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The Cutest Afternoon Tea Essentials IN THIS ARTICLE

Dear reader, I am not Lady Whistledown, but I cordially invite you to the “make your dreams come true season“! The year is 1821. She, who woke up feeling blue, chose to cheer herself up with something that speaks to her soul. She can’t afford the best London Afternoon Tea, she is not a Bridgerton sister after all. But, she is wise enough to know that being nice to herself is the ultimate elegant act. So she put on her daintiest floral dress and she is making an afternoon tea at home for herself. Very simple. A few yummy fresh strawberries, a piece of cake, french tea to relax, and some flowers.

Through a lovely white window, framed with ruffled floral curtains, she looks at the blossoming garden of fresh roses. Their sweet smell mixes with the soothing scent of the planted lavender that is carried by a gentle breeze. In her shabby chic kitchen, she can hear her cute tea kettle that whistles gently on top of the woodstove, composing a perfect symphony with the burning logs.

Her favorite antique teacup, a gift from her beloved long gone grandma, awaits. As she looks at her own reflex on the window, she smiles. She smiles because she knows her happiness is in her hands and she is the one to take good care of her soul. She created her paradise.

01. Creating your Bridgerton Aesthetic

Now, the year is 2021. And she is you. Maybe you don’t have a blossoming garden of fresh roses, (who does, anyway?). I also don’t have Julia Quinn’s writing talent, but that doesn’t prevent me from writing and dreaming! What I mean is: your joy is in your hands. You can always choose to make things that speak to your heart. Maybe not all day, not every day, but something you can do!

What inspired me to do this post (besides my own Bridgerton obsession) was a comment on a beautiful vintage Instagram page that said: I wish I could live in your aesthetic. That got me thinking: why not?

Allow yourself to create your own dreamscape.

Therefore we aim to encourage you to take whichever elements of a formal elegant afternoon tea you like, and include it in your life, in any way it suits your moment, your wallet, and your mood!

02. Preparing your Drawing Room

Some of us are always saving our best things for special occasions. The expensive La Mer for the night before the party or the special dinnerware for special visits. It’s as if we were often waiting for the queen’s approval or the invitation to the ball. There is nothing wrong with celebrating special moments. However, we can create special moments for ourselves and we don’t have to wait for an audience or approval.

I cordially invite you to throw a tea party for yourself. Put to use the best finest things you have at home. And if all you have is plastic mugs be proud of them as well!

What really matters is how it makes you feel. The fact that you can heat up some water, pour it over some loose leaves, fix some cute snacks, and allow it to change your mood is fascinating.

03. Vintage Style Teacups & Tea Sets

Royal Albert Teacup & Saucer – $35.00

Royal Albert Teacup & Saucer  AFTERNOON TEA essentials
Photo Courtesy of Wedgwood

Made of Bone China, the dishwasher-safe Royal Albert tea sets are invited for every ball!

I fear not to say that this shall be the chosen one to join you this season!

Aynsley China Vintage Teacup Set – $156.00

Aynsley China Vintage Teacup Set   afternoon tea
Photo Courtesy of Macy’s

Every time Portia and Violet have tea in my head, that’s the tea set they use!

Made of fine china, the set of 4 vintage teacups comes in yellow Fearthington and blue Bridgerton. And yes, I am living in the Regency Era now and I’m proud of it!

Personalised Glass Teacup – $18.00

Personalised Glass Teacup

This hand-engraved glass teacup and saucer is made by a wonderful British artist. She created a small business with the purpose of spreading words of kindness to people everywhere.

We are all in for women, small businesses, and words of kindness, so this is the perfect treat to wake up (or indulge) your inner Duchess of Hastings.

Royal Albert Tea for One Set – $90.00

Royal Albert Tea for One Set
Photo Courtesy of Wedgwood

Let’s say you are more in the Bridgerton mood than in the Featherington mood, you will certainly rejoice this lovely light blue tea for one set

Following the Royal Albert tradition, this set is made of bone China and is your second best company for the season!

Juliska Tea for One Set – $125.00

Juliska Tea for One Set
Photo Courtesy of Bloomingdale’s

This lovely ceramic tea set for one comes from the distant Kingdon of Portugal.

Definitely, a set Lady Violet would have in her chambers!

Lenox Butterfly Meadow Set – $79.00 – $125.00

Lenox Butterfly Meadow Set
Photo Courtesy of Macy’s

A dainty collection for whimsical afternoon tea around the lake after a promenade

Made of porcelain, the Meadow collection brings spring freshness to any drawing-room!

04. British & French Teas

If you want professional British tips on how to brew the perfect tea, I recommend this Harney & Sons post ! They really know what they are talking about!

What I shall offer you, though, is a delightful recommendation of wonderful British and French teas, that come in elegant packages so your Highness self can indulge in some sips and vintage decor!

English Tea

Well, well, dear reader. Making tea is an ancestral art, cultivated by civilizations all over the world. Because England was an Empire centuries ago, they incorporated this ancient Asian tradition and created their own rituals, being the afternoon tea, one of them. Later, this habit spread across Europe, particularly France until it finally arrived at the new colonies (the Americas, including the USA, a former British Colony).

Fortnum & Mason Rose Tea – $14.05

Fortnum & Mason Rose Tea
Photo Courtesy of Fortnum & Mason

From Fortnum & Mason’s website: “Rose petals are interleaved with the tea as it dries, and a few are left in for decoration, ensuring that the visual appeal matches the flavor. Serve in the afternoon to make the most of its fragrant and delicate taste.

Plus, their website is astonishing, my dear! The second best thing to visiting their London Store! It’s a travel in time to the glory of the Regency Era!

Harney & Sons Royal Palace Tea – $12.95

Harney & Sons Royal Palace Tea
Photo Courtesy of Harney & Sons

From Harney & Sons website: “Royal Palace tea is a lovely blend of black teas, with notes of lemon and grapefruit. Featured in our Historic Royal Palaces Collection in a traditional tin design.”

The can of tea comes with 30 sachets of pure British deliciousness. Indeed, my lady!

Liberty London Can of Tea – $14.00

 Liberty London Can of Tea
Photo Courtesy of Liberty London

I must confess what a pleasant surprise. I am a tea lover and I had no idea Liberty London had a special collection of teas.

The house is very famous for its iconic prints. So, not only you get to enjoy the quality of the tea created by Kingdom Tea Brokers . But you will also have a super cute tin to collect.

From Liberty London’s website: “Liberty’s Heritage Earl Grey tea is made in Somerset from a harmonious blend of black teas, infused with bergamot flavor and cornflower petals.

French Tea

Historically, France and England were at war against each other for centuries!

Fortunately, despite Brexit, there is no more war, but French people don’t take it lightly when it comes to food and, well, the drink is a national British treasure. You can be the judge of this treachery and decide which court you prefer.

Maison Boissier Parisian French Loose Tea – $30.00

Maison Boissier Parisian French Loose Tea
Photography by Bobbi Lin & Ty Mecham

Maison Boissier is a traditional French house, founded in 1827! This lovely tin carries a unique blend of green tea, rose petals, and red fruits! It’s like drinking a cup of the spring breeze!

From Food52 website: “The green tea, Petales de Fleurs (or “Flower Petals”), is, just as the name implies, full of gorgeous flowers, which give this tea an aroma of red and tropical fruits, rose petals, and blueberry.”

Maison Boissier Parisian French Loose Tea – $19.00

Maison Boissier Parisian French Loose Tea
Photo Courtesy of illy

Dear reader, you might ask: why have expensive French chamomile tea when you can have just any chamomile tea? And I answer: because you want to and you deserve it.

Dammann Frère is another traditional French house, specialized in tea and with impeccable taste for luxurious packages.

We are lucky we can find their products at illy website and you can even get a tea subscription. Very royal, indeed!

05. Vintage Teapots and Tea Kettles for Stove

One most definitely may serve tea from a boring electric tea kettle. But one most certainly will feel more amusement from serving it from a beautiful lovely teapot or vintage tea kettle.

You can choose from elegant tea sets or beautiful individual teapots. They sure add the final touch to your Regency Dream!

Royal Albert 3-Piece Tea Set – $165.00

Royal Albert 3-Piece Tea Set
Photo Courtesy of Macy’s

The daintiest vintage tea set in ton.

Made of Bone China, it includes a 42.3-oz. teapot, 5.7″ sugar bowl, 5″ creamer and the most lovely tea times you will ever have!

Mackenzie-Child Tea Kettle – $150.00

Mackenzie-Child Tea Kettle
Photo Courtesy of Bloomingdale’s

If this tea kettle was to be a debutant, it would be Queen Charlotte’s favorite of the season!

It is made of heavy-gauge steel with ceramic glaze and the flowers, inspired by summer English gardens, are hand applied.

Even just looking at it on the stovetop every morning is cheerful!

Lenox Blue Tea Kettle – $86.00

Lenox Blue Tea Kettle
Photo Courtesy of Macy’s

Can you picture the Bridgerton household having tea from another tea kettle?

One must assume this piece was at Lady Violet’s registry.

Haden Vintage Electric Kettle – $79.00

Haden Vintage Electric Kettle
Photo Courtesy of Target

Just because your brain is in the Regency Era, it doesn’t mean you have to operate a wood stove or even a stove!

From the distant Kingdom of Germany, this beautiful cordless vintage electric kettle is the perfect “cheat” to get the retro look with no stovetop hassle.

There is a difference between Afternoon Tea and High Tea. To make it short, Afternoon Tea is the elegant one served in hotels and the noble British tradition from rich people. High Tea was a meal for the working class and it was not fancy at all. For some reason, many people associate the term high tea with fancy and noble. So, if we are to be strict, all the aesthetic you see here is for Afternoon Tea.

In case you wanna be loyal to tradition, the Afternoon Tea Menu consists of Finger sandwiches, sweets (pastries, cakes, or fruits), and scones. The traditional High Tea menu would be a real meal with meat, veal, etc.

Our goal is to create amusement.

If preparing a traditional menu will bring you joy, that’s what you should do. If you are more than happy creating your own menu, that’s what you should do!

As much as we encourage every human (including men) to be capable of basic self-feeding, we also encourage humans to not feel bad if they have the Bridgerton siblings’ kitchen talent!

We selected amazing pastries, cakes, and other deliciousness that you can order to delight yourself!


Therefore, Eloise Bridgerton as we are, we encourage you to challenge the afternoon / high tea menu rules and indulge in whatever pleases you the most!

Aurora Grace Macarons (20 ct) – $45.00

Aurora Grace Macarons (20 ct)
Photo Courtesy of Di Bruno Bros

Macarons are a classic French indulgence and one can’t go wrong with them!

Handmade in Philadelphia, it is the perfect sweet treat to cheer the afternoon!

Gourmet Drizzled Strawberries – $39.99

Gourmet Drizzled Strawberries
Photo Courtesy of Harry & David

Of course, you can have plain strawberries or drizzle them yourself, but if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.

You can gift yourself or a friend in ton with delicious strawberries from Harry & David! Can’t go wrong with them!

Signature Cake Assortment – $14.05

Signature Cake Assortment
Photo Courtesy of Harry & David

From the Harry & David website: “Enjoy the satisfying tastes of dense, moist tea cakes bursting with incredible flavor. The chocolate swirl cake blends together decadent chocolate and vanilla cakes, while the lemon-vanilla blueberry and apple tea cakes are crafted with real fruit pieces. Finally, the banana pecan loaf cake is topped with a sweet cocoa streusel that perfectly complements the rich cake beneath

Or you can bake a wonderful cake, if you love baking!

♥︎ And speaking of baking: The cutest aprons for cooking, baking, and gardening

Charming Serveware, Dinnerware, & Flatware

Royal Albert 3-tier Cake Stand – $85.00

Royal Albert 3-tier Cake Stand
Photo Courtesy of Wedgwood

Can you see yourself drinking a relaxing warm tea from your lovely teacup, cozying up with your blush faux fur throw, nibbling some cupcakes or strawberries from your royal cake stand, and binge-watching Bridgestone? I can and I need this mood in my life right now!

Pink Cake Tea Stand $54.99 $34.99

Pink Cake Tea Stand
Photo Courtesy of Wayfair

This cake stand is so cute I can’t even.

It must be the perfect companion for the ladies who are not interested in fine bone china!

Floral Printed Trays – $65.00 each

Photo Courtesy of Shabby Chic

These trays are an absolute bestseller on the Shabby Chic website. If you’re not familiar with their culture, most products are locally crafted in the USA so she doesn’t have lots of inventory!

The trays are in stock as I write this post, but in case they sell out, sign up for the newsletter to be in the loop when they are back!

Italian Retro Gelato/Desert Bowls (Set of 2) – $100.00

Italian Retro Gelato/Desert Bowls (Set of 2)
Photo by Ty Mecham, Rocky Luten. Courtesy of Food52

One may need a little treat to deal with the Duke’s absence.

The bowls are made in Italy of hand blown glass and are dishwasher safe. Not that my lady must worry about such mundane things.

Vintage Linen Napkin (Set of 4) – $125.00

Vintage Linen Napkin (Set of 4)  loveshackfancy
Photo Courtesy of LOVESHACKFANCY

In case one “spills the tea” in ton, one may need nice napkins to keep it classy.

They measure 22″ x 22″ and are available in 5 different colors.

Feminine Vintage Inspired Cutlery Set (5-piece) – $32.00

Feminine Vintage Inspired Cutlery Set (5-piece)
Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie

One knows the power of a teaspoon, when in the right hands.

Crafted in stainless steel with delicate floral motifs, each set is unique and contains 1 knife, 2 forks, and 2 spoons.

And if you need extra encouragement, just remember THIS? happened over tea!

Update! Who else is having a hard time accepting the Duke’s absence for season 2?

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