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This is the Minimal Mood: Brands List. This guide is a directory that contains the best clothing, accessories, furniture, and beauty brands with a modern, minimal, timeless, chic, urban aesthetic/look and feel/mood. In this list, we feature the best brands to shop for stylish, luxury, and functional clothes and minimal aesthetic outfits. By the end of the post, we list a small directory of amazing bloggers with a simple chic minimal style for elegant and versatile outfits and lifestyle inspiration.

This list is for you if you believe that simplicity must meet functionality and the future. For you who love high quality, simple minimalist design, like those Scandinavian with their simple colors and modern elegant shapes. For the believers that paying high prices is worth it for the durability, quality, and aesthetics, not for materialism. If you wanna feel like an elegant and gracefully business woman boss girl, that is basic but versatile and loves the solidity and force evoked by the urban life mood.

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The Minimalist Brand list is for the woman with a minimalist style. A little directory of brands with a well-established minimal aesthetic in its communication, values, and products. We have already created a Romantic & Feminine Brands list to help you find the most lovely and girlie brands out there, and now it’s time for brands with timeless and chic identities and aesthetics.


Elegance, supreme comfort, and timeless minimalist design that make women feel valued, trendy, and effortlessly elegant.

Victoria Beckham

Of course, the ultimate pop icon of British elegance from the late 90s and 2000s would own her own minimal luxury brand. Everything from the concept to the style is modern minimal and

Nomad Basic

When simplicity goes far beyond just basic.


Conceptual-meets-functional design is the core of modern minimal brands. Rains took the concept to an unexplored field and made boring and common raincoats stylish and contemporary, investing in a Neo Scandinavian aesthetic and a signature fabric indentity that definitely elevates the classic rubber raincoat.

Still Here

Timeless is the first concept that one may have in mind before creating or wearing minimal aesthetic clothing. And well, few things earn the title of timeless more than denim! Still Here is inspired by the timelessness of denim. Made in the USA, most specifically DEsigned in NYC and hand-painted in Los Angeles, this is the brand to go to high quality, elegant and enduring denim.

Home, & Decor

The best shops to find Scandi, modern and Danish furniture, and home stuff, professionally designed for style, practicality, and comfort. From elegant lines, and intelligent functional projects to soft organic curves, and neutral colors, mixing contemporary, neo-classical modern, and mid-century, the brands below are the places to go for Aesthetic eye-catching interior elements.


Probably the store with the biggest range of modern minimal furniture on this list. 2Modern curates the most unique nordic, Scandi, mid-century modern, and minimalist furniture and decor items from all over the world. From the logo and brand identity to the baby furniture, everything is elegant and designed to elevate the environment.

Finnish Design Shop

Official dealer of over 300 design brands that suit the Nordic lifestyle, this is the best place to find the most unique and iconic Nordic minimalism furniture. Everything is clean, combining simple lines with modern and natural. ¨Quality is not elitism, but sustainability.¨

Jonathan Adler

Modern American Glamour is the definition of this stunning and one of my favorite brands in the world. Chic modern minimalist with a lot of joy, colors, creativity, and authenticity. Their decor items and furniture pieces are the ultimate junctions of elegance, originality, creativity, and love, in my opinion. Johnatan’s Alder designs express the aesthetic of simple elegance, love for life, and delight.


Courtney Cox was not obsessed with cleanness and organization only as playing Monica in Friends but also in real life, as she herself claims on Homecourt about page ¨Someone once told me that caring for your space can be a transformative act. As a self-proclaimed neat freak, I can tell you that this is true, but I could never find products that smelled or looked as good as they worked¨. Courtney created a brand with the most elegant and wonderful bottle designs for an impressive and inspiring home adn to elevate the mood of any environment. The Kitchen Trio below is my favorite. All products can be bought individually.

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