Keep it subtle. Keep it modern. When the issue is nude nails, know that neutral color nail designs will express chic, elegant, neutral, simple mood and aesthetic on any occasion. So if you are looking for some nude nail ideas, you will love to get inspired by how versatile this classic nail polish color is.

And if you’re into aesthetic nails you know that it’s all in the details, from how you feel to how you look. So, our favorite get-in-the-chic-mood trick is to give yourself a luxurious SPA day at home. You can pamper yourself while doing your own mani or while you get ready to visit your favorite nail artist, after all, there are many shades of nude nail colors that you can play with, whether you just want the basic and natural look or a chic matte nude finish.

You can also play around with stunning nail designs and art using only neutral colors. Keep reading to discover the most aesthetic beige, neutral and naked nail design ideas trending on Instagram.

All neutral, light & simple nude nails ideas

Coffin-shaped nails with naked nude polish or glamorous acrylic almond nails? It doesn’t matter, you will get that classically elegant, healthy, and natural feel anyway.

neutral nude nails
nude nail aesthetic
nude nails
nude beige nails on dark skin
pretty nude nails
nude nails
light-nude-nails coffin
beuge nude nails
elegant nude nails
nude nails aesthetic black girl
nude nails
pinky nude nails on black skin
nude nails on brown skin
beige nude nails

Ombre/skittle nude nails

If you have an internal debate on which shade of nude to go with, just pair them together. ⁣Choose 5 color shades of neutral nail polish and create these trendy cute skittles. When you create ombre nude nails you don’t need to worry too much about the colors, pairing different light tones of nude or going from light beige to dark: they all look stunning. For fall, I like darker neutral colors because they look more sophisticated – just like cool weather.

nude ombre nails
fall nude ombre nails. nude nails aesthetic
nude ombre nails with glitter
long nude nails ombre with glitter
natural gel ombre nails
light neutral nude ombre nails
nude ombre nail colors
nude nails skittle
If you want an extra touch of authenticity, mix neutral colors with some bright colors.
neutral fall nail colors. nude ombre nails
neutral fall nail colors
You can also create a beige ombre effect on each nail, mixing nude with white or with glitter gold. Nude Ombre almond nails are the top chic aesthetic nail shape to go for.
aesthetic nude nails chrome gold ombre
nude ombre nails

Nude Nail art and nail designs

Play around with some minimalist nail art or go for endless possibilities of shade & effect. Hand-painted leaves mixed with organic, gold & nude details are big in 2022. Natural nail with glitter is an excellent option for extra glam. Below, is some nude and neutral nail art inspiration:

Nail art idea: all nude nail designs with marble effect

nudel nail art

Nail art idea: nude nails with black tips and details

Nude and black nail designs are one of the best choices to add some creativity to the chic vibes. For more chic nude and black nail ideas check Sophisticated Black Nails Ideas to Inspire a Chic Aesthetic Manicure.

nude natural nail with black tip
nude and black nail design
nude nail with black frenchie
nude and black nail with organic black detail

Nude nails with white tips, outlines, or details:

Nude and white french nails will evoke a more soothing effect on short nails and a super Parisian chic aesthetic on long almond nails. To wear a more classic look to a work meeting, for example, medium square beige nails with white tips are the appropriate aesthetic.
long beige nails with white tips
nude nails white detail
nude nails aesthetic beige with white tips
micro french nude nails

Nude nails with gold:

this is the one for you if the nude nail art aesthetic you aim for is one that will make you look low-profile rich and elegant.
nude nails art with gold foil flakes, nail ideas
nude nails with gold accent
nude almond nails aesthetic with gold
nude nails aesthetic
gold nude french nails
Organic nude nail art
white and gold nude nail design
organicnail art
organic nude nails

Matte Nude nails

Neutral matte nails are cute and chic, and I particularly love matte nails with brown or maroon nail polish, like in the second photo. To have that effect you can either buy matte nail polish or a mattifier.

almond naked nude matte nails
maroon matte nails
matte nails short

Nude nail colors

After all these pretty and inspiring hands, you might be curious to know where to find the best neutral nail polish colors.

The color range in a nude palette varies a lot, they go basically from shades of light nude, beige, pinky nude, and warm peachy nude to a soft brown and darker, coffee neutral shade. You find them in your favorite beauty store, like Ulta, Beyond Polish (a nail lacquer paradise), or Sephora. Pearnova and Static Nails are gorgeous innovative brands with must-have nude nail polishes that will take your chic manicure to next level.

OPI is one of my favorite brands for nude colors and I found this useful post on Instagram that illustrates some popular neutral OPI nail polish colors.

If you are wondering what are the best neutral nail polish colors for dark skin the answer is: all of them. These stunning pictures from @pearnova are visual proof that all shades of nude look gorgeous on any black or brown skin.


So, in my opinion, nude nails will always be the best option for effortlessly chic women. Coffin nude nails are also a big trend in the nude nail design universe. I didn’t mention it in this post though, because I don’t think that long, coffin-shaped nails evoke the minimalist aesthetic that we focus on in this post.

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