Purple nails go from moody gothic dark hues to mystical celestial and cute pastel vibes. Therefore, the wide range of purple shades makes the color a fun and versatile pick to wear year-round, from Easter to Halloween. So, in this post, you’ll find the most inspiring ideas for purple nail designs to DIY or run to your favorite nail artist. Pastel, light, dark, with black, blue, pink… it’s a purple feast!


The classic nail design is for those not afraid of color. All shades of purple in your hands.

With Glitter

Dark, Black

The #1 pick for Halloween, gothic, and Wednesday fans.


Hearts, flowers, checkered patterns, butterflies, and the cutest designs for purple nails.


Halloween Nails Design to get in the Mood for October 31st

Pink, Orange

The combination of pink or orange with purple is 10/10 Summer vibes.

Blue, Green

Light, Pastel

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