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Rattan, woven or wicker, large or small. With lids or not. There are so many types of bread bags and storage available to make decorative yet simple tables.

Pretty and slow breakfasts really fill my soul with happiness. Slowing down and experiencing to the fullest the textures, flavors, smells, and colors of warm and crunchy bread with jam combined with a nice cup of hot coffee makes me feel grateful and start the day with a more positive approach.

You don’t need to be a countryside girl to appreciate the serenity of a delectable breakfast on a quiet morning before the rush of the world begins. Heavenly mornings, with a window that allows the sun to break through and illuminate the magic of the moment, or the rain dancing its refreshing song is magical.

My passion for this cozy and slow mood is the reason why I couldn’t resist curating the most lovely bread bags and boxes to make your slow mornings more visually pleasing and organized.

Whether you need them as storage or just for an aesthetically pleasing display of your homemade bread, the bread bags and boxes below will work both ways.

There are a few types of bread storage containers, from loaf bread linen bags to vintage boxes. Below I will list the main options for an aesthetically pleasing and functional breakfast table setting.

Linen Bread Bags

Linen bread bags are a perfect and breathable replacement for plastic grocery bags. Since they are all reusable, you can bring them to the bakery or grocery shop and avoid some paper or plastic waste. Linen is also one of the best ways to store bakery since it allows air flow.

natural linene bread bag
Photo: Etsy

Natural linen bread bag

Available in 6 different colors and 7 different sizes, this eco-friendly handmade linen bread with ties is super practical. Whether you want a small bag to set a pretty table or a large one to carry bread to a picnic, this one works fine.

$2.10+ – RPLinen

printed linen bread bag sustainable aesthetic
Photo: Magic Linen

Printed linen bread bag

The printed ¨bread¨ logo gives an extra charm to this super aesthetic and sustainable natural 100&% linen made from European Flax brand bag.

$19.00 – MagicLinen

linen bread bag sustainable aesthetic
Photo: Etsy

Reusable linen bag

Available in 14 colors and 7 sizes, these gorgeous 100% linen bags are not just perfect to keep bread fresh and protected, but they also can be used as laundry, nuts, or herbs bags. Made in Lithuania.

$9.58+ – HomeLinenLT

Reusable linen Bag l Home LinenLT l Photo Etsy
Double Layered Plaid Bag l Sava Seasons l Etsy
large linen bread bag
Photo: Etsy

Double Layered Plaid Bakery Bag

Ideal for those who want large, pure linen bred bag with strings. Available in medium and large sizes.

$14.60+ – SavaSeasons

Paper Bread Bags

slow living aesthetic bread bags
Photo: Food52

Uashmama Bread Bag & Terracotta Bread Warmer

If you want a bred storage that is not just aesthetically pleasing but it is ¨something else¨, you just found it. Made in Italy from washable paper, this bag comes with a terracotta plate inside that’ll help yesterday’s dinner rolls taste like they just came out of the oven.

$40.00 – $53.00 – Food52

paper bread bag slow living aesthetic
Uashmama Bread Bag l Food52
Photo: Etsy

Multi-purpose, washable paper kitchen storage bag

This eco-friendly bag is 100% recyclable. The material used is Tyvek. Its texture is very much like paper, but stronger, waterproof and tear-resistant.

$22.73+ –Loopa

Bread Box

The bread containers below are for those who like more storage space and a slightly chic design.

Photo: Food52

Recycled Tierra Bread Box

Available in 3 colors, this bread box is the perfect decorative accent for a minimal and rustic kitchen. They are sustainably made from recycled plastic water bottles and bamboo lids that double as a cutting board. Made in Italy

$78.00 – Food52

large recycled bread box aesthetic breakfast slow living baboo lid
Food52 l Recycled Tierra Bread Box
white minimal bread box slow living aesthetic
Food52 l Nic Bread Box
food 52 large bread box
Photo: Food52

Nic Bread Box

This roomy and elegant bread box fits 3 loaves of bread and its bamboo lid also doubles as a serving and cutting board.

$75.00 – Food52

vintage wicker bread box basket farmhouse aesthetic cottagecore
Photo: Etsy

Wicker farmhouse bread box with lid

A vintage dream, this round wicker bread box/basket is the most lovely accent for a romantic farmhouse, cottagecore or shabby chic kitchen.

$85.00 – ByLanaBaskets

Bread Basket

Photo: Etsy

Linen Bread Basket

A small bread basket made from Linen in a selection of colors with a wool blend filling. Super cute and simple basket for timeless kitchens.

$22.00 – BicoEstonica

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