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Modern Coffee Mugs IN THIS ARTICLE

01. Grey, Stainless Steel

02. Black, White

03. Glass, Clear

04. Fine China, Fancy

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Modern coffee mugs are an understated statement gift for sophisticated coffee and tea lovers. I rounded up cups that are stylish enough to elevate your daily pick-me-up routine and impress that drink snob friend who has everything.

You’ll find from award-winning design cups, noble materials like platinum, traditional European pottery from Portugal and France to sophisticated self-warming mugs. Also, coffee mugs made in the USA, neutral, clean, polished, in glass, ceramic, and the finest china for your elaborated cold brew and your chic friend’s toasty coffee.

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Grey, Stainless Steel Modern Coffee Mugs

Ui Mug & Warmer Set

12 oz. | Includes ceramic mug, lid, charger and 12V power adaptor | by OHOM
Ui Mug & Warmer Set
? Nordstrom

The self-warming mug from OHOM is a great gift For your cool coffee heater (go figure) friend. The wired charger uses magnetic induction energy to heat up the metallic bottom of the ceramic mug.

The mug from the picture is in the color silver and it’s available in several colors.

Inner Circle Mug, Light Grey

12 oz. | Stoneware | Design by Maarten Baas
Inner Circle Mug, Light Grey
? Finnish Design Shop

If you have a friend who loves designer clothes and art, she will love this mug. It’s designed by the Dutch artist Marteen Bass, who has worked with Louis Vuitton, Swarovski, and Dior. Also, his works have been included in the collections of MoMA New York, Victoria & Albert Museum London, and Musée des Arts Décoratifs Paris.

Double-Wall Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

14 oz. | Stainless-Steel | by Crate & Barel
Double-Wall Stainless Steel Coffee Mug
? Crate & Barrel

For your low profile friend who just had a modern kitchen renovation.

Minimal Elegant Modern Coffee Mug

Porcelain | Made in Portugal | by Vista Alegre
? Alchemy Fine Home

There is not a lot of elegant grey mugs with a contemporary design. Less so made in Portugal by the traditional Vista Alegre.

Black, White, Modern Coffee Mugs

Modern Minimalist Black Coffee Mugs

12.17 oz. | Glazed Porcelain | by Ferm Living
Modern Minimalist Black Coffee Mugs
? 2Modern
$58 Set of 2

It’s easy to nail the gift with this sleek and modern set of 2 Danish design black mugs.

Design Award-Winning Carrara Mug

13.2 fl oz. | Porcelain | Made in Portugal | by Vista Alegre
Design Award-Winning Carrara Mug
? Bloomingdale’s
$49 each
The set of 4 Carrara Mugs is available at Williams Sonoma.

The cool French designer Coline le Corre created this statement modern chic mug. It’s a sophisticated combination between geometric and marble design, winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2017. The quality is as exquisite as the design. The Carrara mug is made in Portugal, by Vista Alegre, one of the most traditional European pottery makers.

Modernist Black & White Coffee Mugs Set Gift Box

12 fl oz. | High-fired porcelain with sheer glossy glaze
jonathan adler op art mugs Modernist Art Black & White Coffee Mugs Gift Box
? Jonathan Adler
$98 Set of 4

This very modern set of mugs is a sophisticated gift that will impress that artsy urban friend.

Handmade Ceramic Hug Mug

12-14 oz. | Stoneware | Made in Burlington, VT
Handmade Ceramic Hug Mug
? by MJ Kroeger, Ty Mecham, for Food52
$45 each

This wheel-thrown mug is a heartwarming creation from ceramicist Rory Shamlianc. No matter how cool we are, a loving hug 

Abstract Black & White Porcelain Coffee Mugs

16 fl oz. | Porcelain | Made in Portugal | by Ricci Argentieri
? Bloomingdale’s
$65 Set of 4

For you artistic friend who loves abstract art exibtions.

Handmade Ceramic Hug Mug

10 oz. | High-fire stoneware clay | Made in California | by Alex Marshall Studios
? 2Modern
$26 each

Gloss black abstract stripe non-toxic glazes, no voc’s and no byproducts. Very urban and very artsy!

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Glass, Clear, Modern Coffee Mugs

Estetico Quotidiano Glass Coffee Set

10 oz. | Borosilicate Glass | by Selab + Alessandro Zambelli for Selleti
? 2Modern
$70 Set of 6

For your friend who make elaborate coffee drinks, this set with glass coffee cups and stirrers is such an unexpected special touch!

Danish Glass Coffee Mugs, Set of 2

Large | Mouth Blown Glass | by Ferm Living
? Nordstrom
$35 Set of 2

The grey glass is an unexpected twist that works even better with the contrasting clear glass handle. Such a clean and minimalist Danish design.

Clear Glass Set of 6 Espresso Mugs

3.25 fl oz. | Porcelain | Made in France | by Luminarc
Clear Glass Set of 6 Espresso Mugs conserve moi
? Bloomingdale’s
$35 Set of 6

French people are very particular about the quality of their espressos, so French espresso cups are next level. Get this if you wanna score some gold points with a modern espresso aficionado.

Double-Wall Glass Tall Coffee Mugs

15 oz. | Mouth Blown Glass | Double Walled
Double-Wall Glass Tall Coffee Mugs
? Williams Sonoma
$59.95 Set of 4

This sleek and modern double-walled glass coffee mug will elevate even a Starbucks frappuccino.

Thermic Glass Cappuccino Cups, Set of 2

13 fl oz. | Glass | Insulated Double-Walled | by Luigi Bormioli
Thermic Glass Cappuccino Cups, Set of 2
? Bloomingdale’s
$30 Set of 2

Great gift for your chic minimalist mom-friend who only has cold drinks from cute, but not so stylish mom-mugs. These minimalist clear glass mugs have a beautiful floating liquid effect, are sturdy, keep the drink temperature, and are low maintenance.

Double Wall Glass Coffee Mugs, Set of 2

12 fl oz. | Glass | Design by Matto Thun for Zwilling
? Zwilling
$92 Set of 4

Sometimes, the most essential gift is the best gift.

Fine China, Fancy Modern Coffee Mugs

No one needs a wedding registry or a special occasion to own and use fine china. Life is happening now. Every day is the most special event we can attend.

Minimal-Chic White Bone China Mug With Platinum Trim

13 oz. | Bone China | Platinum Trim | Made in Portugal | by Lenox
Federal Platinum Mug Minimal-Chic White Bone China Mug With Platinum Trim
? Macy’s
$43 each

The simplicity and sophistication of this mug are outstanding.

Vera Degradée Mug

15oz. | Fine Bone China | Handpainted | Made in Portugal | by Vera Wang for Wedgwood
? Wedgwood
$25 each
Also at: Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s

Vera Wang designed this beautiful handpainted mug to capture the spirit of the Individualist and she placed the art herself to make sure it would create the perfect design when paired with the dinnerware set. But it can also look just as perfect with your hands around it having coffee in the morning.

White Fine China Mug With Platinum Details

12oz. | Limoges Porcelain | Handpainted Platinum Details | Made in Portugal | by L’Object
White Fine China Mug With Platinum Details
? Bloomingdale’s
Also at: Saks

This Limoges porcelain mug is a luxurious treat for a sophisticated coffee or tea lover.

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