How often do you watch recipe tutorials or scrolls only for the pure pleasure of watching it without ever doing a single recipe? As much as I love to cook from scratch and I take it as self-care, I have zero artistic talent to put together aesthetic dishes. But getting lost in beautiful food pictures feeds my soul somehow. I get easily driven by the storytelling and the mood. Above all, I admire people with talents that I don’t have! So, in this post, I put together some of my favorite aesthetic food Insta and blogs from very talented and gifted photographers and cooks with all sizes of audiences.

I hope it feeds your mind with beautiful things and maybe inspires you to adventure in the kitchen.

Aesthetic Food Inspiration

01. @foodie_renee, Food video & photography | Creating recipes & stories.

Renee is as good of a cook as a photographer, so you have the most aesthetic photos and videos of food, cakes, and dessert. A person who can make a bread load aesthetic and appealing deserves our admiration. On her blog, she shares a few recipes, in case you get super inspired.

02. @marissamakes__, Food Photographer | Stylist | Recipe Developer

More than a skillful recipe developer and talented photographer, Marissa is a gifted and sensitive storyteller. Whether you dive into her Insta or her blog you’ll be taken into a fairytale world of senses. Her blog brings detailed recipes with aesthetic pictures of the entire process, just like the good old days. Marissa is from Berkley and she focuses on real food, from farm to table. She creates recipes that nourish the body and images that nourish the soul. It’s a heartwarming intentional work of art and love.

03. @storyonaplate_kristinasmodila, Recipes | Food styling | Photography

If you’re interested in some international inspiration, Kristina is from Eslovenia and both her Instagram and blog are delightful. I love the way she gives recipes on her blog, it’s very organized and easy to understand. Also, her original Insta was hacked (why do people do it, seriously?), so she started a new one from scratch. Lucky us because she is an artist!

04. @violaminerva, Nordic Creative | Photography | Videography | Graphic Design

If you’re into the Nordic and Scandinavian aesthetic, you’ll love Viola’s Instagram and website. Her photographs are a soothing trip to dreamland, which is inspiring by itself. But her recipes, tho, are absolutely breathtaking and easy to follow.

05. @santo.babi, Food Photography

Continuing in international waters, now with some German inspiration. Babi’s Instagram is all about indulgences, so you’ll find mouthwatering pictures of pastries, loaves, and baked goods.

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06. @turkuazkitchen, Baker | Food Photographer | Recipe Developer

This is the most famous Insta o this list, with over 4 million followers, so it’s very likely that you follow her! But in case you’re just starting in the food Insta game, Betül will take you on a travel back in time. She has aesthetic food photos, of course. But she makes viral reeds (shot videos) with a vintage aesthetic, soothing soundtrack, and antique baking and cooking techniques. Everything from scratch, wholesome, 10/10 comfort food. And for every photo or video, she gives a detailed recipe with ingredients and instructions.

When it comes to home cooking I’m completely biased. Like most women in my generation, I grew up considering cooking a waste of time and an inferior task. As an adult, I wanted to focus on my career and make so much money that I’d never have to cook for myself. I’d only eat at restaurants and do takeout. It wasn’t until a decade ago that I started having serious gut issues. And after years of denial, and failed traditional treatments attempt with doctors and medicine I accepted that what I was eating was killing me. It took me a long time to make peace with the fact that I’d have to start cooking for myself in order to feel better. There was no shortcut or quick fix to clean my body and mind from years of eating highly processed “food”.

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