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We can consider as vintage-inspired clothing, clothes that take inspiration from the fashion aesthetics that were trending from the 1920s until 20 years ago. In theory, my 2000s teen wardrobe could be considered vintage, but that still feels too close to home for millennials. Even the Gen Z sweetheart mom jeans, that is from the 80s, look too recent for most of us. So, for this post, you’ll find a thorough list of stores selling vintage-inspired clothes from t-shirts to wedding dresses. And because we can all use some nostalgic fashion inspo, I picked some amazing and diverse Instagrams influencers devoted to all sorts of vintage aesthetics. , including glam divas, British Academia, cottagecore, romantic girly, and more. Let’s travel back in time!

? 1. @adoredvintage
? 2. @collectifclothing
? 3. @mellamoesjae, via @uniquevintage

Vintage Inspired Clothing Stores

Vintage Inspired Finds: Clothing | Wedding | Plus Size | Swimwear | Accessories | Shoes | Special Collections

Unique Vintage is likely the most famous store on this list and they sell only vintage-like clothing! The website has a large inventory, including plus size and a bridal shop! So you’ll find from vintage-inspired plus size wedding dresses to t-shirts, shoes, and And to top it off, they also have a very comprehensive menu by era, from the 1920s to the 1970s, in case you have a favorite decade!

Vintage Inspired Finds: Clothing | Accessories | Shoes | Menswear

Collectif is a British brand selling vintage-inspired clothes from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. So, if you wanna add some groove to your wardrobe, channel your inner pin-up, or the fake stay-at-home momma in heels from the 50s advertisements, Collectif is the place. They also have vintage-inspired clothes for men, in case your significant other is in a nostalgic mood like you!

Vintage Inspired Finds: Clothing | Accessories | Shoes | Home Goods

If your mind and heart are living in the British countryside from yore, you’ll love Adored Vintage! This store is a one-way ticket to bring the most romantic, delicate, and feminine cottagecore aesthetic into your life. What makes Adored Vintage so special is that the founder, Rodelle Bas, started by selling original curated vintage before she expanded into vintage-inspired. Now, not only does she sell from small brands, but she has her own line of vintage-inspired clothes.

Vintage Inspired Finds: Clothing | Wedding | Plus Size | Swimwear | Accessories | Shoes | Home & Gifts | Kids | Pets

Mod Cloth has many options of cute and fun vintage-inspired clothing. But they also sell “normal” fashion. By the way, Mod Cloth is a great place to look for pieces with unique colorful prints like pizzas and frogs! Besides the clothing, which includes a bridal shop, you’ll find some discoveries for home & decor, kids, and pets! They also have a menu by era!

Vintage Inspired Outfits Ideas From Instagram

Here is a carefully curated list of ladies who are real rock stars in the art of putting together flawless vintage-inspired outfits and aesthetic pictures!

@leandraofbleuavenue, cute vintage-inspired outfits for every day!

This is the Instagram account to follow if you love artistic pictures and if you’re looking for vintage-inspired OOTD that doesn’t look like a costume! You’ll be delighted by Leandra’s sharp eye for casual and formal romantic dresses as well as for the cutest outfits with a 50s French aesthetic and English countryside flair. And she tags the brands that she wears so you don’t have to beg for an answer every time you love something.

If you’re in the mood to add some whimsy to your wardrobe, feel like traveling back in time, or wanna channel your Audrey Hepburn, cute vintage-inspired outfits for every day, let @leandraofbleuavenue delight you!

@karayiib, romantic vintage-inspired outfits with cottagecore aesthetic.

Do you wish you could live in a bucolic cottage where you can harvest mushrooms, smell the flowers, and watch the pace of nature? Well, Dominique delivers all that and more in a dreamy aesthetic Instagram that is pure black excellence. I’ll stop talking so you can appreciate her soothing beyond-perfect work of art in squares.

The internet can be overwhelming, except when you focus on soothing and peaceful images. @karayiib is a peaceful work of art that feels like a breath of fresh air in the over-stimulating social network.

@thesusanpresley, outfits inspired by the vintage-glam aesthetics from classic Hollywood divas.

Have you ever seen an aesthetic human? Well, meet Susan! I don’t know if it’s her flawless diva red hair, her handpainted-like doll face, or Susan’s exquisite taste for glamorous outfits, but I’m obsessed with her. Her Instagram is such a mood that you’ll be underdressed to scroll over her feed! And because she is inspired by the vintage-glam of the classic Hollywood Divas be ready to see a lot of accentuated waistlines, flared dresses, skirts, and that luscious red hair.

I wanna live in this outfit!

@thesusanpresley, who also goes by RedSassyPants, is the pick-me-up Instagram for women who already feel comfortable in their own skin and for the ones looking for an impulse to channel their inner divas. Susan is artsy, fun, and a real-life plus-size fashion queen!

@kennie.cheng, feminine chic vintage-inspired outfits for everyday.

The sweet Kennie lives in London, but is in love with Paris! Good for her and for us, the city of light is only a Eurostar trip away. So she can keep feeding her impeccable taste for feminine and romantic outfits, with a touch of Parisian sophistication!

Dreaming is can be the first part of planning and making it happen! @kennie.cheng delivers dreamy inspo if you wanna look classier, but delicate and feminine.

@retro_wannabe, 40s, 50s, 70s Girly & Diva inspired outfits for everyday.

Dana’s Insta game will give you a mix of 50s with pin-up inspo. Be ready for feminine silhouettes with high waist trousers, mini skirts, midi flared dresses, and collared buttoned blouses. But that’s not all! Dana seems to be in tune with her plural soul, and between the girly innocent outfits, you’ll find diva looks with sensual corsets or fishnets!

If you don’t wanna settle for one aesthetic for your wardrobe and you need inspo to enhance your girly and your sensual selves, @retro_wannabe will bring so much joy to your scrolling game.

So, do you have a favorite era? I’d love to hear from you if you’re planning on changing your wardrobe entirely to vintage-inspired clothes or just add some pieces.


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