Chic, powerful, sophisticated, serious, poetic, frightening, mysterious, fabulous: These are the moods you will invoke when embracing the dark luxury black aesthetic.

Stars can’t  shine without darkness


Think about a powerful, independent woman wearing a sexy dress, having a cocktail, and then entering a very luxurious car. I bet the first color that came up to your mind when picturing her dress and the car was black! Black is a color that is carried with meaning for many cultures and lifestyles. A goth or a rebel will also have this color as their main ¨mood trigging¨color, but also when we think about luxury and sophistication, black and gold are the rulers, and how you style this color will define its aesthetic and meaning.

The Black mood l Aesthetic & emotions : chic, classic, modern, urban, minimal, serious, elegant, moody, matte, clean, impactful, black marble, timeless, sophisticated

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Black Aesthetic Outfits

Sophistication and Luxury walk hand in hand when the subject is black aesthetic clothes. The biggest designer brands, such as Prada and YvesSaintLaurent launch unique timeless pieces in black every year, which makes everyone who knows how to properly style them feel like a real rich, flawless, and elegant boss. Below, we list the most aesthetic black designer items from Instagram.

Fashion is a weapon that you can use when you need it

Donatella Versace

All Black aesthetic outfits are always chic if you know how to style them. Trench coat, layers, and heeled boots are all you need to look chick af in winter.

black aesthetic winter outfits
photo: @selzoa
winter black aesthetic outfit
photo: @fannyamandanilsson

For a sexy touch, layer with black lace lingerie.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest

Although we associate black aesthetic outfits with winter, it is also possible to dress up with elegance and wear black in summer. Light silk or satin little black dress paired with gold accessories are easygoing and chic.


Luxury accessories are a must-have when you want to make a statement that you have power wearing an all-black aesthetic outfit. Classic and timeless designer bags such as an all-black Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, or Prada will do the job.

Black Louis Vuitton aesthetic l @selzoa
Black Prada Bag l
black aesthetic chanel bag
black aesthetic dior bag

Of course, when we talk about designer brands and iconic items, shoes just cannot be left out. Prada or Chanel Loafers are popular shoes among chic minimalist influencers, and, of course, the always-classic black heels.

Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest
black aesthetic heels
Photo: this post

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Black Interiors

Clean lines, geometric forms, and, of course, a lot of blacks are what will create a ¨quiet glamour¨ vibes and dynamic elegance mood in every room. Matte Black cabinets in the Kitchen and nordic-Scandinavian style bedroom with black marble and gold accent are key elements to create a moody, first-class black aesthetic room. Chic, minimal, and artful kitchen tools and decor items are essential to creating a black aesthetic interior that reflects that ¨I am deep, chic and I make a statement¨ mood of the homeowner. Modular black sofas, black matter vases, and minimalist lamps are some classic, chic items you can use in a chic all-black interior decoration.

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black aesthetic room interior decor
black aesthetic couch sofa
black sink aesthetic
Photo: Pinterest
black bathroom interior aesthetic
Photo: Pinterest

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