Cottagecore Coffee Mugs & Teacups To Inspire Slow Living in Nature’s Pace

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There is so much joy in brewing a fresh cup of coffee or making a warm cup of tea. Taking the time to wait just those few minutes for the water to heat up seems like a privilege for many of us nowadays. The cottagecore lifestyle is such a sweet way to remind us to slow down, to take out time and appreciate simple things in life, life fresh chamomile infusing in water to magically calm us down. In this post, you’ll find coffee mugs with a strong cottagecore aesthetic and with hues of the bucolic countryside life in nature, its flowers, and animals.

So, I rounded up some handpainted and handmade mugs, pressed, carved, in glass, enamel, stoneware, white cups with a vintage style, even bone china. Lots of whimsical mushrooms, strawberries, wildflowers, botanicals, bees, daisies, and all things to make you feel some of the peaceful cottagecore respect for nature’s time, even if you’re in a hurry.

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Cottagecore Coffee Mugs

Handmade Ceramic Mushroom & Lavender Coffee Mugs

Handmade Ceramic Mushroom & Lavender Coffee Mugs
Photo: Etsy

If you could have a piece of the garden in your hands every day!

Pressed Wildflower Mugs

12 oz. capacity | Stoneware
Pressed Wildflower Mugs
Photo: UncommonGoods
$38 each

Slightly unique mugs, honoring the beauty of wildflowers.

White Cottagecore Coffee Mugs W/ Handmade Daisies

13 oz. capacity | Ceramic | Handmade
Photo: Etsy
$36.98 each

For a delicate cottagecore kitchen, these lovely white mugs have delicate handmade daisies, so you can remember the spring always arrives.

Floral Set of 6 Mugs

18 oz. capacity |  Silk Screen Floral Stoneware
Photo: Pfaltzgraff

For the whole family to get into the flower garden energy or if you’re like me and like to have one mug for each beverage, coffee, tea, and cocoa.

Strawberry Field Cottagecore Coffee Mug

11 oz. capacity | Ceramic
Strawberry Field Cottagecore Coffee Mug
Photo: Etsy

Nothing like a strawberry field to complete your Spring kitchen decor.

Floral Cottagecore Tea For One Set

8.75 oz. capacity mug | Decaled stoneware
Floral Cottagecore Tea For One Set
Photo: Anthropologie

Your own garden tea set for one to match your lovely tea collection or your herbs pot!

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Vintage Inspired Porcelain Cup

Photo: H&M

If you want the vintage handmade vibe, but flowers, mushrooms, and bees are not your style, or if you want something neutral to go with all your flowers, mushrooms, and bees!

Mushroom Pour-Over Coffee Set

16 oz. capacity | Ceramic
Photo: Urban Outfitters

Rustic pour-over fresh drip coffee is my favorite and this mushroom ceramic set is the most whimsical addition to your coffee routine.

Wild Summer Flowers & Bumblebee Fine Bone China Hug Mug

Fine China Porcelain | Watercolor
Wild Summer Flowers & Bumblebee Fine Bone China Hug Mug
Photo: Etsy

The beauty of the bumblebee going for the flowers is a sweet reminder of how balanced and perfect nature is and how we all win as a society when we slow down.

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Handpainted Floral Mugs

Ceramic Stoneware
Photo: Terrain
$26 each

This interesting mix between green and pink gives a bold and unique nature’s look to these mugs handmade in South Africa.

Mushroom Pour-Over Coffee Set

12 oz. capacity | Stoneware

At the end of the day (on in the middle, or in the beginning) you deserve to give yourself flowers!

Handmade Ceramic Pottery Mug With Berries, Leaves & Branches

18 oz. capacity
Handmade Ceramic Pottery Mug With Berries, Leaves & Branches
Photo: Etsy

This rustic mug feels like having your coffee directly from a piece of nature. And wow, how amazing it will look on your shelf!

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Botanical Monogram Cottagecore Coffee Mugs

14.05 oz. capacity mug | Handpainted stoneware
Photo: Anthropologie
$14 each

This botanical handpainted mug is the perfect balance between rustic and delicate. The monogram adds a special touch for the family or as a special gift

Flower Carved White Cottagecore Coffee Mugs Set of 4

10 oz. capacity each | Porcelain
Photo: Kate Spade
$80 Set of 4

To compose a very cute and romantic cottagecore kitchen decor.

Hand-Painted Nature View Mugs Made in USA

12 oz. capacity | Stoneware | Handmade in Georgia
Photo: UncommonGoods
$25 each

I’d have an open shelf only to keep these exquisite hand-painted mugs. they are made in Georgia and carry delicate colored glazes, meadow flowers, butterflies, hummingbirds, and lavender fields.

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Cottagecore Mushroom Camping Mug

11 oz. capacity | Hand Enamelled
Cottagecore Mushroom Camping Mug
Photo: Etsy

All the fun and colorful mushrooms to go camping.

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