Unique Last-Minute DIY Experience Gifts That Need More Love Than Money Or Skills

Because memories and experiences last forever!

Humans can be driven by many things. But experiences hit everyone’s heart, from the minimalist to the shopaholic, from the joyful to the moody. If you close your eyes and think about the best days of your life, chances are you’ll remember an experience rather than a purchase. All that to say that you can spread the love without breaking the bank. So we gathered a list of meaningful DIY gifts and experiences that require little to zero skills or money. These experience gifts work for mothers’ day, father’s day, Valentine’s, Anniversary, birthdays, Christmas, and even for kids. All you have to do is know a little something about the loved person you wanna gift and invest all your love and best intentions plus the most precious asset of modern life: screen-free time!

Breakfast in Bed

How elaborate your breakfast in bed will depend on your skills in the kitchen. Of course, you can make heart-shaped waffles (in case you have a heart-shaped waffle maker). But you can serve the most perfect cereal bowl with the right milk/cereal ratio and a Whatever you decide to do, make sure you do the dishes and clean the kitchen on the same day, otherwise, the gift will lose 99% of the joy.

Handwritten Appreciation Letter

Have you noticed how often you stop to appreciate your loved ones? For real, in the craziness of daily life, when was the last time you looked deep into your partner/parents/kids’ eyes and expressed gratitude for the amazing things they bring to your life? Maybe it’s obvious to you, but it can mean the world to them. If you don’t like to write, just say it from the heart, but it feels nice to have those feelings stamped on paper.

House chores voucher

No matter who is the main housekeeper in your home or if in your household the chores are fairly split. Anyone will love a free pass on vacuuming or doing the laundry. And you are giving the gift, so you get to set the rules. Just remember to be generous, after all, it’s a gift from the heart!

Home Spa day

Most houses in the US have a bathtub so ⅓ of the work is done. You can prepare a cozy bath (please, make sure you clean the bathtub before). It can be bubbly or have some bath salts, light up some candles to set the mood. But it can be only a bath, with a relaxing playlist, a book, talking about shared dreams, or just leaving them to chill.

Another option is to prepare a body scrub or a face mask. You can make a natural version with items from the kitchen like brown sugar and coffee (I love the recipes from this website helloglow.co) or you can use products from the store.

This is a great idea for a family day experience, including the men and boys in the house, after all, clean and soft skin are genderless.

Sweetest Memories Printed Photo Album

Your imagination is the limit here. You can make a vintage album, only with the printed pictures like we used to do in the past. Or you can create a kind of scrapbook with tender memories or even have it printed like a book. What really matters are the memories that will arise from seeing those long forgotten images.

Playlist With Songs From meaningful moments

It can be a concoction of the songs from your most memorable trip together, the soundtrack of your favorite movies, the wedding songs, their favorite bands, or the first concert you’ve been to together. Just let your heart speak.


Foot massage, back massage, hand massage. It can be about the technique, but it’s mostly about the connection, the energy exchange, and the love through the effort.

Deep Car Cleaning

This is highly self-explanatory, right? Just grab that vacuum, water, and car shampoo and dig deep into the mess inside and outside!

Mom’s day off


This is for grandma, aunties, or close friends who already have a connection with the kids and the family, of course. Just call the mom a week before you plan on giving her the gift and set the pick-up and delivery hours. Be open to staying at least 36 hours with the kids, if everyone is comfortable, of course. You’ll give her the gift of sleeping in. That mom will never forget the joy of having over an entire day only for herself without having to attend to anyone else’s needs but herself.

☾ Affiliate Disclosure: The Mood Guide celebrates women’s moods and versatility. Even though we may earn a commission from some of your purchases, we encourage you to shop with the right intention. Focusing your energy on what you feel confident and comfortable in is empowering! ♥︎


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Unique Last-Minute DIY Experience Gifts That Need More Love Than Money Or Skills