A cottagecore kitchen must tell a story of inner peace and connection to nature. A sacred space where you feel inspired to home-bake a cake and decorate with the flowers you grow in your garden, connecting your senses to the flavor of the bright and green spices and their pleasant aromas.

I’ve been trying hard to make this blog useful and not “pollute” the internet with useless and repetitive content. Of course, each content creator has a different perspective on the same topic and will appeal to various audiences, even so, as a person in the creative field, I care about delivering as little creativity as possible in the articles I write.

🍄 How To Embrace The Cottagecore Aesthetic To Live a Brighter & Sweeter Life

Therefore, for this post, in addition to explaining the basics of what cottagecore is and bringing some references from real kitchens, as I do in this post about cottagecore decor ideas and this one about cottagecore bedroom ideas, I created some original ideas, organized by themes and type of decoration, how to combine materials, colors, objects and wallpapers.

Cottagecore aesthetic in interior design

Any place decorated with the cottagecore aesthetics is a reminder to disconnect from the modern day and feel closer to the simplicity of a rural lifestyle. Below are some key elements of the cottagecore visuals that are an extension of what it symbolically represents, and will guide you towards a more authentic life that makes sense to you.

🍰 The cottagecore aesthetic and lifestyle: a quick reminder

  • Wake up and smell the roses while wearing a light-as-air dress, watching the sunrise, holding a warm vintage cup of floral tea, and smelling the fresh-baked bread in the kitchen.
  • Antique elements that resemble a travel in time, from the outfit to the hairstyle.
  • Cozy and rustic atmosphere evokes the countryside’s simplistic feel.
  • Fresh air is always appreciated, so the life outdoors and a house where the fresh air can come in is important.
  • Cottagecore is cute! This aesthetic’s mandatory cuteness element differentiates a cottagecore from a farmhouse decor.

🍓 Common elements of the cottagecore kitchen decor & kitchenware:

  • Vintage floral tea sets.
  • Antique copper cookware.
  • Mushroom-inspired decor items, like mugs, plates and prints on the wall.
  • Large windows with sunlight.
  • Vintage and antique furniture, like kitchen cabinets, wooden open shelving displaying glass jars, ceramics, tea sets and spices.
  • Fresh flowers.
  • Ceramic and vintage cookware and kitchenware.
  • Vintage China and Tableware.
  • Lace, gingham, check, and florals in the fabrics, curtains and decoration, like tablecloths and tea towels.
  • Windows with sunlight and decorated with plants or herbs on the windowsill to add the greenery and freshness of nature indoors.
  • Wooden utensils like cutting boards and vintage farmhouse-inspired storage items, like bread boxes and utensil holders.
  • Wicker baskets for storage or organization.
  • Retro kitchen appliances. Smeg fridge and toast maker is a favorite in cottagecore kitchens.
  • Spices like cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper, and cove, are visible and stored on cute vintage glasses to add some fresh addition to your kitchen experiments of love.
  • Mushrooms, strawberries, wildflowers, bunnies, raccoons, foxes, frogs, baby ducks and pretty much everything cute from the woodlands, farm and enchanted gardens can be used to add to the whimsical nature-inspired mood of the decoration.

Cottagecore Kitchen Ideas by Style:

Altough everything related to cottagecore decorating resamples simplicity, nature and romanticizing life in nature, there are a few different styles within the cottagecore aesthetic.

Below, I will list the kitchen ideas organized by these styles, with tips on how to make the most of them: If you are a romantic and gilry person, or if you are a classic vintage soul, or if the mistery of the woodlands appeals to you, or you are a farmgirl who wants ducks and cows in your kitchen decor, you will have the cottagecore kitchen examples organized below.

🕯 Vintage Cottagecore Kitchen

The 3rd season of Bridgerton is around the corner, so I decided to start with vintage Cottagecore Kitchen ideas like a Bridgerton meets Jane Austen type of cook space. It is feminine, without exaggerating pinks and laces, with a simple living vibe and a cozy neutral mood reflecting a muted and slow fall and winter feeling.

📷 Instagram / @thegirlwiththegreenbow

Details that makes the difference in a vintage cottagecore kitchen:

  • Linen and woods
  • Lovely dish sets combined
  • Vintage botanical art of fruits, spices or mushrooms
  • Vintage candles, utensils and appliaces.
  • simple light wooden shelves
📷 Instagram / @thegirlwiththegreenbow
📷 Instagram / @thegirlwiththegreenbow
📷 Instagram / @thegirlwiththegreenbow
  • All beige, wood and white palette
  • Aged utensils
  • Brass tap
  • Beige gingham details evoke the cottagecore aesthetic.
  • Delicate linen curtains

📷 Instagram / @lenas_vintage_home
📷 Instagram / @lenas_vintage_home
📷 Instagram / @thegirlwiththegreenbow

Here are some ideas I have created with AI because I missed the potential of vintage mushroom art in the kitchen examples I found online, so I made some.

One very nice thing about AI is the possibility to visualize crazy ideas we might have in mind. Although it does not value artistic tools like pencils and brushes, it does allow the most powerful tool of all to become free if you are not skilled in the art: the imagination.

🌸 Girly Romantic Cottagecore Kitchen

The good old Shabby chic cottage is the girly romantic cottagecore kitchen aesthetic is about. Extra elements such as checked. See below how to make a Girly romantic cottagecore kitchen

Mint green and pink are a classic 2012 Pinterest aesthetic when it comes to girly vintage or retro decoration. The yellow pops of color and ceramic vintage plates add a cottagecore chart to the space.

📷 Instagram / @cottageonwynn
📷 Instagram / @jamesandlolosgigi
📷 Instagram / @tudorrosecottage

Details that make the difference in a girly cottagecore kitchen:

  • decorate the walls with vintage ceramic plates:
  • adorable cupboards with vintage china treasures sit on DIY lace trimmed shelves for a sweet touch that makes the difference
📷 Instagram / @jenniferhayslip
📷 Instagram / @jamesandlolosgigi

🌸 New botanical Pink Cottagecore kitchen ideas:

So, I imagined a feel Girly cottagecore kitchen that are not so shabby chic. I asked AI for botanical wallpapers and decoupage in a pink kitchen that could combine farmhouse and modern vibes. I loved the pink marble effect on this!

✦ Best etsy shops to find vintage ceramic plates:

🌙 Dark Cottagecore Kitchen

📷 Instagram / @myhouseismycastle

🥞 Farmhouse Cottagecore Kitchen

Charming and cozy romantic take on the rustic farmhouse. This kitchen is about embracing the atmosphere of farm life with decoration items like:

  • cozy and homely warm light
  • brick backsplash or brick walls
  • farmhouse sink
  • Farmhouse vintage utensil
  • hanging dried herbs.
📷 Instagram / @janesarah1_home_and_family_
📷 Instagram / @koeklilian
📷 Instagram / @janesarah1_home_and_family_
📷 Instagram / @frenchflairfarmhouse_
📷 Instagram / @frenchflairfarmhouse_

🍓 Details that make the difference:

  • Hanging cookware
  • white brick wall
  • chair skirt with frills
  • exposed farm elements, like eggs, carrots, rooster sculpture, and flowers.
  • red checked table towels and teatowels that resemble the classic vintage picnic blanket.
  • Window cute botanical vintage valance above the farmhouse sink.
📷 Instagram / @frenchflairfarmhouse_

Below, we have a fun mix of vintage and modern cottagecore farm kitchens: The details that make the difference are:

  • Bright color to the traditional items, like the yellow vintage bread box and colorful cookbooks gives the perfect springtime vibes.
  • The cottagecore check is here, but instead of the traditional pastel or red from cottagecore, they come in a modern black and white. This captivating collection is from MacKenzie Childs.
  • The cute birdhouse is a detail that sets the tone and displays the message of “here we love nature” in the decoration.
  • The iron basket is a vintage simple storage alternative that contrasts with all the modern joy and happiness of colors and natural light in this kitchen
📷 Instagram / @goldenboysandme
📷 Instagram / @goldenboysandme
📷 Instagram / @goldenboysandme
📷 Instagram / @number131

🦊 Woodland cottagecore kitchen

Woodland is one of the most popular themes within the cottagecore aesthetic, yet I couldn’t find real kitchens with this vibe. So, below are some ideas that I have made with AI for a deep dive into the mystery woods in your kitchen.

🌼 Modern Cottagecore Kitchen

📷 Instagram / @akindofhome
📷 Instagram / zoes_colourful_interiors
📷 Instagram / zoes_colourful_interiors

Classic cottagecore kitchen:

Red and green are a classy cottagecore color combination that evokes a joyful mood that matches the vibes of every season.

📷 Instagram / @spruceridge_vintage
📷 Instagram / @stefy_skin_home
📷 Instagram / @lella_life_photography
📷 Instagram / @lella_life_photography
📷 Instagram / @lella_life_photography
📷 Instagram / @lella_life_photography
📷 Instagram / spruceridge_vintage
📷 Instagram / @lella_life_photography

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