There are many wonderful things about being a plant parent. 

The sumptuous shades of green, the constant sense of growth, and the excitement of watching your plant children grow are just a few reasons why so many people have embraced the plant parent aesthetic on their social media platforms and everyday life. 

Cultivating a green sanctuary at home means curating an environment that is not only equipped to handle the growth and care needed to help your plants thrive but that is also beautifully set up for gorgeous organic themes, decor, and colors that celebrate your nature-inspired aesthetic. 

Whether you are a full-on content creator with plans to become the next plant parent influencer or simply want to bring more nature into your home, this post is for you.

Bring The Outdoors Inside With Pot Plants, Cacti, And Succulents 

If you are going to embrace the plant parent aesthetic, the first thing you need to do is adopt a variety of plants. Before you can capture your green sanctuary, you need to create it!

There are over 10,000 indoor-friendly plant species, so you have a lot of options when it comes to building up a family of plants for your green sanctuary. However, you want to pick plants that are relatively easy, low-maintenance, and inexpensive to grow. 

🌱 Here are some plant suggestions for first-time plant parents: 

  • Spider plant: With long, slender leaves and a very low-maintenance watering schedule, spider plants make great hanging or pot plants. They also grow new plants very easily, so you can snip them off and start new pots without spending a cent.
  • Delicious monster: One of the most popular indoor plants, the delicious monster has large green leaves that look like something out of an Amazonian jungle (which is not surprising because that’s where they’re from). These lush plants are perfect for filling up empty room space but require minimal maintenance.
  • Cacti: There are countless cactus species that make excellent plant babies for first-time parents. They are very self-sufficient and look adorable in little clay pots. With minimal watering required, these are the ultimate low-maintenance options for those new to plant parenthood.

Chinese evergreen: This beautiful plant has broad, glossy, luscious leaves that come in many different shades of green. As the name indicates, the Chinese evergreen stays green all year round, keeping your indoor sanctuary looking fabulous through every season.

Succulents, flowers, and herbs also make great options for those still learning to care for plants at home. Educating yourself on the different seasons, your local ecosystem and weather patterns can all help you curate a sustainable and glorious green sanctuary at home. 

Invest In A Quality Camera To Capture Your Green Aesthetic 

It would be a shame to put in all that effort to create a beautiful garden aesthetic only to have it captured by a low-quality camera. 

Whether you are a content creator or not, embracing the plant parent aesthetic depends heavily on the quality of your camera and your understanding of how to use it. 

Here are some tips for helping capture your plants at their best: 

  • Place your plants in natural light so that they can properly photosynthesize while catching those beautiful golden rays in photographs 
  • Teach yourself how to focus on small plant details with your camera 
  • Embrace variety—place lots of different types of plants together for a healthy indoor jungle vibe in every snap
  • Incorporate decor. The best plant photos often have multiple elements in them, so remember to add natural decor and accessories for a special touch
  • Know what time of day to photograph your plants. Midday is usually too bright, and morning or evening can be too dim. Late afternoon is best for golden hour, but it depends on where you live and which direction your house faces.

Reflect Your Passion For Plants Through Interior Decor 

Embracing the plant parent aesthetic is about more than the plants themselves—it’s also about the environment that surrounds them. 

Reflecting your passion for plant care and nature can be done by decorating your indoor spaces with the right art, furniture, and decor: 

  • Big windows with plenty of natural light 
  • A cool, nature-inspired color palette of greens, ivory, earthy browns, and sky blue
  • Ceramicware in the form of clay pots, sculptures, candle holders, and bowls 
  • Artworks and photographs of nature and different plant species 
  • Interesting pebble collection
  • Seashell mobiles by the window 
  • Organic (and sustainable!) materials and textures like wicker, wood, stone, and cork
  • Woven baskets 
  • Natural-scented candles 
  • Cute plant spray bottles and watering cans 
  • Rustic furniture
  • Textured rugs and carpets throughout the home 

Incorporating these bits and pieces into your home can help build a green aesthetic and showcase your identity as a nature-loving human. 

slow living plant aesthetic interior green decor

Measure Your Plant Babies’ Growth Over Time 

A good parent keeps track of their babies’ growth! You need to do the same with your plant babies. Noting how your plants progress over time can communicate how seriously you take your role and your commitment to the natural aesthetic. 

In terms of your online presence, consider creating reels, TikToks, and Instagram stories dedicated to your plant’s growth processes over time. You could even build your own online portfolio with still-life photos of your plant baby’s progress.  

These are not only fun ways to showcase your beautiful little babies online, but they will also help you personally keep track of how they have grown and evolved throughout the year.

Follow Other Plant Parents Online For Inspiration 

The plant parent aesthetic has been growing for a long time and plenty of other people who’d love to share their wisdom and experiences with you. 

Following other plant parents online can help you better understand how to capture your green sanctuary at home and look after your plant family in the best way possible. Plus, embracing the online community is fun!

Use your apps to inform, guide, connect, and inspire you to pursue plant parenthood sustainably. Together, you can gather ideas, learn growing hacks, and discover new aesthetics that enhance your growing green sanctuary. 

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