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Comfy aesthetic is a visual representation of calm, peaceful & cozy moments. It is about simple things made beautifully and it is very much about fall and winter feels.

Fall and winter: no one can deny these are the coziest and comfiest seasons of the year. Nature has its ways to tell us to leave the old behind and slow down to rest to focus on self-care and feeding our heart and soul with activities and stuff that are fulfilled with love.

Chicken or pumpkin soup, warm blankets, crisp air, binge-watching all tv shows under the blankets, staying in bed all day and not feeling guilty, comfy evenings by the fire. The Comfy aesthetic is a visual representation of all those cozy, guilty-free, no rush, lazy feelings, and this post is a guide for you to allow yourself to dive into this mood.


In this story, we will list and illustrate all the elements that you need to get your cozy vibes on and create a comfy aesthetic home and routine in real life.

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall

Scott Fritzgerald

Comfy/cozy aesthetic color palette:

Colors can trigger some moods. This is a basic design principle and a reason why we wanted to create an aesthetic buying guide. So, to invoke comforting, relaxing feelings you should go for colors that trigger relaxation, calm, clarity, purity, peace, warmth, wholesomeness, safety, and positivity. White, beige, orange, brown, and some grey and green will help you achieve these moods.

Comfy Aesthetic Elements:

Just like colors can trigger some moods, the same happens to textures, food, weather, scents, and everything our 5 senses can reach. Below is a list of elements you need to invoke and the soothing and relaxing feels.

Chilli days: Of course you can feel cozy and comfy during summer too. But let’s face it, when we think about the word comfy, cozying up on a chili day is the first thing that comes to our minds.

Comfy drinks to warm the heart and soul: Comfy cozy aesthetic hot drinks are one of the most comforting and simple things we can give to ourselves. Below, some heartwarming recipes for all fall and winter long:

A go-to fall coffee: Mocha, caramel, classic pumpkin spice latte, or french vanilla.

Winter creamy hot chocolate: Whether is sweet milk chocolate, white chocolate, or rich dark chocolate; A cozy mug of homemade hot cocoa is the best way to spend the chili weekends. A few amazing recipes are available on the internet and here are some comfy flavors for you to explore:

Cozy comfort food: All the classic fall recipes are a good idea to live in a comfy mood: pumpkin spice pie, apple pie spice, pumpkin soup, milk and cookies, cinnamon roll, and pancakes are classic comfort food.

Comfy spices: Cinamon sticks, cloves, ginger, cinnamon powder, nutmeg, black pepper, star anise.

spices photography aesthetic
Photo: @fancyplantsfoodies
spices aesthetic
Photo: @daytonastrong

Books and candles: cozy weather is a great opportunity to hang out with a book and let your mind travel to a new world and story. Light a scented candle that smells like the location described in the book, and if possible, enjoy the sound of rain by the window.

Photo inspiration @hayaisreading
comfyaesthetic books
Photo inspiration: @hayaisreading

Cute Comfy Outfits & Clothing Aesthetic

Soft and cozy fabrics that make you feel hugged and provide comfort all day long. Go for wools, chunky knitted sweaters, cashmere, merino, natural linen, and organic cotton.

comfy wool aesthetic
Photo inspiration l @weloveknitters
comfy knit aesthetic
Photo inspiration l @weloveknitters

Cozy knits, Sweaters & Sweatshirts

The basics of any comfy outfit: comfy cozy knits! After all, autumn is sweater season. I particularly love H&M knitted sweaters and cardigans because they are comfy, cozy, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable.

comfy aesthetic mug and sweater
Photo Inspiration @magical_daily
H&M sweater by @five_make_a_home
cozy aesthetic
Photo and Sweatshirt by @callie.collections
hm comfy aesthetic sweaters
H&M sweaters by @glimpseofmyspace

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Comfy slippers:

During fall and winter, we can find amazing slippers all over the internet. It wasn’t easy to pick just a few to illustrate this post, but the ones from Anthropologie were my favorites. Check all their pretty comfy options here.

Comfy socks:

comfy aesthetic
Photo Inspiration @lifestylesauvage
Photo inspiration: @autumnslittlesister


After a warm, renewing shower, there is nothing like the relaxing feels and ultimate coziness of wearing a clean, soft, and comfy robe.


Cashmere is basically a mood. An expensive one. But we can‘t talk about cozy and not mention this ultimate symbol of luxury & comfort.

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Loungewear Everywhere

Loungewear indoors or outdoors: comfy aesthetic outfits is about feeling like lounging around in your pajamas or hugged by little lambs everywhere.

comfy loungewear aesthetic
comfy loungewear

@alligadjovich and @bbdieuanh wearing soft Happy-Lazy Lounge Set from Nap Loungewear

aesthetic loungewear outfit
@theweeklyfashionista wearing nap loungewear

Skirts and sweaters

Mix chic, loungewear, slippers, sweaters, and skirt.

comfy aesthetic outfit sweater and silk skirt and slippers
@stephhjelmeseth wearing Jenni Kayne

Jeans & Sweater

Mom jeans and comfy sweaters or cardigans just can’t go wrong.

cozy aesthetic outfit
comfy aesthetic outfit mom jeans

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Favorite Comfy Aesthetic Brands:

Hight quality comfort stuff is expensive and usually durable. I chose the brands below based on aesthetics and comfort.

Nap Loungewear

Literally a dream brand. All kinds of comfy pj’s and clothes in wool, silk, cashmere, and more.

Westlake home

Amazing Ethical comfy luxury bedding for the perfect comfortable sleep.

white aesthetic bedroom

Jenni Kayne

Everything from this brand is comfy, cozy, and gorgeous.


Chic, simple, comfy and versatile. A Birkenstock looks nice with so many different outfits and they look and feel comfortable.

comfy aesthetic birkenstock
Photo: @archietheminipoo
birkenstock cosy aesthetic
Photo: hello. im.vero

Food52 Shop

I have no words to describe how much I love Food52. Even their Halloween decor, laundry bags, and Christmas ornaments feel cozy. The best thing is that you can find amazing and affordable stuff there too.

Maiden Home

Cozy and simple aesthetic is everywhere here, but what I love about Maiden Home is that everything is curated and personalized for your own definition of comfort. You choose the fabric, the leather, the color and the finishes. Perfect for those who love a modern meets cozy mood.



Another brand that is 100% comfy. Parachute is a cozy paradise to buy from the comfiest bed frames to table linen.

Parachute bedding by @skyaprille
Parachute linen loungewear by @oursouthwestnest
Parachute soft towels and robe by @thismodernstyle

Cozy aesthetic home:

Kitchen & Dining Room: Wood and ceramic utensils, wood shelves, and wood tables are the central elements to invoke a comfy aesthetic kitchen.

comfy aesthetic kitchen
comfy aesthetic kitchen shelves
comfy wooden table

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Bedroom and living room: candles, white and beige aesthetic in every detail, big comfy couch, warm blankets, comfy fabrics and the right mix of textures. A comfy aesthetic living room and bedroom is the ultimate combination of beauty, coziness, and comfort. Organic cotton bedding for a soft feel on the skin will enhance comfort and your sleep quality.

comfy aesthetic living room
Photo inspiration: @marsena.marideko
Photo inspiration: @rayaisreading

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Comfy aesthetic Routine Ideas

  • homemake an aesthetically pleasing coffee
  • homebake an apple pie
  • go blackberry picking
  • go pumpking picking
  • watch the whole harry potter series (or any comfort series)
  • make a wreath of autumn leaves
  • go autumn walk among autumn leaves and winter walk feeling and observing the snowflakes
  • write down your intentions in a journal every morning
  • just watch the rain and breathe deeply.

Extra tip: Baking & Pastry cooking class

I hope that after this post, you spend your cold days just like this buddy.

comfy grey cat aesthetic

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