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Butterfly, mariposas, monarchs. It doesn’t matter what you call it, Butterfly gifts are an adorable way to surprise someone. Whether the gift receiver is a butterfly lover or not, butterflies are o one of the most symbolic ways to deliver a beautiful message.

A lone and weird caterpillar who transforms into a gorgeous, bright, colorful, and free butterfly after they metamorphose. Butterfly gifts deliver a message of hope, strength, magic, and certainty that positive transformation and change always come.

Butterfly gifts are a good option for people who love animals, insects, nature, fairies, and fairytales, lovely things, been through or are going through a challenging time.

They are also perfect for moms to be or new moms or brides to be since these women are also going through an important phase of growth and transformation.

Check out below unique buterffly-themed gifts for adult butterfly lovers.

Jewelry Butterfly Gifts

Butterfly, woman and jewelry are a perfect match. The 3 are a symbol of feminine beauty, so there is no doubt why butterfly jewelry are such an appealing choice when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for her. Just type butterfly at the search bar from Jennifer Behr’s website and you will see exactly what I mean. I would wear absolutely anything, but their butterfly necklaces just won my heart!

butterfly earing gift

Ella Earrings

These gorgeous earrings feature two butterflies and are engraved with details. Crafted by hand in New York, they are the ideal gift for moms, girlfriends, or women in general with a refined taste for fashion and lovers of elegant accessories.

$160.00 – Jennifer Behr

Ella Earrings. Photo: Shopbop
Brynlee Earrings. Photo: Shopbop
Photo: Shopbop

Brynlee Earrings

Gorgeous crystal butterflies with 24k gold. Made in USA

$293.00 – Elizabeth Cole

Photo: Shopbop

Pippa Necklace

A necklace created to capture the strength, beauty, and resilience of butterflies.

$325.00 – Jennifer Behr

Crystal Butterfly Earrings

A feminine and affordable gift for girly women who love butterflies.

$58.00 – Anthropologie

Fashion butterfly Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect butterfly gift for someone who loves fashion? So don’t worry, because anyone tunned with the latest trends and with authentic style will love the options below.

Photo: Anthropologie

Serpui Amy Butterfly Shoulder Bag

Perfect for summer, and suitable for day and night, this bag comes with an extra minimalist handle that makes it super versatile.

$435.00 – Anthropologie

lia slides pink butterfly gifts
Photo: Shopbop

Lia Slides

Everything from Sophia Webster is an absolutely romantic and aesthetic fairy dream. I can picture Disneys Aurora or Rapunzel wearing everything they make, including these stunning pink butterfly slides.

$225.00 – Sophia Webster

Butterfly Gifts for the Home

These are perfect gifts for friends who love fairytales, fairy aesthetics, and all things from natural and fantastic realms, butterflies in the decoration evoke joyful, ethereal, and natural vibes to the ambiance.

butterfly panel wall art decor gift
Photo: Anthropologie

Butterfly Panel Wall Art

This gorgeous work of art is absolutely rich in details and has the power to bring extra life to any room. For romantic and exuberant friends who like to create an impression.

$358.00 – Anthropologie

Photo: Anthropologie

Melody Butterfly Tieback

A Top 3 favorite from this list, there is a perfection in the details of the butterfly and the delicate branches that make this simple piece unique, magical, chic, and rustic all at once.

$48.00 – Anthropologie

Photo: Princess Polly US

Butterfly Jewelry Dish Green

Affordable, super aesthetic and cute.

$12.00 – Anthropologie

Photo: Shopbop

Belvedere Large Candle

What about providing the butterfly lover in your life the experience of having their home smelling like a fairy garden? Notes of goji berry, ripe mango, and tarocco orange.

$44.00 – L’or de Seraphine

Fairy Aesthetic Guide

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