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Nude is the chicest color! Finding the right shade of nude lipstick for your skin color though, can be slightly tricky. After all, nude is not just beige, but it is a representation of your very own nude skin, meaning that there are tons of different nude colors for everything and everyone, from beige underwear to nude lipstick.

So, as a graphic designer who loves color and meaning and with the big goal of helping you find things with purpose, I will let you know when to use nude lipstick to evoke the mood you want before listing a visual reference of nude lipstick for every skin, from light to deep dark.

The moods Evoked by nude lipstick shades

At The Mood Guide, I do things a bit differently to create useful yet original content that is distinct from everything else. I believe the Internet is saturated with redundant content, so I see no point in testing and reviewing lipsticks since there are tons of great magazine articles already doing that.

Here I will explain the moods evoked by nude lipstick aesthetics and then post a curated list of Instagram brands and influencers with different skin tones wearing nude lipsticks, so you can visually find the one that matches your skin and current mood.

Nude lipstick aesthetic &moods:

Nude equals natural, and natural aesthetics in the look and feel of overall crude-looking makeup, in our culture, are associated with one main mood: Chic & simple.

I particularly love this association of nude and chic, because it states that being naked, being you, and being natural, is chic.

Another mood and aesthetic that is also related to nude lipsticks in makeup is the baddie aesthetics, especially when combined with heavy dark-eye cosmetics.

Therefore, nude lipstick will depend on the overall makeup and outfit, but it usually will help you achieve the following:

✧ A very chic, feminine, and low profile aesthetic look, since nude is a very chic shade by itself. Simple makeup with nude lipstick causes that effect on the face that makes a man say “She is gorgeous and wearing no makeup”. Every single woman knows though, that she is wearing nude makeup, like discrete lipgloss, concealer, and blush in proper nude and soft shades, resulting in that natural-looking, peaceful, and mild effect.

Refy Beauty represents this aesthetic perfectly in its visual identity and packaging.

▪️ If you like chich minimalist beauty, see also 50+ Chic Nude Nails Ideas and Inspiration

2- a Kardashian, Rhiana baddie aesthetic, especially when combined with heavy eye makeup.

Nude lipstick and gloss ideas & brands by skin tone

Light and fair skin tone with nude lipstick

Photo: Sephora
Photo: Sephora
  • Brown nude lipstick on light skin l The Taupe shade lip collection creates this natural brownish nude shade. Photo and lipstick reference @refybeauty
Photo source: Refy

Photo: MAC Cosmetics

Medium skin tone with nude lipstick

Photo Charlotte Tilbury

  • Light brown nude on medium skin l Model wearing Matte Gala lipstick by Il Makiage. Source @ilmakiage
Photo: Il Makiage

Tan Brown skin with nude lipstick

  • Tan brown skin can also look amazing with a pinkish mauve nude color, like this stunning Lipstick and Gloss by KIKO Milano (Color: 02, Unique brown. Matte lipstick and lip gloss. Lipstick reference Source @kikomilano)
Photo: Kiko Milano
Photo: Bobbi Brown
Photo: Refy
Photo: Refy Beauty

Deep Dark and black skin with nude lipstick

  • Natural medium nude lipstick shade on dark deep skin l This shiny effect creates a natural glamorous vibe. The model is wearing Smart Fusion Creamy Lip Crayon 02 by KIKO Milano.
Photo KIKO Milano

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