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Over a month ago my fiancé told me: “I wanna buy 2 cow skin poufs and I couldn’t find a post on The Mood Guide about it”. First, I love that he trusts my work methodology and finds my curatorship helpful since we have opposite tastes for interior design. And second, what he was actually looking for were two cowhide ottomans or poufs.

And here are his requirements. A cowhide ottoman that he could move easily, so not super heavy. But also a sturdy pouf to double as an occasional stool in the closet and keep its shape. Plus it could be round, square, cube as long as it serves as a footstool for us, an extra seat for guests, or a sporadic side table for entertaining. Finally, the chosen cowhide pouf must have the best quality and most beautiful leather because he will be looking at it every day, of course, and we prefer to have fewer things that will last longer (he still has nice clothes and decor from when he lived in Paris 15 years ago!).

Easy, right? Honestly, I found way fewer good options than I’m used to, and that’s why it took me so much time. So, after a few weeks of thorough research, reviews reading, and debate (I wanted a neutral cowhide color, like beige or grey while he wanted a screaming brown cow in all of its picturesque glory), we narrowed it down to a list of the best 5 so he could sleep on it for days (yeah, no impulse buying) and choose the perfect cowhide pouf.

So here is the list with the top 5 best cowhide ottomans and poufs we searched online, including the chosen one plus a bonus track with my favorite (that has nothing to do with the requirements!).

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Our Top 5 Cowhide Ottomans & Poufs + My Favorite

100% Brazilian Genuine Cowhide Square Pouf Ottomans, at Etsy

16.5 Width x 17″ Height | Natural Brazilian Leather

100% Brazilian Genuine Cowhide Square Pouf Ottoman, at Etsy
? Etsy

Here’s the cowhide pouf that my fiance chose! That’s a picture from the store website. The reviews are great for all of his requirements + fast shipping, reliable seller, and fair price. Also, because it’s genuine natural leather, each piece is unique, but they have different colors, of course, so you can get in contact with the seller about your preferred color scheme and they accommodate it according to the inventory.

Brazilian leather is very high-quality. Along with the USA, Brazil is the largest beef cattle producer in the World and they’ve been mastering the art of working with leather for centuries.

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Square Beige Cowhide Pouf Ottoman , by Le-Coterie at One Kings Lane

18″W x 18″D x 18″H | Genuine Brazilian Leather | Made in USA

waterfall Square Beige Cowhide Pouf Ottoman , by Le-Coterie at One Kings Lane
? One Kings Lane

Isn’t this pouf stunning? First, it’s a square of perfect proportions, which would be perfect for the closet. Second, it’s a sturdy frame, made of hardwood. Third, it is made in the USA using genuine premium Brazilian leather. And last, but not least it’s so beautiful and neutral!

My fiance’s first veto was the color, of course. And he combined it with the price, so he had 2 no-nos against this harmonious pouf.

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Round Cowhide Ottomans, at Room & Board

3 different sizes | 3 different colors | Brindle | Made in USA, Texas

? Room & Board
from $499 each

During our search, we leaned towards cube poufs and realized that we wanted a square piece. But this round ottoman was a contender for a while because it was available in 3 different colors, from the neutral beige to the happy cow, and in 3 different sizes. So, in terms of options, it was great!

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Cube Stitched Cowhide Ottoman , at Zin Home

16″W x 16″D x 16″H | Genuine Leather

Cube Stitched Cowhide Ottoman , at Zin Home
? Zin Home

This hair-on-hide pouf was almost a runner-up. My fiance loved it, of course, for all of its cow splendor. I like that it has a solid wood frame and outward dark walnut legs.

So, my veto was on the design. The stitched quadrants plus the intense cow print were too much information for me.

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Grey Cowhide Pouf , at CB2

18″W x 18″D x 14″H | Genuine Leather | Made in India

Grey Cowhide Pouf , at CB2
? CB2

For a brief second my fiance considered this pouf out of convenience. He doesn’t like to buy furniture online and have to wait, so he prefers shopping at brick and mortar stores to carry the piece home with him whenever it’s possible, of course.

We like CB2, and this is a beautiful grey pouf, but it doesn’t have a solid frame, which would make it impossible to use as a stool for the closet. Also, it’s a bit bigger than what he wants.

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Neutral Modern Hair-On-Hide Ottoman, at Arhaus

18″W x 18″D x 14″H | Genuine Leather | Made in USA, North Carolina

Neutral Modern Hair-On-Hide Ottoman, at Arhaus
? Arhaus

And last, but not least, my ultimate favorite, completely out of my fiance’s requisites! It’s too big for the closet and not appropriate to move at all, but well, here it is!

As you can see, it fits all of my requirements. It’s made in the USA by skilled craftsmen in North Carolina. It has a sturdy structure from solid, cross-directional hardwood and beautiful metal legs. Finally, it has this neutral, but eye-catching natural undyed hair-on-hide.

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