Springtime is famous for delicate and colorful flowers, happy birds, and emerging butterflies flitting from flower to flower, sipping their sweet nectar, and spreading pollen from one bloom to the next.

For this reason, butterfly wallpapers for iPhone, with all their vibrant colors and fluttery vibes are popular during this magical and refreshing season.

The butterfly wallpapers for the iPhone below will add a touch of whimsy and inspiration to your phone screen!

One of the great things about butterfly wallpapers is the variety of designs available. From realistic pictures of actual species to whimsical, abstract interpretations and illustrations, there’s a butterfly wallpaper for everyone who loves these little joyful creatures.

About the Butterfly Wallpapers Below:

As a content creator, I have to myself that the internet is sometimes overwhelming, so, if I add more content, it must be original and relevant. It must be useful and outstanding. Therefore, the wallpapers below are a curation that I make of the best free stock photography online. I dig deep on more than 10 sites to select the best ones and organize them here, so you can find the perfect butterfly wallpaper that suits your personality or current mood. I am a graphic designer, so there are also original wallpaper creations that I make with the use of AI and Photoshop. There are also artworks of amazing creators from Instagram, with a link to their profile, therefore I see this type of post as a nice opportunity to feature and give visibility to these talents.

✧ Saving your HD and free wallpaper: Just save the image to your phone and go to your phone settings to define it as a phone screen.

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65 Spring Aesthetic Images That Will Lift Your Mood

1- Minimalist Designs featuring a simple butterfly against a plain background.
Cool black and white images of butterflies.
The Mood Guide
black and grey butterfly wallpaper for iphone
The Mood Guide
The Mood Guide
The Mood Guide
The Mood Guide
2 – Vintage illustrations of butterflies
vintage orange butterflies wallpaper for iphone
Europeana I source
3 – Realistic photos of butterflies in their natural habitats.
Photo: Kourosh Qaffari I Source
Photo: Anxs Pix I Source

4 – Orange Butterfly photography wallpapers.

Photo: Maddy Green I Source
Photo: Dominika Roseclay I Source
Photo: Alex Guillaume I Source

5 – Blue Butterfly Photo Wallpapers
Photo Scott Longerbeam I Source
Photo Jian Xhin I Source
Photo: Andra C Taylor Jr I Source
6 – Butterfly photography on plain background photo wallpaper
Photo José Ignacio García Zajaczkowski I Source
Photo: Joshua J. Cotten I Source
Image Boris Smokrovic I Source
7 – Pink and purple butterfly wallpapers
Photo: Aaron Burden I Source
8 – Cute and cheerful butterfly art and illustration for a vibrant spring vibe.
The Mood Guide
The Mood Guide
The Mood Guide

Aesthetic Butterfly Wallpapers for iPhone

Aesthetic images, with collages and symbolic filters, can add depth and texture to your wallpaper, creating a more visually interesting and dynamic butterfly wallpaper.

✦ If you love aesthetic wallpapers, just check out these 60+ Best Aesthetic Wallpapers for iPhone for Every Mood

9 – Aesthetic Pink Butterfly Wallpapers.
The Mood Guide

Pink Aesthetic Wallpaper Options for your Phone

10 – Aesthetic butterfly wallpapers with glitter have been super trendy since 2020.
aesthetic butterfly wallpaper
The Mood Guide
11 – Blue aesthetic Butterfly Wallpapers are some of the most popular options. There is something so whimsical about translucent and fluttery blue wings, that every time when I get lucky enough to see a blue butterfly, it hits me like a magic sign from the universe.
blue aesthetic butterfly wallpaper minimalist
Photo: Michael Jerrard I Source
vintage aesthetic blue butterfly wallpaper for iphone hd
Photo: Sevil Yeva I Source
12 – Fairycore aesthetic butterflies are also quite popular among aesthetic butterfly wallpapers for iPhone.
gold fairy aesthetic butterfly wallpaper
aesthetic hd butterfly wallpaper iphone
green glittery fairy aesthetic butterfly wallpaper

The fairy-butterfly portrayed in this stunning vintage illustration is perfect if you love the association of butterflies and fairycore

vintage butterfly fairy wallpaper
Art by Apel • les Mestres I Oñós (1905).
13 – Green

Simple Sage Green Aesthetic Wallpapers for iPhone

14 – Orange Aesthetic wallpapers with the classic monarch butterfly and others.
Photo: Sigmund I Source
Photo Shiebi AL I Source
orange butterfly free hd wallpaper background aesthetic
15 – Mystic. The strong association with the meaning of transformation and freedom that comes from butterflies makes them a popular element among witchy and mystical artworks & wallpapers.

The Most Magic Moon Wallpapers For iPhone (Aesthetic & Witchy Backgrounds)

Witchcore: Channeling your Inner Power With the Witch Aesthetic

16 – Purple

purple aesthetic butterfly wallpaper
The Mood Guide
17 – Incorporating butterfly patterns into inspirational aesthetic quotes and affirmations can bring a touch of positivity and transformation to your phone and to your own life.
butterfly aesthetic wallpaper with quote
The Mood Guide

In conclusion, butterfly wallpapers are a beautiful and inspiring addition to any iPhone. Whether you prefer realistic depictions or whimsical designs, there’s a butterfly wallpaper out there that’s perfect for you.

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