Cottagecore room decor is about creating a space that will allow you to escape to a rural, fantasy-inspired simple life – or at least awaken these moods when you are at home. It is about acknowledging that humans and nature are connected as one and invoking this concept of nature worship and belonging in your nest. And it is about acknowledging that, you are able to spark a little bit of magic in your daily life through your home decor.

One of the things I love the most about Instagram and Pinterest is the potential they have to make us see that is possible to live lives and feel things that once seemed to be possible only in fiction.

The decoration and aesthetics that once seemed to be only possible in a Hobbit house or a Cotswold English cottage, are now on everyone’s social media to inspire you to recreate and feel those moods in your own reality.

Cottagecore home decoration is one amazing example. So, before we talk about the cottagecore home aesthetic, let’s start with the concept:

What is Cottagecore

It’s a mix of the natural, inviting, rustic slow living lifestyle with a hint of cute shabby decor, with a sparkle of magic-and-fantasy-meets-granny design. Type cottagecore aesthetic on Instagram, and you will see girls dressed up like Princess Aurora, dancing in the fields, and posing like Anne of Green Gables among mushrooms, mud, mysterious enchanting forests, and books.

We feel magic and we feel willing to bring some of this simple, slow, whimsical magic into our lives. And the good thing is that we totally can, whether is dressing with cottagecore outfits, making a cottagecore picnic, buying a cottagecore gift, or creating your own, fairy-like cottagecore home with an all-comfy and magic mood in its atmosphere.

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Cottagecore room ideas

I will organize this post in rooms, so you get cottagecore decor aesthetic ideas for every room of your house interior and make your cottagecore dreams come true.

Whether is the bathroom or the kitchen, a tiny house or a big farmhouse, or even your small apartment or a big modern house: some elements are key if you want to invoke a green fairy cottage core mood in your home.

The lighting:

Natural light is the cheapest and most essential magic mood creator in any cottagecore room decor. Sun is energy and life, and sunlit corners in your house calm your soul and, mixed with Nature elements, evoke that magical, heavenly impression of the sun dancing among trees’ leaves.

Plants inside and outside and the very big window create the feeling that the indoors and the outdoors have emerged in one single environment.

I don’t even need to mention the power of all the natural light coming from this dreamy window and brightening anyone who enters this room mood.

cottagecore living room interior idea

The natural elements in decor:

Cottagecore aesthetic is about embracing the nature-loving lifestyle, but with an extra vintage romanticized whimsicality.

You gotta bring nature-inspired objects and textures to your house, whether with wooden shelves, botanical illustrations, or natural fabrics.

These objects will allow you to create whimsical moments and feel like living in a fairytale book scene.

For a pink romantic cottagecore decor, this floral gallery wall, the romantic swans, and a subtle floral wallpaper are a perfect and detail-rich match.

cottagecore aesthetic wall gallery decor

The real nature in decor:

Get your hands dirty and plant little gardens in every room. You can plant your own herbs or your favorite flower or buy your favorite plant and cultivate it.

Handcrafted, comfy stuff:

You need to invoke comfy, relaxing nature vibes everywhere. When you value handmade stuff that is crafted by real creative people, such as ceramics or any artwork, you add a touch of authenticity and originality to your sweet and safe space.

cottagecore interior

Details that tell stories:

Every good story must be detail-rich. If you want your home to tell a vintage, romantic, hygge tale, it must also be rich in intriguing, whimsical details. To tell a rich cottagecore story, go for antique objects that have a story.

Some ideas to tell a cottagecore story using little cozy decor details:

Dried or fresh herbs tied with twine and cute woodland enchanting creatures and animals in natural and earthy tones, make this little shelf unique.


For a more earthy, rustic, woodland cottagecore decoration: wood everywhere and everything vintage: Vintage scissors, vintage apothecary-inspired bottles, and vintage prints.

earthy cottagecore decor aesthetic

The most ideal way to make a perfect cottagecore home is to live next to real nature and have large windows to merge with this nature. You don’t really need to live in a cabin in the forest, but a window with a view to a little garden, or backyard, or even a balcony full of plants, where the sun can come in, creates the perfect bucolic scenario you need to feel the cottagecore atmosphere.

Cottagecore bedroom

To create a dreamy cottagecore bedroom that will allow you to have the dreamiest dreams, decorate it with lovely vintage botanical prints and romantic floral garlands.

The mix of ¨grandma ¨textures in the bedding, such as crochet and gingham will make your bedroom feel like a cozy, enchanting, and nostalgic fairy nest.

Flower branches, mushrooms, vintage art, woodland animals and prints, vintage botanical art, pressed flower frames, and fantastic floral garlands, all in harmonic earthy tones make this a perfect reference for those who are looking for cottagecore bedroom ideas.

cottagecore bedroom inspiration
cottagecore bedding

Cottagecore Kitchen Ideas

Whether you have a modern or a farmhouse kitchen, it is possible to invoke the cottagecore charm to it. A cottagecore kitchen is a place for homemade biscuits, warm coffees and magical herbal tea.

I love this wedding of rustic, farmhouse, witchy kitchen here. The window light and the nature outside mixed with natural details hanging from the roof and walls make this one of my favorite cottagecore kitchens.


This trailing ivy and hanging lamps do almost all the work in creating a magic forest vibe in this pink romantic cottagecore kitchen.

pink cottagecore kitchen

Have a more romantic, shabby style? The antiqued pink flowers and kitchen cabinets, the gingham towels, and the vintage details here make the kitchen you need. Of course, the window and the sun are the big highlight.


This cottagecore kitchen is a living enchanted forest.

cottagecore kitchen decor

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Cottagecorre home office

Whether is a place to write poems, paint with watercolor, compose your own song, or just use your computer: A cottagecore home office is a place of creativity. If it has a nature view, even better, since Mother Nature is the biggest source of inspiration one might have.


Cottagecore Living Room

Your living room is one of the nicest places to create a little rabbit hole vibe.

Treasured books with stunning vintage covers, candles, and dried flowers. This cottagecore corner is so simple, easy to DIY, and beautiful.

House Exterior

For a cottagecore fairy exterior, a cute garden with trees, benches, pretty flower vases, and granny towels will create a vintage peaceful outdoor place to chill.


I hope all the cottagecore decor charm from this post inspired you to create the fantasy escape of your dreams!

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