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Strawberries often symbolize sweetness, love, and sensuality and are closely related to the cottagecore aesthetic. Therefore, a strawberry-themed gift might be a good choice for anyone who loves these romantic rockstars and also for people who have the energy of this red, sweet and juicy fruit.

Strawberries are also very linked to romantic moments, so, giving or receiving strawberries and strawberry-themed gifts can be a fun and flirty way to express affection or celebrate love. They’re not just tasty; they bring a dash of romance and sweetness to the intention behind that gift!

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45 Strawberry Nails Art & Design For A Sweet Manicure

Below I curated the most aesthetic, sweet and lovely strawberry stuff and also some gourmet treats made with strawberries for the foodie strawberry lover.

There is a wholesome charm in the cottagecore aesthetic that is beautifully expressed in the jewelry below. By giving one of these strawberry gifts to someone, you will be helping them to evoke the strawberry symbology of natural beauty, nurturing, and delight. I adore the necklace with the little bee. See also Unique Bee Gifts for the Farmcore Obsessed.

earrings aesthetic strawberry themed gift for cottagecore aesthetic lovers.

Little Strawberry Earrings

earrings aesthetic strawberry themed gift for cottagecore aesthetic lovers.

Strawberry Earrings

necklace aesthetic bee and strawberry themed gift for cottagecore aesthetic lovers.

Strawberry and Bee necklace

pink aesthetic strawberry themed gift

Strawberry Charm Necklace

Fruit Pearl Toggle Bracelet

strawberry aesthetic fashion

Strawberry Charm Hoop Earring

The sweet and romantic connotations of strawberries will make anyone’s kitchen an expression of the cozy pleasures of a charming rustic lifestyle evoked by strawberry fields. Handmade ceramic mugs and teapots are especially unique since they are rare finds and evoke the beauty and simplicity of nature, just like strawberries do themselves.

Big coffee Hand painted Strawberry glass

strawberry fields handmade ceramic mug-clay

Handmade Ceramic Strawberry Shortcake Cup and Teapot

Strawberry Frosted Glass Mug

Cute Strawberry Fruit Mug

Strawberry Pitcher

Idyllic scenes can be created with the power of the right aesthetic details, just like the option of gifts below that will certainly please a strawberry lover.

aesthetic cottagecore strawberry themed gift

Strawberry Candle Set

Crochet Strawberry Pot Flower

Strawberry Blossom hand painted pot

Strawberry Field Vase

Strawberry Photo Stand

Strawberry Tureen

I particularly love the embroidered Tee option, since everything that is made manually has and extra value and a direct link with the simplicity of strawberries in nature. The options below are an affordable way to help a strawberry lover show off their passion to the world, unapologetically.

Strawberry Shirt

Strawberry Tee

Vintage Strawberry Sweatshirt

Since strawberries are edible and so many incredible things are created with them, I had to recommend some unique treats, like the Sweet juice strawberry with delicate rose jam below, or a strawberry white wine, that certainly will be a unique and special strawberry gift.

Sur la Table Strawberry with Wild Rose Jam

Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate Bar

Tiny Umbrellas sweet strawberry wine

Find the perfect gift to suit a mood on any occasion (Birthday, Christmas etc) in our aesthetic gift guides.

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