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Today’s aesthetic guide will be about the gorgeous sage green. Sage green started to become huge on the internet around 2015 with the boom of lovely and aesthetically pleasing sage green Avocados and Matcha drinks popping up all over the cool girls’ Instagram feeds. 

We believe that your aesthetic color changes according to your mood, and below we will explain what moods sage green boosts or what vibes will you evoke once you embrace this color aesthetic.

You will understand the meaning of the color in context so you can make purchases knowing why you feel attracted to a color or aesthetic, the mood it triggers, and then be able to make more conscious choices that respect your moods and true self.

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Sage Green Color Palette

Sage green is a light to medium green color that comes in different shades between mint green and military green. I selected a few of my favorites for this post.

sage green aesthetic color
sage green aesthetic pantone
sage green aesthetic

Sage Green Aesthetic Moods

Every shade of green can be related to nature and health and sage green is no different. Due to its association with healthy food and trendy girls this color became a symbol of chic, cool and healthy. Sage Green aesthetic will trigger feelings of:

  • healthy
  • serenity
  • calming
  • springy
  • cozy
  • Parisian chic
  • refreshing
  • minimalism
  • botanical
  • natural
sage green slow minimalist aesthetic
Sage Green slow minimalism aesthetic by @anna.bistrom
sage green cold matcha aesthetic
Refreshing mood l sage green aesthetic by @beesturrock
slow vibes by @boadella.creations
sage green aesthetic outfit
sage green aesthetic comfy bed
comfy, calming, and natural sage green mood
botanical and springy vibes
Connection to nature, refreshing and calming sage green mood
natural and fresh mood by

Sage Aesthetic Elements

Some sage green aesthetic things for inspiration.

  • Matcha: The king and pioneer of the sage green aesthetic trend, matcha is a green tea made of young tea leaves converted into green power. These days you can find tons of different matcha recipes online and even have your own matcha maker machine at home.
sage green matcha
  • Pistachio and green ice creams: Ice creams are naturally refreshing, but the sage green ice cream has an extra fresh appeal.
  • plants: Nothing more obvious, plants are the ultimate representations of cleanliness and freshness and are highly associated with every shade of green, including sage green.

Sage Green Aesthetic Outfits

These days you can find every type of clothes in sage green, some combinations are more iconic and express better the aesthetic though.

  • silk and sage: Springy Parisian vibes meet nature connection with this match made from heaven that is sage and silk, especially when it comes to super sweet and short dresses. After all, this is the pairing of the most refreshing color with one of the most refreshing fabrics.
sage green aesthetic scrunchie
  • loungewear: loungewear is supposed to be comfortable, this is why the serene, soft, and calming vibes of this color are so appealing for this type of clothing.

Dresses: due to its springy characteristics, sage green is very popular in cute and fresh dresses.

sage green aesthetic dress outfit
sage green aesthetic dress

Shoes & Accessories

Sage green is one of the trendiest colors on 2022. Maybe because for an after-pandemic moment, the renewing, healthy and revigorating vibes of it felt extra attractive. Some brands created stunning aesthetic shoes and clothes with this color, and here are my favorites.


We love a beautiful and cozy bedding aesthetic, and looking at a bed made with sage green sheets and comforters makes me feel like sleeping on soft greeneries.

Sage green in your bedroom can create different moods in the environment.

The first is a more natural, bohemian vibes. Achieve this mood by surrounding your bedroom with lovely greens and plants and allowing the light in.

Sage Green is also a trendy color for slow, chic Parisian decor. Fewer plants, minimal decor, and linen bed sheets will make you achieve this natural and sophisticated mood.

Photo: theinteriorsaddict.com
sage green aesthetic bedroom
Piglet Sage Green Bedding

Piglet in Bed 2022 Sage Green Linen Spring Collection Bedding

Sage Green House Aesthetic

More ideas and inspirations on how to use sage green in other rooms. The aesthetic might change from natural and rustic to modern and chic, it depends if you mix the sage gree with gold, brass, and lines or with textures and wood. You can mix them all together, like in the first example, and get this stunning natural classic chic vibe as a result.

Living Room

sage green aesthetic room
sage green aesthetic laundry
sage green aesthetic bathroom
sage green aesthetic kitchen


If this is your favorite color, you may like to try one of the sage green aesthetic wallpapers below on your phone.

minimal parisian sage green aesthetic wallpaper
sage green aesthetic wallpaper

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Sage Green Aesthetic Nails

sage green aesthetic nails almond

So, after this post, could you feel the healthy-chic- Parisian mood evoked by the Sage Green Aesthetic? If you identify with Parisian style and lifestyle, you may also like our black aesthetic guide and all the chicest products in our carefully curated Chic Minimal Guides below.

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