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Nothing best to evoke the spirits of ghosts and witches from the spooky yet cozy fall season than putting up Halloween decorations all over the place. I particularly love decoration! Not only festive decorations like Christmas decor or Halloween decor, but I believe that even the simple details in the household have the power to change our moods and unlock new positive feelings when done right.

As a designer, I think that decoration transforms our home from a boring material block of bricks into a living entity. The right objects and colors tell stories and transport us to a movie scene, evoking and triggering new moods, and thus, new attitudes and ways to see the day.

The Mood Guide is a guide that connects the right things to the right moods, in this post I will list some nice ideas for Halloween decor that will allow you to create the most magical, mysterious, and spooky moods in the house and trigger some magic feels in the heart and soul of whoever enters your haunted house/apartment (or enchanted Maison).

I organized this post by thematic items that are obligatory to create the Halloween spirit. Have fun!

Decorating with Pumpkins

To start the season in the pumpkin spirit is nice not just to celebrate Halloween, but for the entire fall season. Pumpkins combined with fall leaves and little lights will allow you to create a spooky space or a cozy little corner in your home to get in both, Halloween and fall vibes.

Sinister and scary pumpkin decoration ideas to set a Creepy Mood

Wanna have some fun by having your guests creeped out? So the ideas below are perfect! @haus_of_sinister added some black spooky trees (which she spray and painted herself) to create an extra dark mood around her pumpkins. Scary pumpkins surrounded by candles or purple lights in your living room are also an easy way to make that scary vibes come alive.

creepy decor halloween
creepy halloween decorations indoors

Vintage Decor with white pumpkins

If you are tired of the same classic orange and black Halloween color palette and are looking for vintage or modern inspo, painting your pumping white is a nice option.

de broom detail here makes all the difference for me, creating a more realistic witchy vibe

white pumpkin decorating
vintage halloween decor black and white pumpkin

Cute and spooky

I love cozy little setups. Below are some of my favorite ideas to add spooky vibes with delicate and cute pumpkins. If you want an easy way to decorate with pumpkins, just combine orange pumpkins, candles, and fairy lights on the living room table or by the window.

cute decorations pumpkin
cute simple no carving pumpkin halloween decor
cute fall halloween decor
cute aesthetic halloween bedroom decor
cute halloween bedroom decor fall aesthetic

Bedroom details

Another nice way to make a cute and spooky addition to your home is by adding pumpkin and Halloween-inspired pillows to your bed (don’t forget to match the bedsheets with the color palette).

halloween bedroom aesthetic
halloween bedroom cute decor ideas

Cute spooky details in the kitchen

halloween kitchen decor ideas
halloween kitchen shelves

Skeletons and ghosts for Halloween decorations

Need ideas for decorating with skeletons? Skeletons and ghosts are many times paired together in decoration. Probably because they harmonize and create an impact with the white color. This combination of spooky creatures suits particularly well in modern black and white Halloween decorations

halloween table decorations indoor easy diy
halloween shelf deocor ghosts
halloween black and white wall decor ghosts
kitche decor halloween
black and white modern halloween decorations
skull food halloween

Disney Decor

Hocus pocus, nightmare before Christmas are the post-popular Disney movies when thinking of Halloween and Disney!

Hocus Pocus Halloween decor

The most magical movie, yes or yes? I love how @vegavvitch created this little hocus pocus corner with funkos and @lovepaperwhises made a romantic and minimalist Hous Pocus decoration with a print, pumpkins, and a little ¨boo¨sign.

halloween hocus pocus decorations
cute hocus pocus halloween deco


Witch hats, brooms, and black cats! that is so much nice stuff in the witchy universe to decorate for Halloween. I love how this pumpkin with hat and leaves embraces perfectly the season spirit in a simple way. Placing brooms next to the door or hanging witchy boots are false creative witchy decor for indoors or outdoors.

witch hat halloween decorations
witch hat fall halloween decorations
witch halloween decorations table
witch halloween decor

Wall bats and spiderwebs

Wall bats are probably the easiest and most popular way to bring some creepy vampire vibes indoors.

bat halloween decorations
spooky chic bat halloween decorations
black and white modern halloween decorations

Spooky & Creepy Chic Halloween Decorations

Now that you got all the traditional Halloween inspiration let’s go to my favorite style: Spooky chic. I love a modern, witchy aesthetic, that makes your home look like a classy and sophisticated witch home rather than an artificial and temporary set.

White, gold, and rusty gold are the right colors to achieve a chic creepy mood. Crows are mysterious birds with powerful mythology that also suits perfectly this type of decoration.

spooky chic halloween decorations goth crow
spooky chic decoration
halloween crow decor
spooky chic halloween decorations living room haunted maison

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