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Dark academia gifts are for that friend or relative who loves worn-out books, classic literature, low-light of candles, classic music, and victorian decoration.

Dark Academia is an amazing nomenclature, linked with stunning visual storytelling, that makes it easier for us to identify a lifestyle we love.

We love aesthetics, and for every gift guide we write, we choose products that are inserted in a context, to make it easier for the buyer to link it with someone’s personality. It is like putting a movie character in a real scenario instead of a green or white screen. Everything changes in the perception of that character once we have an atmosphere surrounding them!

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Dark Academia Aesthetic Guide


No modern lightning effect can replicate the powerful magic of the fire burning and dance in the dark and creating light. The mood set by candles is an important feature of the dark academia aesthetic, therefore, this is a gift that certainly will warm up a loved one heart.

dark academia candle gift
Photo: Etsy

Wurthering Heights

Coffee and candles are two things that everyone in the dark academia lifestyle loves. So what about an affordable little candle in a coffee mug? It will certainly give extra comfy vibes to a reading moment.

$12.00 – Thymeandtarotmagic

Books and poetry inspired

Few things make a dark academic person happier than cozy bookshop days or turning off the real world and feeling and sensing a good book for hours.

gifts for book lovers aesthetic dark academia
Photo: Etsy

Library room spray

If you know someone who loves the book smell, refuses to read on Kindle and has antique libraries as their safe place, this is the perfect gift.

$15.00 – GreenPactAclhemy

book gifts aesthetic academia
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Accordion Sculptural Lamp

A stunning and unusual lamp with an accordion-like form that resembles the shape of an opened book.  Twisting and bending it, you connect both sides of the object. They stick together to form an otherworldly-looking ring because their ends are magnetic.

$69.00 – UncommonGoods

light academia dark academia gift mug book lovers
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Reading Glasses Mug

A cute mug designed with a dark academia aesthetic. The romanticized vision of glasses is a way of relating them to intellectual vibes. An affordable and nice gift for light and dark academia fans.

$40.00 – UncommonGoods


From the victorian to regency era. These wonderful times in history are the set and ambiance of most dark academia classic novels and were the inspiration for modern-vintage jewelry comes from.

dark academia jewelry gift cameo victorian
Photo: Etsy

Victorian Rose Flower Cameo Necklace

A victorian cameo necklace is a must-have accessory for any dark academia lover. Among so many options on Etsy, I chose this one for its richness in details and antique visual aspect.

$30.00 – ragtrader

dark academia cat gift cameo
Photo: Etsy

Cameo Cat Book Locket

Book lockets are also a classic item for dark academia collectors, and this Cameo on antiqued silver plate book locket is also pleasing for cat lovers.

$27.00 – ragtrader

dark academia key necklace gift guides
Photo: Etsy

Nightshade Key Silver necklace

There is a powerful symbolism and something magically mysterious about keys. No wonder keys and keyholes are often an element of horror or mystery books. A Witchy, exquisite piece handmade in Portugal.

$191.25 – Kind Nature Jewel

dark academia key charm
Photo: Kendra Scott

Home & Shelter Charm in Vintage Gold

A beautiful vintage key charm to wear on bracelets, necklaces, or earrings

$25.00 – Kendra Scott

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Dark Academia Outfits to Channel your Inner Old-Poet Soul

Vintage Gothic

The Academia meaning of dark academia is obvious. It is related to the classic academic lifestyle. The dark, though is a reference to the Horror-vintage-gothic moods and connections and what makes this aesthetic unique with its mix of erudite-sober-gloomy moods. If you have someone who loves the dark part of the dark academia lifestyle, go for the gift ideas below.

dracula inspired dark academia gift
Photo: Etsy

Dracula Book Quote Wall Art

One of the must-read books in the dark academia lifestyle is Dracula. If you know someone who adores the Classic King of Darkness, then this aesthetic vintage book page with the most popular quote from the book is perfect

$41.57 – TurnthePageDesign

dark academia gift guide aesthetic victorian
Photo:  Macy’s

Bonjour / Enjoy the Day Collection

The ultimate dark academia aesthetic Fine Bone China. Slightly Victorian and super cute, just like everything else in this aesthetic. These unique items can be bought individually or as the whole collection

$43.99+ – Twig New York

skull candle holder halloween decor gothic vintage dark academia gift
Photo: Etsy

Skull Candleholder

This handmade real-size human skull is made from plaster of Paris and painted for a weathered appearance. A creepy, poetic, and beautiful dark academia gift.

$40.93 – Vicious Noodles


Collecting antiquities, whether real antique gems or objects that are inspired by rare artifacts from the past centuries is one of the favorite hobbies of a dark academia enthusiast.

celestial timekeepers vintage gift
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Celestial Desktop Timekeepers

For that smart friend who loves antiquities and the mysteries of the heavens. These are little replicas of two 16th and 17th artifacts that are on display at the British Museum in London. These beauties offer an analog method of establishing the current time and will connect its user to the technology of the past and the spirit of the old explorers. 

$40.00 – Uncommon Goods

Photo: Anthropolgie

Charlotte Magnifying Glass

Vintage Magnifying glass is essential in the dark academia enthusiast collection. This iconic gorgeous detective tool from Anthropologie is both decorative and functional.

$26.60 – Anthropologie

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