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Squirrel-themed gifts are not the most common kind of gifts someone would think about. And this is why they are an amazing gift option for any free-spirited person who loves the woods and their cute animals. Squirrels are fun and joyful little creatures who are into work and play. Encouraging someone to carry their positive symbolism in form of jewelry or in the home decor by giving them a squirrel inspired gift is a great way to show your love.

Forest and woodland animals are just cute and magical. Maybe because they are part of our imagination since we are kids from movies like Snow White, Bambi, and Sleeping Beauty, or maybe because of the intricate beauty, mystery, and freedom that we feel when we wonder and breathe through the forest.

So, here is a list of nice and aesthetic gifts inspired by these lovely super busy, and alert bushy-tailed rodents. There are hundreds of squirrel gifts on the internet, but just a few that really stands out for invoking the mysteries of the woods.

?️ Squirrel is a good luck omen. According to some beliefs, if you see one, it brings luck!

Fable Enemel Red Squirrel Bangle – Fable England

This British brand is the ultimate Enchanted Woodland Dream. The Aesthetic from their Instagram is perfect and so creative. Luckily we can purchase Fable England stunning squirrel jewelry at Wolf & Badger.

Squirrel Gift
Photo: Wolf&Badger

Fable Enamel Red Squirrel Earrings

Had to feature two pieces from Fable England because they are just too stunning. Impossible not to impress a red squirrel lover with one of these super giftable and dainty jewelry.

squirrels earrings gifts
Photo: Wolf&Badger
red squirrel cute gift
Squirrel Earrings, necklace, and pin @fableengland
red squirrel gift
Red squirrel bangle @fablengland

Sandy the Squirrel Dish Towel – Anthropologie

A playful dish towel illustrated with a cute and playful creature. A pretty, useful, and affordable gift for squirrel and fall lovers.

squirrel themed  kitchen towel gift
Photo: Anthropologie

Penny Squirrel Door Knocker – Anthropologie

Squirrels are also very sociable little creatures. Having one to guard a door and invoke their communication and sociability symbolism for a house entrance is a great idea for a gift too.

squirrel door knob
Photo: Anthropologie

Terracotta Squirrel Figurine Beige – Opalhouse™ designed with Jungalow™

This stunning little dude will bring a bohemian and authentic vibes to any enviroment.

woodland squirrel gift
Photo: Target
boho kitchen decor with squirrel
Photo: Target
playful squirrel gift decor
Photo: Target

Anatomy of a Squirrel Wall Clock

A gift for that friend who, like a squirrel, is always on a rush.

clock funny squirrel gift
Photo: Society6

Squirrel Gift Mug – Martha Stewart Collection

Everybody loves a cute and themed mug.

mug squirrel gift
Photo: Macys

Squirrel Platter – Martha Stewart Collection

If you want a whimsical yet stylish gift, this handpainted dishware is perfect.

squirrel plate
Photo: Macys

Various Squirrels Print – Stanly Print House

Beautiful print for squirrels and chumpkins fans.

squirrels print gift
Photo: Wolf&Badger

Squirrels & Blooms – Ochre Carry-All Pouch

Carry all pouches are perfect for traveling, makeup, accessories and carring documents.

cute squirrel gift
Photo: Society6

‘Forest’ Wool Mule Slipper – Acorn

This Squirrel slippers is the comfiest gift from this article. Made with soft wool, you can reealy feel the forest coziness with them.

Photo: Nordstrom

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Squirrel Pitcher

A whimsical and charming pitcher made of Borosilicate glass.

Squirrel Pitcher
Photo: Terrain

Sunny Squirrel Ceramic Table Lamp – Safavieh

This squirrel inspired table-lamp in green is one of the most unique squirrel gifts in this list. It makes room feel a bit more like an enchanted forest.

squirrel lamp
Photo: Sacks 5th Avenue

Squirrel Autumn Cutting Board

Woodland -cottagecore vibes in a cutting board to add some magic to any kitchen.

squirrel cutting board
Photo: Society6

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