A Basket full of strawberries and flattering dresses are big icons of the Cottagecore lifestyle, but just as important to make any look feel romantic and vintage, are the romantic cottagecore hairstyles. Lovely bowls, Straw hats, and vintage bandanas are some of the simple options to achieve a dreamy look even when you are on a low budget.

Whether you have short, straight, long, afro, or curly hair, aesthetic cottagecore hair is definitely suitable for every haircut and type. Certainly on of the cottagecore hairstyles below will be the perfect one for you!

Short Hair

Delicate hairclips with pearls or flowers are a sweet accent for every hair type.

Braided tiara is a simple way to add a romantic and feminine cottagecore vibes to your short hair.

Medium lenght

I love a cute and simple linen hair bow on medium lenght hair.

red corttagecore hair bow medium hair

The tiny braids on the sides add extra charm to the hairstyle with bow.

cottagecore hair bow

Long Hair

Braided hair is quite popular among mottagecore girls, and there are so many ways it can be explored, especially if you have long hair. Two braids tied with little delicate bowls and a straw hat will give a childish and innocent vibes to your cottagecore look.

cottagecore hairstyle long hair braids

Tiny flowers in the braid is a classic and one of the most popular cottagecore hairstayles, specially for long hair.

I love the hair scarf option for a feminine cottagecore curly hair with gorgeous volume.

An authentic, delicate and sweet cottagecore hairstyle.

Probably the most popular cottagecore hairstyle on Instagram, the pink hairbow.

cottagecore hairstyle pink hairbow long hair

High ponny tails with bangs are romantic, pretty and a super feminine options for long hair.

cottagecore pony tail hair

A lovely tiara.

cottagecore hairstyle with tiara

Cottagecore Hair Accessories

Straw hats are the big thing when you think of spring and summer cottagecore hair accessories.

cottagecore straw hat

Cottagecore Headscarf or bandanas are the most iconic accessories if you intent to transmit a simple girl from the countryside vibes.

cottagecore hairstyle head scarf
cottagecore hairstyle
cottagecore hair black girl
cottagecore hair bandana
cottagecore hair bandana lace

Hair bow is also an iconic cottagecore hair accessorie. Linen bows will get a more vintage look while pink satin, silk and lace bows are for the feminine and girly cottagecore girls.

cottagecore hair bow

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