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Moving to a brand new house must feel like making the stories in the pages of a great storybook come to life. It is about daydreaming with so many stories, visions, routines, scenarios, colors, and scents – just like in a book – and suddenly making it all become real. So, a housewarming gift is a very unique and special category of gift, since it is also your responsibility to help stage this scenario that was part of someone’s dream for so long.

Your friend or family member is probably over the moon to be moving to a new place that will allow them to create a whole new story for themselves. So, it is not easy to find a gift that will match the house decoration and also be so meaningful. The good news is there is also no big secret to get it right: Find a gift that, just like the name Housewarming implies: makes the environment feels warmer, comfier, coziest, and memorable.

Think about a memorable object that is not only a thing, but a crucial piece of an important story being told. Something that exists in the house to impress the eyes of the news visitors, and awaken the senses and the spirits of the new homeowners.

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What are Good Housewarming Gifts?

When you think about a housewarming gift, remember what makes a good book scene from a comfortable environment description: the scents, the colors, the taste, the sounds, and help your friend to create the most wonderful scenario for the most incredible new story.

Finding a perfect gift for a couple or a friend’s new home is helping them write a new and super important page from their lives, and we hope you can find just what you need with this list.

Housewarming gifts for the scent

If your intention is to give an instant mood booster as a gift, go for something that appeals to the sense of smell, like Scented candles, Essential oils, and incense.

Photo: Etsy

New Home Gift Botanical Candle

Scented candles are something that every new homeowner will love to get. This one is so special because is personalized with your friend’s names and scents! Do your think they have orange and cinnamon warm & spicy vibes or a sweet floral blossom mood? With 12 scents to choose from, you certainly will find the one that feels just like your friends – and their new home -personality.

$23.74+ l Kindred Fires

Photo: Grove Co.

Essential Oil Burner & Tealights Set

Scents can complete the aesthetic of home decoration. For some people, essential oils are also relaxing and mood-improving. A great gift to create an identity through smell to a new home.

$17.95 l Grove Collaborative

Photo: World Market.

Scented Pillow Spray

This pillow mist makes a great gift that will provide moments of mindfulness and calm before bedtime for new homeowners.

$6.39 l World Market

Photo: Vitruvi.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to improve the mood of a space. This ceramic diffuser is a beautiful decoration item and a super high-quality item to make the new homeowners’ new home have their own signature scent.

$119.00 l Vitruvi

Housewarming gifts for the touch

The sense of touch can tell us so much! Hot from cold, smooth from rough, the vibration of stuff, and so on. Through touch, we feel the external world and connect to our own internal world. We can feel freedom when we are touched by the wind and our inner fire awakens when we attend a party by the beach and dance under the sun. So, appealing to the sense of touch when choosing the perfect housewarming gift is about choosing the right fabric and textures: The ones that will invoke the most heartwarming, cozy, and positive feelings when touched by the new house owners.

luxury housewarming gift
Photo: The Citizenry

Celeste Chunky Wool Throw

When we think about sensorial touch experiences, luxury is almost obligatory. The Citizenry offers a big range of stunning and luxurious throw blankets that are the most giftable thing for a luxury, warm new home. The Celeste throw is handwoven in Uruguay and is the ultimate luxuriously soft blanket for those who want something of value and comfortable. I recommend browsing through all their alpaca, chunky wool, and linen throw options too.

$495.00 l The Citizenry

Photo: Parachute

Waffle Robe

Parachute robes are Made from the world’s finest fabrics and inspired by its most luxurious spas. For a snuggly, luxurious housewarming gift, this stunning, unisex robe will make your recipient feel very special and relaxed. Highlight: The waffle robe is well known for its super soft texture.

$95.20 l Parachute

luxury housewarming gift robe
Waffle Robe. Photo: @menzabolamba
luxury robe gift new home
Waffle Robe. Photo: @mesheelll
housewarming gift for friends
Photo: Tushy

Premium Bamboo Toilette Paper

36 rolls of toilette paper as a gift? Well, when they have twice the softness, the most beautiful packaging, are sustainable and affordable, why not? Toilette papers are always useful, and I bet any house owner or guest would be happy to clean their ¨back door¨ with a paper that is claimed to be ¨Soft as a panda’s bottom.¨ Besides, details are everything. A new home deserves quality and beauty in every single corner, including the toilette paper.

$69.00 l Tushy

aesthetic housewarming gift
Photo: Vivaterra

Soap Leaves

As a designer, I might say that I absolutely loved the concept of these little soaps. They are made over the dried and cured lattice-like frame of real manga tree leaves to form individual soaps of unmatched exquisiteness. Each leaf is good for one or two washes and It must feel so good to the touch. So beautiful and a perfect gift for those who like aesthetic gifts!

$12.00 l Vivaterra

Photo: World Market

Botanical Bath And Shower Oil

Although this Provence Beauty Botanical Bath And Shower Oil also come with a big appeal to the sense of scent, shower oils are all about the soothing and relaxing feeling they promote to the skin. I love that these aren’t only made with essential oils but also filled with lovely dried flowers. Available in Eucalyptus, Lavender & Lilac, Jasmine & Rose, and Honeysuckle & White Flowers scents.

$13.59 l World Market

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Housewarming gifts for the sight

Personalized decoration pieces or the right plants are thoughtful and traditional housewarming gifts that will make the space come alive. The shapes and colors in every detail of the house will give that first impression about the story being told in that place.

housewarming gifts for decor
Photo: Etsy

Planter Bookend

I love how this is affordable and also works as 3 gifts in one: A beautiful modern decor piece, a cute plant vase, and a unique functional bookend.

$54.00 l Stakceramics

planter bookend
Planter Bookend: Photo: Etsy
plant for housewarming gift
Photo: Bloomscape

ZZ Plant

Resilient, bright green, indoor plants for housewarming gifts are always a good idea. Plants have life and come with the natural power of making any space feel happier and cleaner. This ZZ plant is actually great as an air cleaner since it removes harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde from the air. This plant makes a great gift because it doesn’t require much water and it is extremely adaptable.

$149.00 + l Bloomscape

housewarming gift for couple
Photo: Anthropologie

Memorable Events Guestbook

Anthropologie has its own amazing list of housewarming gifts. This is my favorite! A beautiful book to collect every special memory that happens in your friend’s new home from day one. A very authentic, useful, and nice gift! Also available in green.

$36.00 l Printworks

cheap housewarming gift
Photo: Villeroy & Boch

Statement Mug

The best message you could give to someone who is starting a brand new chapter of their lives: The Best is Yet to Come.

$25.99 l Villeroy & Boch

personalized housewarming gift for new home owners
Photo: Etsy

House Sketch, Custom Home Illustration

For a unique, personalized gift, this custom home illustration personalized with pen and ink is perfect.

$44.55+ l Letterfest

Housewarming gifts for the ears

Every movie scene is more touching and emotional with a good soundtrack, right? The same happens with the good moments we have in our home. Here is a list of Gifts to add some music to every room of the house or to bring nature sounds.

housewarming blootooth gift
Photo: Urban Outfitters

Marshall Uxbridge Voice With Amazon Alexa Bluetooth Speaker

This compact and beautiful wireless speaker is a super well-rated best seller for the fans of big sound and Alexa users.

$200.00 l Marshall

bluetooth shower
Photo: Urban Outfitters

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This super cute flower-shaped speaker is a cheap and useful gift to improve the shower time experience.

$30.00 l Urban Outfitters

Housewarming gifts for the taste

Few experiences feel better than very good food and drinks. Experimenting with new flavors sometimes feels like traveling to a new joyful and happy world – exactly like moving to a new house. So, here we list high-quality, tasty stuff that is giftable for the new homeowner who loves to cook or appreciate good wine.

housewarming kitchen gift
Photo: Brightland

The Duo Olive Oil

When Olive Oil is described as a ¨nourishing olive oil made for slow days and cozy nights¨ we can already feel the warm and cozy vibes on it even before tasting. Good olive oil makes all difference in a dish, and this creative elixir is not only a pretty package but also an authentic olive oil that comes with absolutely no fillers or artificial preservatives.

$74.00 l Brightland

Photo: @brightland
brightland olive oil
housewarming gift box
Photo: Food52

Cheese Tasting Box

You can pick from 7 different boxes of these wonderful quality cheese made with top-notch milk from a single herd of cows. Perfect gift for a delicious tasting experience among friends or family or couple in the new home.

$50.00 – $200.00 l Jasper Hill Farm

usual wines gift new home owner
Photo: Usual Wines

Usual Wines Club Subscription

An affordable way to taste a glass in different ways -depending on the person’s mood. Highlight: made in small batches from sustainably farmed grapes with no sugar, no additives and minimal intervention.

$8.00 + l Usual Wines

Housewarming gifts for the mind

To homebodies homeowners who like to spend quality, offline time at home with loved ones.

Photo: Food52

Scrabble Deluxe Wooden Board Game

A gift for that homebody friend who likes to enjoy time at home to think and play.

$129.00 WS Game Company

cheap housewarming gifts
Photo: Anthropologie

Modern Dominoes Set

Encourage new homeowners to enjoy time offline with friends in their brand-new home with a simple and beautiful classic domino game.

$22.00 l Printworks

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