Where To Shop For Corset Dresses

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Darling, hold your breath cause things are about to get tight! Corset dresses are the ultimate feminine outfit. They combine the royalcore aesthetic with a girly mood and sexy fit. Depending on the fabric and colors you pick, you can go from a fairy floral dream to a black baddie mermaid. On top of that, corsets are an iconic look from the Y2K, so they are hyped among fashionistas of every age. So, in this post, you’ll find the best stores to shop for corset dresses for every occasion, from a cottagecore picnic to a chic evening wedding and glamorous prom.

Perfect aesthetics for corset dresses:


The Best Stores To Shop For Corset Dresses

Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing has the sexiest selection of corset dresses under $100 on this list. There are picks for as low as $5 (yes!) if you’re lucky enough to find your size and model on sale.

It has plus-size options.

Price Range: $5 – $90


Sheer Corset Bodice Strapless Tulle Dress, Alexander McQueen – $3,790
Corset Crepe Midi Sundress, House of CB – $255

Nordstrom has a wide variety of corset dresses in every style and price, from affordable popular brands like Asos to luxury designers such as Alexander McQueen and Versace. Plus a wide collection of House of CB corset dresses.

It has plus-size options.

Extra points for the famous return policy.

Price Range: $50 – $3.900


If you’re looking for girly and cute corset dresses for bridesmaids or wedding guests, Lulus is the place. They also have bridal gowns, lovely day dresses, and some sexier picks in their collection.

No plus-size options.

Price Range: $25 – $299


Showpo has corset dresses that go from elegant to sexy for formal and informal occasions, including wedding gowns.

It has plus-size options.

Price Range: $18 – $199


Windsor has a vast collection of sexy corset evening gowns, from cocktail to prom, for under $120.

No plus-size options.

Price Range: $9 – $120


Sexy Lingerie For All Women (Bridal, Plus Size, Hot…)

Oh Polly

Here’s a store to make all your sexy dreams and fantasies come true. Of all the amazing stores in this list, here’s where you can find more lace-up corset dress varieties.

No plus-size options.

Price Range: $18 – $84

House of CB

The corset dresses from House of CB are a lavish sexy dream. If you have extra dollars, you’re in for a glamorous ride.

No plus-size options.

Price Range: $135 – $369

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