pressed flower locket

A handmade necklace featuring a real pink rose encased on a bed of green moss and gold leaf flakes. A very thoughtful gift for someone unique.

$78.81 – RubyRobinBoutique

gold jewelery strawberry cottagecore gift
Photo: Etsy

Gold strawberry necklace

A beautiful 18k gold strawberry necklace to give as a gift for any berries lover.

$35.47 + – FromtheWildWoodShop

vintage victorian woodland cottagecore gift
Photo: Etsy

Mushroom vintage necklace

Cottagecore and vintage are a great duo since cottagecore romanticizes life on the farm from the past.

$18.19 – DaintyMedievalist

cottage core necklace gift
Photo: Etsy

Real Flower Honey Bee Necklace

Stunning terrarium necklace for bee lovers.

$44.00 – LeChaim

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Cottagecore Clothing

Clothing for a cottagecore-inspired look is a good cottagecore gift. Romantic and nostalgic dresses with strawberry and floral prints, linen terracotta/earthy color skirts, and embroidered sweaters are great gift options.

cottagecore clothing gift
Photo: Unique Vintage

Cat Embroidered Cardigan

This charming cardigan is perfect for the cat and flower lover in your life.

$82.00 – Unique Vintage

Photo: Unique Vintage

Mushrooms Farrow Sweater

A lovely gift for every season, this embroidered plus-size sweater is a cutie and stylish piece for fungi fans.

$58.00 – Unique Vintage

Photo: Unique Vintage

White & Strawberry Midi Dress

Ethereal + Flowy + Strawberry = the perfect cottagecore dress combo.

$98.00 Unique Vintage

cottagecore sweater gift
Photo: Etsy

Embroidered Sweater

This Cozy Knit Embroidered Cottagecore Sweater is a beautiful and aesthetic piece for cozy fall and winter days.

$46.97 – Moonandcottage

cottagecore mushroom swatshirt gift
Photo: Etsy

Mushroom Sweatshirt

Yep, mushrooms and greens again! A nice present for the cool cottage core girl or boy.

$30.00+ – PrecisePatterns

Photo: Etsy

Strawberry crop top

Basic, cute, flattering, and handmade gift for cottagecore fashion lovers.

$23.22 – Solida Boutiques

Photo: Christy Dawn

The Autumn Dress

I could choose any dress from Christy Dawn to feature here. Every single dress is a dream and the plus-size dresses are stunning! Everything from this shop is sustainable and so cottagecore. I bet that any friend would be pretty happy to get a Christy Down Dress as a gift.

$248.00 – Christy Dawn

daisy cottagecore beanoe
Photo: The Great

The Embroidered Beanie

Super cute gift option for winter, this lovely beanie is available in 8 different colors and will make any daisy and nature lover happy.

$48.00 – The Great

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Cottagecore kitchen stuff gifts

When we think about the simple cottage mood, the kitchen, home-baked goods, and all the smells, herbs, and magic of making things with the energy and love of our own hands are a big part of the lifestyle. Cute cottagecore kitchen tools inspired by nature and ceramic or stoneware handcrafted utensils are always a giftable choice.

cottagecore mug decor gift
Photo: Anthropologie

Nathalie Lete Mug

Woodland nature is at the core of cottagecore. These exquisite mugs are dreamy and very giftable items inspired by nature.

$16.00 – Nathalie Lete

Photo: Terrain

Daydream Simple Syrups, Set of 4

How whimsical and giftable are those floral, delicious, and unique nature-inspired syrups?

$34.00 – Terrain

Photo: Anthropologie

Appoline Butter Dish

Everything from this collection is so cottage core: Floral, rustic e absolutely cute, I chose this unique butter dish to feature, but in the link, you can check the other options.

$24.00 – Anthropologie

Photo: Anthropologie

Meadowsweet Teaspoons, Set of 4

This set of 4 teaspoons is a vintage giftable cottagecore present for anyone who likes bumblebee and wildflowers!

$28.00 – Anthropologie

cottagecore woodland gift plate
Photo: Anthropologie

Charmante Dinner Plate

A whimsical woodland owl illustrated on a fantastic side plate will make any dessert taste more magical.

$19.60 – Nathalie Lete

mushroom salt and pepper shaker
Photo: Anthropologie

Mushroom Salt & Pepper Shaker

For some antique cottagecore aesthetic, these whimsical salt and pepper shakers are handcrafted from recycled materials.

$38.00 – Terrain

cottagecore gift
Photo: Etsy

Aesthetic Mushroom Spoon

This wooden spoon is super beautiful and will make anyone feel like a goblin or fairy when cooking.

$16.00 – Lepota Handmade

mushroom decor gift
Photo: Etsy

Mushroom Mug

A handmade, ceramic mug with an authentic lid to stop coffee or tea from going cold.

$26.67 – Vanda Valerie

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Inspired by nature Aprons

floral apron
Photo: Anthropologie

Nathalie Lete Helena Apron

Everything designed by Nathalie Lete feels like a happy and colorful dream. This lovely botanical apron created for Anthropologie will make any friend cook in a brighter mood.

$32.00 – Anthropologie

linen cottagecore apron gift
Photo: Etsy

Linen apron in Olive Green

Little Women Atelier is a very famous brand in the cottagecore community. The aprons are so pretty that will make one feel like Princess Aurora dancing with little animals in the Woods. Just perfect for making a lot of home-baked meals in it.

$159.00 – LittleWomenAtelier

olive green linen apron cottagecore gift
@hillhousevintage Linen Apron in Olive Green l LittleWomenAtelier
Beth cottagecore gift shoes
@yulia_harmash Beth pinafore in Dusty Pink Apron l LittleWomenAtelier

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Botanical & Fantasy Books

A victorian nature or flower book or history guide is a treasure for any true nature-loving person. Also, a Classic book to travel to the past, fantasy books, or a guide for the cottagecore lifestyle is super giftable.

vintage botanical book
Photo: Etsy

Victorian Language of Flowers

A stunning gift for anyone interested in nature. It comes wrapped, and ready for gifting.

$38.36 – owlandwallflower

Photo: Etsy

Victorian Natural History Book

A very rare find, this collectible illustrated Victorian book is a treasure for natural history lovers.

$120.76 – owlandwallflower

Photo: Bookshop

The Little Book of Cottagecore

This book is more technical, for that friend who is really in the mood to practice a simple life every day. This book helps make simple life a reality with home-baked pies recipes, beekeeping tips, herbal remedies, gardening, cross-stitch, candle and soap making, and other hands-on activities.


Photo: Walmart

Escape Into Cottagecore

The book to go for concept and inspiration about the romanticized cottagecore lifestyle and aesthetic.

$13.26 + 

cottagecore book gift
cottagecore book gift

Cottagecore Decor Gifts

A girl can be urban and still bring all the beauty and magic of nature to her home with cottagecore decor inspired by mushrooms, wood, trees, butterfly, and woodland.

cottagecore wall decor gift
Photo: Etsy

Vintage Butterfly Print

Perfect for gifting, this vintage poster will bring some natural life to any boring and blank wall. Vintage Mushroom print is also available.

$11.08+ – VintagePosterDecor

Photo: Etsy

Cushion Covers

Gorgeous cushion cover with woodland illustrations

$24.21 – LambLittleShop

cottagecore bedroom decor gift
Cushion Cover l LambLittleShop
cottagecore decor pillow gift for bedroom
Cushion Cover l LambLittleShop
Photo: Etsy

Floral Paint Palette

One of the coolest gifts on this list. This resin painter palette will make any artist’s creative process even more enchanting.

$47.95 – CopperandThingsCo

Photo: Etsy

Mushroom Light Holder Set

A CottageCore Mushroom Fairy Tea Light Holder Set to create a fairy tree house mood in any room.

$25.50 – AphroditesPixie

Photo: Etsy

Pressed Jewellery Box

Unique, handmade, and inspired by nature jewelry with real pressed flowers. Perfect to organize collectibles, stickers, and of course, jewelry.

$32.68 – Elderflowerfern

Photo: Urban Outfitters

Mushroom Friends Bath Mat

Because the bathroom also deserves to be in the cottagecore mood!

$39.00 – $49.00 – Urban Outfitters

copper watering can cottagecore gift

Copper Watering Can

For that friend with a garden or plants everywhere who thinks about the aesthetic of everything in the house.

$54.60 – Terrain

cottagecore garening gloves gift

Heirloom Garden Arm Saver Gloves

Those who truly embrace the cottagecore lifestyle certainly maintain a garden at home and will love these essential and save garden gloves.

$38.00 – Terrain

These beauties are also available in the following print

Photo: Anthropologie
Photo: Anthropologie
Photo: 2Modern

Alessi Dressed En Plein Air Picnic Set

 This elegant wicker basket filled with cutlery, glasses, flat plates and soup plates for four is the most special cottagecore gift from this list.

$630.00 – 2Modern

Photo: Ban.do

Strawberry Field Vase

 This absolutely cute vase is one of the most cottagecore things I have ever seen. Impossible not to please a cottagecore and decoration enthusiast.

$26.95 – Ban.do

girly romantoc cottagecore gift
Photo: Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic Umbrellas

 A romantic cottagecore gift for the ultra feminine & daydreamer cottagecore enthusiast.

$195.00 – Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic

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Embroidery hoop art

In Every cottagecore aesthetic Instagram feed, you will find pretty handmade embroidered art in a photo scenario, or in room decor. This is a unique (and usually expensive) gift because you usually find only 1 option available for each item. Every piece tells a unique story and comes with an exclusively hand-embroidered design.

Cottagecore Gift Boxes and Kit

cottagecore gift box basket
Photo: Etsy

Cottagecore Mistery Box

Gift someone who loves surprises and mystery with a box containing items that invoke the romantic simple and natural world of cottagecore aesthetic.

$50.00 – OffbeatandOdd

cottagecore gift kit
Photo: Etsy

Cosy Cabin Embroidery Kit

If you know a crafty person who loves the cottagecore lifestyle, then this little cozy cabin design to embroider is the perfect gift.

$28.07 – Jennyblairkits

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