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Black Cat Gifts are perfect gifts for, of course, black cat lovers, but also for everyone who loves mystery and magic. There are so many superstitions around these fluffy, stunning, and mysterious felines. Ancient Egyptians said they used to bring prosperity, while other cultures used to affirm they are evil. Well, any black cat lover knows that they are definitely not bad luck. They are rather a symbol of witchcraft and Halloween (according to Wikipedia) in western culture, and also Sabrina’s pet!

Black cats are nice, witty, cute and, due to the strong symbology of ancient stories, they can make any owner look more powerful and intimidating. The mystic symbology around the black cat is so popular and strong that we curated some gift options with a witchy, magical aesthetic.

Leaving the folklore behind, black cats are just as clever, graceful, and playful as any other kitten. So, enjoy this list of black cat-themed gifts.

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Affordable Black Cat Gifts

Francesca Kaye Feline Atelier Mug

Can you picture a friend and their black cat snuggling up on the sofa and having a cup of tea with this beautiful mug? Perfect gift for black feline lovers.

black cat mug gift

The Cat and Lavender Framed Art Print – Jessica Roux

Jessica Roux is a talented illustrator with more than 100.000 followers on Instagram. Her beautiful and delicate drawings are mainly inspired by flowers and animals, and this black cat print is one of her arty treasures.

Night Garden Cat Water Bottle

A minimalist, black and white, reusable water bottle.

Halloween Clay Earrings • Black Cat Star Dangle – PepperandPinkCo

These handmade black cat earrings are one of the cutest spooky things I have seen on Etsy!

black cat earrings cute spooky gift
Photo: Etsy

Handmade Polymer Clay Earrings | Halloween | Black Cat – VelvetOrangeDesigns

Just another boho-witchy pair of earrings that gives a unique black cat gift for her. These are more expensive but definitely make a statement.

black cat gift for her
Photo: Etsy
PepperPinkand Co black cat earrings l Photo: Etsy
black cat gift for her
VelvetOrangeDesigns black cat earrings l Photo: Etsy

Black cat, magic illustration Wall Clock

If you know someone who is into witchy decor, then this might be the perfect gift.

black cat wall clock gift witchy
Photo: Society6

Bad Cats Knocking Stuff Over Coffee Mug – Tanya Draws

Now, this funny black cat gift represents all cats so much! I love it.

black cat mug gift
Photo: Society6

Black Satin and Cotton Cat Eye Mask – Naomi Lingerie

A puuuurrrrrfect chic accessory for a good night of sleep.

Photo: Etsy

Purrince Music Cats 100-Piece Puzzle – Chronicle Books

A cool gift for those who like black cats and good music.

Photo: Saks Fifth Avenue

Long Sleeve Classic PJ Set – BeHead Pajamas

These lovely pajamas are accented with little black cats print and are super giftable for the cat owner who loves sleep and comfort – just like a cat!

Photo: Shopbop

Black Cat Statue

How magical and cute is this handmade sleeping kitty statue?

black cat statue gift
Photo: Etsy

Expensive Black Cat Gifts

Perci Pullover Sweater

A chic and comfy sweater with black felines made with mid-weight knit.

Photo: Shopbop

Lila Pajama Set – Olivia von Halle

If a luxury gift for black cat lovers is what you want, then this stunning, 100% silk pajama set is just perfect.

silk pajamas black cat
Photo: Shopbop

Mimi Robe – Olivia von Halle

Another luxury Egyptian cat from Olivia von Halle in a stunning robe.

olivia von halle chic black cat robe
Photo: Shopbop

Nerone Cat Black Ring – Chic Pig

Nerone is a cute and mysterious black cat who likes tarot and magic. This beautiful and unique piece is handmade in Italy and made of 18k gold plated brass.

black cat ring
Photo: Wolf&Badger

Cat Bag in Black – Imesmeri

For the chic, sassy, and minimalist black cat lover in your life, this stunning shoulder bag is handmade in Istambul and handcrafted with 100% calfskin leather.

black cat bag gift
Photo: Wolf&Badger

Pursuit Cat Slides- Gucci

Gucci Sliders are a symbol of cool and chic, so, if you have a modern friend who is into fancy and fashion stuff, this one is purrrrfect.

gucci black cat sliders
Photo: Saks Fifth Avenue

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Cat Whistle Necklace – Naimah

If you want a very symbolic gift that tells a story, this Whistle necklace charm pendant in 925 sterling silver, 18K gold vermeil featuring goddess Bastet is perfect. ¨Basted was a goddess of cats, the sun, of the East, of fire, of love, intoxication, music and dancing, joy, celebration, fertility, secrets, magic, and sex in ancient Egypt.¨ How powerful is that?

Black Panther Cat Feline gift
Photo: Naimah

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