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Uh la la, the coquette aesthetic evokes idyllic dreams of a romantic sexy life in a dreamy vintage Paris. The coquette woman moves smoothly and leaves an inebriating trace of her feminine perfume wherever she goes. She is sweet like a lover’s passionate kiss because she is in communion with her healthy feminine energy. She is effortlessly magnetic. Coquette lingerie is her aesthetic way of expressing herself, whether alone or with a companion that treats her like the princess she is. It’s all about satin, silk, lace, tulle, romantic corsets, and pearls. Everything is in soft shades of pink and pastels because the coquette has a smooth, not aggressive sensuality. In other words, it’s the materialization of her soul. Therefore, if you are living a coquette mood or you want to highlight that energy, we curated the most aesthetic coquette lingerie for women and men (yeah) in this post. Enjoy yourself!

The Most Aesthetic Coquette Lingerie

Pink Silk & Lace Short slip Italian-style nightie

Pink Silk & Lace Short slip Italian-style nightie
Photo from Cosabella
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Lace and silk are a winning sensorial combination. The sheer meets the soft and embraces the body in a tender sexy way. This coquette camisole is an explosion of stimulus for the one wearing it and for the one looking at it.

Lace-Trimmed Satin Padded Bralette

Lace-Trimmed Satin Padded Bra
Photo from H&M
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This delicate bralette is on the affordable side of things but it looks and feels Paris chic enough to inspire your coquette days.

Demi Cup Plunge Underwired Tulle Bra

Photo from Agent Provocateur
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The sophistication and daintiness of this tulle bra are off-chart on the coquette scale.

Men’s Lace Box Brief

Men's Lace Box Brief
Photo from Fleur Du Mal
$138 each
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For more men embracing their feminine side with pride and love and not considering it as an offense to their manhood (some food for thought here). These lace boxers are sexy and smooth, the perfect materialization of the coquette aesthetic for beautiful men.

satin and lace soft-cup Coquette bra

Photo from Net-A-Porter
$74 (the bra)
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Delicate but inebriating like a glass of the best French champagne.

You can get the matching satin thong here.

Cute Coquette Lingerie Set

Cute Coquette Lingerie Set
Photo from Adore Me
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You can call it sexy and cute loungewear and strut around the house being completely irresistible in this lovely shorts and top set. Again, different fabrics and textures to arouse the senses.

Pink Satin Bodysuit

Photo from Fleur Du Mal
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Kylie Jenner wore it for a sexy photoshoot, but even if she hadn’t, this satin bodysuit speaks for itself.

It has the coquette aesthetic all over it and doubles as a sensual lingerie or outfit.

Coquette Lace-Up Lingerie Top

Coquette Lace-Up Lingerie Top
Photo from Etsy
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Did I hear you say corset lace-up lingerie top for the ultimate coquette outfit?

Swiss Dot Ruffle Robe

Photo from Victoria’s Secret
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To inspire your Balletcore dreams and evenings (or mental health relaxing days).

Pearl Thong

Photo from Fleur Du Mal
$245 (only the thong)
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This pearl thong is as coquette as it can get when it comes to sexy lingerie. you can wear it nude or combine it with your favorite coquette thong for a more subtle seduction game.

The matching pearl bra is available here

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