One of my favorite hobbies is choosing the spookiest Halloween nails design to get in the mood for this fun and creepy night. This is why I had so much fun curating the most amazing nails for Halloween on Instagram and organizing them by theme in this post.

The Halloween nails art options below vary from cute and easy to hard and highly detailed. Whether you have short or long nails, is possible to create amazing and creative nails for Halloween


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Spider Web Halloween Nails

One of the most popular Halloween manicure ideas, the spider web is a nice thematic

halloween nails design acrylic spider web stiletto
spider web aesthetic halloween nails
spider web nails for halloween

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Black and white Halloween nails

Black and white or all black/ all white nail art for Halloween is super popular for obvious reasons: black and white is a classy spooky color palette, from white ghosts and skeletons to darl black cats and spider webs or just the darkness itself makes these colors perfect for getting your Halloween nails inspo.

Short almond nails with glitter or nude and little details in white are the perfect choice for a feminine and classy Halloween nail mani.

cute short almond halloween nails
cute white almond halloween nails with glitter
nude delicate simple short square halloween nail art

Black background and white ghosts for short nails are classy and cute options.

black and white short ghost halloween nails
halloween nails black and white
white coffin halloween nails ghost design
black spooky stilletto halloween nails

Black and white french tips are also cool. The one with te cats is super creative and witchy.

black halloween nail french tips
spider halloween nail art
black bats halloween nails simple french trips square
witchy halloween nails

Jack Skeleton is a Halloween icon, so of course, we had to find a nail inspiration with the most misunderstood and romantic Skeleton from fiction.

black and white jack skeleton halloween nail art

What about no nail art but these incredible vampire-shaped nails in white?

white halloween nails

Orange Halloween nails

I love this cute and short option with one hand all orange e the other one with cute ghost nail art.

white and orange halloween nails

Little orange details on black/white nails evoke pumpkin fall vibes.

black and orange halloween nails

Going bold and mixing more fall colors with orange like in the example below.

orange halloween nail art long

Bloody Red Nails

Bloody art effect or vampire vibes: the red Halloween nails give a baddie and Fatale vibes to your hands.

bloody halloween nail art
square red  short halloween nail art
red aesthetic halloween nail

Does anyone here love the movie Scream? I could absolutely not have the Ghostface painted on my nail, but here is some inspo if you are brave enough for this one!

scream halloween nail

This one is my favorite. So aesthetic and beautiful with the details of the black cat, spider, stiletto shapes, and an elegant gold tip.

bloody halloween nail art

The ultimate vampire vibes on long nails are what you will get with this super creative fangs-inspired Halloween nail design.

vampire stiletto nail art for halloween

Purple Halloween nails

Purple is such a mystical color. It evokes a mood of magic in the sky and mystery and is also a favorite for Halloween-themed nails. To enhance the magic effect, purple with glitter like in the examples below is a suggestion.

purple halloween nails with glitter
halloween nails black and purple

Black and purple with bats is also now of the most popular and simple Halloween nail art options.

black and purple bat halloween nails

Pink Halloween Nails

Unlike, orange, black white, and purple, pink is not a traditional color from the Halloween color palette. But still, I have found some really cool pink nail art with this theme to inspire you to create a super coll girly-spooky manicure.

black and pink long halloween nail
pink square halloween nails

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