Spring is the time when tiny Bumble Bess come to life, spreading their wings and getting to work. So, in honor of these crucial little creatures from nature, I will list bee wallpapers for iPhone. Whether you just love bees and wants to keep a cool cute aesthetic bee wallpaper on your iPhone, or just loves the spring aesthetic, you will probably fin what you want here.

Bees are crucial for the life in this planet, including ours. And their hard team work and dedication are so vital and inspiring, even though they are such little creatures, that even I felt like updating my iPhone screen to a thematic bee wallpaper.

In case you don’t know what I am talking about, with their hard work and dedication, they ensure that the flowers in the fields and the trees in the orchards will be pollinated, helping to bring forth new life and new growth. How spetial is that?

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Of course, queen bees and bumble bees are the most popular and cutest options.

These beautiful aesthetic wallpapers photographs are my favorites.

bee wallpapers aestheitc
aesthetic bee wallpaper for iphone

And these very natural, macro photos will make them really the focus of your phone screen.

real bee wallpaper

But also honeycomb houses make a buzz-worthy wallpaper

bee background wallpaper

Bee Hives are one of the magically perfect creations made by these tireless little beings, and also a great alternative for bee inspired wallpapers.

bee background
bee hive wallpaper iphone background
beehive-wallpaper phone

If super cute bees are more your thing, you might like these illustrations

bee illustration background iphone
cute art bee wallpaper
minimal wallpaper bee

What about this gorgeous botanical wallpaper?

An to finish, these bee wallpaper with quotes are for those who like the thematic background with a message.

yellow bee quote wallpaper iphone
bee honey hive wallpaper

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