There is something very attractive in the aesthetic of mushrooms. Edible, poisonous, or hallucinogenic, bioluminescent ghost mushrooms and so many more… These cute, mysterious, almost magical fungi are part of the scenario of every fairytale set in an enchanted forest, and their immense variety of colors, shapes, sizes flavors and properties make these beauties a true treasure of nature. These are probably the reasons why the internet created mushroomcore, a visual aesthetic, subculture and lifestyle inspired by mushrooms.

Everywhere we look, complex magic of nature blazes our eyes

Vincent Van Gogh

🍄 In the past couple of years, with the boom of millennials and gen z embracing the Cottagecore aesthetic as a true lifestyle, mushrooms became even more popular and we can see them all around. Mushroom is also linked to the soft indie aesthetic, goblingcore, fairy aesthetic, green academia, mosscore aesthetic and witchy aesthetic.

aesthetic mushroom
magical ghost mushrooms aesthetic

As if they weren’t already magic enough in our subconscious, this month scientists discovered that mushrooms actually can communicate with each other using up to 50 words. Damn! That made me really wish I can speak ¨Mushroonish¨ hahaha.

The red mushroom is probably the most beautiful mushroom that lives in our imagination, although beauty and aesthetics are very particular to everyone, they are still the most popular.

The Red Mushroom

That cute red mushroom with white spore’s scientific name is Amanita Muscaria. This is one of the most iconic and aesthetic mushrooms for its obviously cute visual aspects and because its bright, vibrant colors against the moody dark green soft moss background of the woodland send a vibe of stumbling across a fairyland when you occasionally see them.

Definitely, an iconic symbol of everything fairytale, fantasy worlds, woodland, and cottagecore. As @fantasticfung beautifully wrote and couldn’t agree more: ¨they seem to contain mystic secrets of an unknown world¨.



Nature has its own intelligence and I love to use my knowledge of design, colors and symbols with personal research in these aesthetic posts.

I believe that every mushroom whishpers a magical keyword!

Madame Morchella

🍄 A ¨fairy ring¨ is a naturally occurring mushroom formation that causes the mushroom to form an outlined perfect circle

Cottagecore Mushroom Aesthetic

Mushroom Cake &Food

mushroom frog cottagecore aesthetic
mushroom aesthetic food
mushroom pie
mushroom chocolate pie

Mushroom Art

mushroom aesthetic vintage illustration
aesthetic mushroom woodland

Mushroom Hair Accessories

aesthetic hair

Mushroom aesthetic clothes

When we think about mushroom outfits they are usually related to the lovely, romantic and vintage cottagecore style, but not limited to. Soft indie shirts with mushroom print paired with overalls are quite trendy also.


Mushroom aesthetic Room

mushroom aesthetic room decor

🍄 fungi are among the most widely distributed organisms on Earth. There are around 140,000 mushroom species on earth

Other reasons beyond aesthetics to love mushrooms

If you are not new at The Mood Guide, you know that I love aesthetics not just for the sake of aesthetics, but for the deeper meaning behind the aesthetics, so below I will list the top 10 powerful mushrooms, so you can actually have a more clear vision on how to embrace mushrooms into your life. Source: Anima Mundi Herbals

Turkey Tail: improves the immune system & is anti-viral

Reishi: strengthens your immune cells &lowers blood pressure

Phellinus Linteus: Helps heal abnormal growth of cells

Agaricus: digestive, heart and liver health

Cordyceps: strengthens the body after exhaustion/long-term illness, immune-strengthening

Chaga: Highest in antioxidants, increase vital force and strengthen the immune system

Shitake: boosts the immune system, energy & brain functions

Maitake: strengthens the immune system

Lion’s mane: improve memory, focus and reduces the feeling of anxiety irritability

Oyster: immune support, reduces inflammation in the body

Eco Watch compiled a list of some fungi innovations that are beneficial to the planet. Mushrooms can be:

Alternative to plastic in the creation of plastic materials. Magical Mushroom Company is a pioneer in the field and you can shop from Seedlip and drink it if you want to get a product that comes wrapped in sustainable fungi packing.

Buildings and construction materials that reduce the world’s carbon footprint, biofertilizers, plant-based protein alternatives (My Forest Foods mycelium mushroom bacon ), and sustainable mushroom leather are other amazing ethical and sustainable uses of mushrooms.

Oh, the blissful abundance and mysteries of nature and the magical colors and life of the woodland, how not to love them?

What do you think?

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  • Ange
    April 8, 2023

    Your article on Mushroom Aesthetic for the fairytale lovers was quite insightful and engaging. The way you have described the mushroom aesthetic with its unique charm and magical elements is truly fascinating. You have captured the essence of the aesthetic and presented it beautifully with your words and visuals. I particularly appreciated how you provided tips on how to incorporate the mushroom aesthetic into one’s daily life. It’s amazing how something as simple as mushroom can bring a sense of enchantment and whimsy to our surroundings. Overall, your article is a great resource for anyone interested in exploring the mushroom aesthetic. Thank you for sharing your insights!