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Green is the color of nature and calm, so of course that sleeping on sage green bedding, one of the most aesthetically pleasing shades of green, will make us feel like being embraced by nature.

I think we all might agree that a beautiful and comfortable bed set is one of the keys to a great night of sleep. Just by looking at some super comfy beds, we immediately feel a call to snuggle under the blankets with a book and a hot comfy drink. In this post, I will list my favorite and high-quality brands and shops to find fantastic sage green bedding.

What colors go with sage green bedding:

White and beige are the most popular tones to match with sage green bedding due to the calming and tranquilizing mood created by these tones.

Below, I will list wonderful sage green bedding and bedding ideas and the best sage green bedding sets for slow-chic-comfy bedroom vibes.

If your goal is to use white and green to achieve slow and simple vibes, go for linen bedding, but if you want a more luxurious aesthetic, cotton and satin sheets and comforters paired with white and beige tones is a better option.

Monochromatic all-green bedding, mixing the shades of green from light to slightly darker sage green tones like in the first picture below, is one of my favorites!

sage green aesthetic bedroom
Monochromatic Sage Green linen bedding idea by theinteriorsaddict.com
slow natural sage green aesthetic bedroom decoration minimalist
Sage green and beige linen bedding inspiration

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Sage Green Sheet Sets

sage green aesthetic sheets
Photo: The Company Store

Company Cotton™ Sateen Sheet Set

A complete sheet set with silky soft with a luminous sheen. The set comes with fitted shit, flat sheet, and pillowcase (also available individually).

Material: 350-thread count cotton sateen sheet.

Sizes: Twin l Twin XL l Full l Queen l King

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Sage Green Comforter Set

sage Green Comforter
Photo: The Company Store

LaCrosse™ Down Comforter

This ethically sourced and hypoallergenic comforter is perfect for chilly nights and freezing cold days.

Material: 295-thread count premium cotton twill for extra softness

Sizes: Twin l Twin XL l Full l Queen l King

Warmth: Light l Medium l Extra l Ultra

Sage Green Duvet Cover & Blankets

sage green blanket
Photo: The Company Store

LaCrosse™ Down Blanket

This soft and warm blanket will make you feel hugged by trees. Perfect choice for super comfy moments having a green tea and surrounded by a clean and calm atmosphere.

Material: 295-thread count premium cotton twill shell.

Sizes: Full/Queen l King

sage green bedding set
Photo: Urban Outfitters

Palmer Linen Blend Duvet Cover

Slow living vibes are what you will get with this linen-blend duvet cover in sage green.

Material: 64% Lyocell, 23% linen, 13% polyester.

Sizes: Twin/Twin XL l Full/Queen l King

light sage green textured duvet cover
Photo: Urban Outfitters

Clementine Seersucker Duvet Cover

For a slightly cooler and bohemian vibe to your comfy nights, this textured, light sage green duvet cover is a good option.

Material: cotton

Sizes: Twin/Twin XL l Full/Queen l King

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Throw pillows, Pillows, Pillowcases and Shams

sage green sateen sham
Photo: The Company Store

Company Cotton™ Sateen Sham

Buttery-soft to the touch Sateen sham that serves as a luxurious accent in a beautifully set bed.

Material: soft, long-staple 100% combed cotton. 350-thread count

Sizes: Standard l King l Euro

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