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If you love the cottagecore or fairy aesthetics, then you should absolutely consider some mushroom decor items in your home. I have already written a complete guide about the mushroom aesthetic, giving nice details and inspiration about these lovely fungi and their meaning in our imagination.

Mushroom became a big trend ins 2020, and my guess is because the pandemic really awakened in us an urge to feel more connected to nature, and mushrooms, in particular, due to the mysterious hallucinogenic characteristic of some types, comes with a big transcendence symbology attached to it, which is also a feeling most of us searched for during that time, Whether with meditation or an urge to live outside again and feel something thrilling run through our senses. So, people started to bring that magical symbol of nature to their homes, the only place they could be, embracing mushroom decor.

Mushrooms are still super cute and people keep loving them, particularly the red mushroom, or Amanita Murata. This lovely and iconic mushie is the most popular for those who want to add a hint of fairy vibes to your home. Probably mushroom decor for the garden is the most popular choice for most people, but not for a true fairytale and woodland lover.

For this post, a made a selection of the most lovely mushroom decoration ideas and products around the web for every room in your home decor. So, Ready to live in your own woodland?

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In this post, I will focus on the vintage mushroom decor because this is the style that makes us travel to the woods with our eyes. At the end of the post though, I will list more decorations with mushrooms that will evoke another mood if romantic forest cottagecore is not your thing but still loves mushrooms.

Mushroom Wall Decor

You can decorate any wall in your home with mushrooms. From the wallpaper to the art on your wall, they will bring an enchanted atmosphere to the place be it the kitchen, the living room, or even the bathroom.


Vintage Toadstools Fungi Wallpaper

mushroom wallpaper

Mushroom Garden Wallpaper


Mushroom Butterfly Tapestry

Mushrooms Tapestry

vintage mushroom tapestry

Mushroom Chart Tapestry

Art Print

Mushroom Botanical Print Art Print

medicinal mushrooms art print decor vintage

Medicinal Mushrooms – Botanical Art Print

Mushroom Art Print

Planters and vases

mushroom vase decor

Mushroom Plant Stick – Set Of 3

Mushroom Etched Planter And Tray

mushroom planter decor

Mushroom Ceramic Planter

Mushroom Bedroom & Living room

Below you will find the most enchanting vintage mushrooms decorations for the living room or bedroom that I could find online.

Throw pillows

mushroom aesthetic pillow decor

Mushroom Mini Tufted Throw Pillow

Mushroom Tufted Throw Pillow

mushroom plush pillow decor

Trippy Mushroom Bath Mat


Mushroom Linen Bedding

Mushroom Handwoven Blanket

Mushroom Kitchen Decor

Mushroom decor for the kitchen is one of my favorites, probably because utensils and dishes today are not just functional tools like years ago, but they also double as stunning decoration items when you set the table or display your mugs on a cabinet.


Mushroom Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

Mushroom Shaped Grinder

mushroom aesthetic measuring spoons

Mushroom Measuring Spoons

Dishes & Mugs

Peekaboo Ceramic 12 oz Mug

mushroom ceramic mug

Red & White Mushroom Ceramic Mug

Trippy Mushroom Bath Mat

Mushroom Divided Ceramic Serving Bowl

mushroom dish

Hand-Painted Ceramic Mushroom Dinner Plate

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Mushroom Bathroom Decor

Mushroom Bath Mats

Add some magical vibes to your bathroom with lovely mushroom mats.

Checkered Mushroom Bath Mat

mushroom tufted bath mat

Mushroom Tufted Bath Mat

Trippy Mushroom Bath Mat

Mushroom Shower Curtains

Checkered Mushroom Bath Mat

vintage mushroom bathroom decor

The Mushroom Gang Shower Curtain

Mushroom Friends Shower Curtain

Other Mushroom decors for bathroom

mushroom bathroom decor cottagecore

Mushroom Stash Box

Mushroom Hanging Shelf Set

Chic Minimal Mushroom Decor

If you love mushrooms but have a chic style, the options below are probably more suitable for your home decor.

Preserved Mushroom Stems, Set of 3

Dreamland Mushrooms on Bronze Set of 3

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