The hipster style may not seem so new anymore, but the hipster aesthetic is still very strong and remains a symbol of authenticity and escape from the mainstream. When a girl wears flannels, glasses, fringe, and boots, she tells a story: The story of a girl who is an early adopter, who likes to discover what no one has yet discovered and who is outside the social mainstream.

Discovering the most authentic bands and cafes, exploring the mountains that are not yet famous on Instagram, and diving into the past to escape the plasticized and plastered big trends of the present are possibly some of the things that are part of her character.

According to this New York Magazine article The Lower East Side and Williamsburg in New York, Capitol Hill in Seattle, Silver Lake in L.A, the Inner Mission in San Francisco are the places where the contemporary hipster first flourished.

Even though the great masses have already adhered to the style that was once exclusive and unique to pioneers and creatives, the symbology of the indie-hipster aesthetic still remains strong.

The Hipster Aesthetic

For every aesthetic guide I write, I like to remember that the new concept of aesthetics on the internet is mainly about telling stories that help people relate and identify a mood, personality, or lifestyle through images. The hipster style and aesthetic tell a story of a girl who likes to be authentic and doesn’t really care for what other people think. Creativity, design, cool coffee shops and co-working spaces, and a mix of city and nature are appealing to her.

The aesthetic: earthy tones, flannel, mom jeans, nature, rock bands shirts, Converse, Vans, MacBook, Vinyl LPs, industrial architecture, Williamsburg, plants, casual hairstyle, eat green, avocado, blackberries and blueberries, beanies, big glasses, coffee, natural foods, shop second hand, record stores, rock bars, vintage boutiques, co-working spaces, geeky-adventurous , street art, indie music.

hipster bedroom
Nature Inspired Perfumes
hipster aesthetic boots
hipster girl beanie
hipster cat aesthetic

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Hipster Girl Style

Hipster hats, cute bangs with even cuter glasses, and stylish – comfy outfits that mix rock and roll and bohemian style create the hipster girl style. Get some outfit ideas below.

Famous Brands to shop Hipster clothing, home decor items, and shoes are Urban Outfitters, Converse, and Vans.

Stripes and Denin: Mom jeans and stripped tops are basically an indie-hipster girl uniform.

hipster girl style outfit
hipster girl style mom jeans

Big Jackets, leggins and sneakers are comfy and cool


Layered Trucker Jackets are a versatile statement piece

hipster style
hipster girl bomber jacker

Denin on Denin: Denin jacket paired with jeans

jeans on jeans layered hipster outfit

Gingham Pants, coats, or skirts: This grandma-vintage pattern became a thing again thanks to hipster fashion.

gingham pants outfit
hipster indie cute outfit gingham skirt
gingham outfit skirt
hipster gigham coat

Ripped denim shorts and converse


Hipster hat and chunky boots

hipster girl outfit hat and glasses
hipster aesthetic outfits
hipster aesthetic outfit

Plaid Flannels: the must-have piece in any hipster wardrobe.

hispter outfit flannels
hipster outfit flannels

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Hipster Aesthetic Room

A hipster bedroom is a mix of bohemian-witchy nature elements with urban-industrial materials and colors and vintage details. Glass, wood, iron, vintage decor, and a lot of plants create the perfect hipster urban jungle.

hipster aesthetic room
hipster room

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