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Well, I couldn’t be more excited about creating a post. Although there are many Harry Potter gift guides around the web, I didn’t find any post with Harry Potter gifs for women, so, as a woman obsessed with this universe myself, who spent 10 years of her life finding strength, perspective, identification and magic in life in these books (35 years old Potterhead here – since I am 13), I decided to write this gift guide.

The whole Harry Potter universe is quite gender-neutral, but I believe that there are gifts, in every theme or category, that can be considered more feminine, or like we are more used to saying, ¨for women¨. That doesn’t mean that men can’t buy them, of course.

It is such an absolutely rich universe that I remember, reading the books, that I could actually feel Hogwarts was real. From the house’s characteristics to the detailed classes and charms, everything was so well built and believable. I loved to learn History of Magic, Potions, and Transfiguration, and discover all those artifacts and magic creatures. Everything is so inspiring and creates a deep affective memory in everyone who loves Harry Potter.

So, of course, the plot and mysteries of the books are absolutely amazing, but what made Harry Potter such a success, in my opinion, is how rich that universe was. How real it seemed, and how easy was for all of us to identify with the failures, mistakes, personal challenges, and growth of the characters in those crucial 7 years of a person’s life.

So, I believe that any woman who is also a Potterhead like me would be thrilled to get a Harry Potter gift and feel, with her senses, a bit of all that magic in real life through gorgeous and thoughtful objects.

I organized this post in 2 different ways. One in basic Categories: Fashion, accessories e decor gifts, and another in themes: The Hogwarts houses gifts, the subjects, the magical artifacts, the characters, and the magical creatures. I think this second division is quite interesting and super fun to curate and organize. It is also useful to find something for that Potterhead collector who has everything


We cant make a Harry Potter gift list for women without clothing items. Fall is the perfect cozy time to wear HP-themed stuff and make a friend happy with a cozy outfit inspired by the Wizarding Harry Potter Universe.

Harry Potter™ Snow Scene Organic Loose Fit Pajama Set

Harry Potter Women’s Joggers

Halloween Harry Coffee Sweatshirt,

Accessories & Jewelry

In such a big universe, with details coming from the opulent Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to quotes that we all carry in our hearts, finding feminine accessories for women is not difficult. Below are some of the most stunning and unique for all budgets to impress a fan.

Harry Potter Women’s Silver Plt. “After all this time?…Always” Lariat Bracelet

Wizard Ring

14k Gold Harry Potter™ Mirror of Erised Necklace


Harry Potter decorations are, in my opinion, the coolest type of gift to give and to get. Having little details of this lovely universe at home is like bringing a little bit of Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, The Burrow, and The Diagon Alley magical spirit to your secret nest.

Harry Potter™ Cauldron Planter

Harry Potter Bamboo Candy Bowl Decoration

Harry Potter Tall Stein Mug

Photo: Pottery Barn
harry potter planter decor gift for women
Photo: Pottery Barn

Harry Potter: Harry Potter Hardcover Boxed Set: Books 1-7 (Hardcover)

Harry Potter™ Sculpted Hogwarts™ Bookends

LEGO Harry Potter 71043 Hogwarts Castle (6020 Pieces) Building Kit

The Hogwarts Houses

One of the most appealing parts of the saga: the Hogwarts Houses selection made by the Sorting Hat, where we could feel seen and understood for the first time in the books, by wearing our own imaginary hats and finding a place in a house with students that also had our main characteristics…Although Harry is my favorite Character, I consider myself a Ravenclaw!

Slytherin Gifts

Ambitious, cunning, and resourceful. These are the main characteristics of Slytherins. These outlaws are unapologetic mean, but also brave and loyal to each other. Here are some gift ideas for Slytherin women.

Harry Potter Slytherin Arm Party Bracelet Set

Micro Fit Rib Raglan Lcn Graphic Tee

Slytherin Decorative Goblet

Gryffindor Gifts

Gryffindors are known for their nerve, chivalry, daring, courage, bravery and determination. Here are some gift ideas for the determined Gryffindor woman in your life.

gryffindor gift for woman

Harry Potter™ Hard-Sided Gryffindor™ Carry-on Spinne

gryffindor gift

Harry Potter Gryffindor Premium Scented Candle

Harry Potter Gryffindor Checkered Women’s Cardigan – BoxLunch Exclusive

harry potter beanie gifts for woman

Griffindor ribbed handknit women hat

harry potter scarf gift for woman

Griffindor scarf Striped handknit wool scarf


 The patient, fair, hard-working, and sometimes blandly nice. Hufflepuffs are dreamy, cute, and sweet, as the gifts chosen inspired by this house aesthetic.

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Crest Bucket Hat – BoxLunch Exclusive

Harry Potter Hufflepuff Crest Holiday Sweater – BoxLunch Exclusive

Loyal, Patient, & True Adult Crop T-Shirt


ravenclaw gift for woman

Ravenclaw Phone Cases Custom

PANDORA Ravenclaw School Coat of Arms Harry Partner Friend Family Stopper

ravenclaw mug

Raven House Wizard School Mug

The Subjects & Teachers

Every Potterhead wished they could study Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts instead of geometry when they were 14!

Herbology Gifts

Funko 5 Star: Harry Potter- Harry Potter (Herbology) Vinyl Figure

Girl’s Harry Potter Hogwarts Herbology Graphic Tee Navy Blue X Large

Herbology Medicinal Plant Chart


Harry Potter- Professor McGonagall Statue

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Moment: Transfiguration Class 


Harry Potter: Collectible Quidditch Set

Harry Potter™ Quidditch™ Hoops Jewelry Holder

Harry Potter Quidditch “You’re A Catch” Teardrop Stemless Wine Glass Tumble

The magical artifacts

From the magic Hogwarts letters with purple ink following Harry everywhere and driving the Dursleys crazy, to magical hats and of course, the Marauder’s Map. You can help a friend bring a bit of the magic to their lives with the gift ideas below.

The Hogwarts Letter Gifts:

For that friend who is still waiting for their Hogwarts letter to arrive, you can give him a symbolic and cool version of it.

Harry Potter Letter to Hogwarts Envelope Clutch Bag

Sterling Silver Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Necklace

The marauder’s maps

The Marauder’s plot is something so special in the books. And, of course, the Marauders Map of the Hogwarts Castle is one of the coolest things invented in fantasy novels.

Harry Potter™ Marauder’s Map™ Magic Heat-Sensitive Mug

Harry Potter Marauders Map 16-Piece Ceramic Dinnerware Set | Plates, Bowls, Mugs

Photo: Walmart
Photo: Walmart

Magic Wand

My 3-year-old daughter saw me creating this post and immediately asked me for a wand to cast some spells like Harry Potter! hahaha. I see the wand as a symbol of protection, after all, most of the time they are used with this intent. A nice Harry Potter gift for women if you want to wish them extra personal protection.

Harry Potter Mystery Wand, Series 5

Sterling Silver Harry Potter™ Hermione Granger Wand Necklace

 Custom Wood Wands

Sterling Silver Harry Potter™ Hermione Granger Wand Necklace l Photo: Etsy
Photo: Etsy

Elder Wand

Harry Potter™ Deathly Hallows™ Bluetooth® Speaker

Loungefly Harry Potter Cognac Wand Handbag

The magical Creatures & Fantastic Beasts


Harry Potter & Buckbeak MiniCo Illusion Statue

Harry Potter Take A Bow T-Shirt


POP! Harry Potter- Hedwig Figure

Harry Potter Hedwig Mug

Harry Potter Owl Post Bird Cage Crossbody Bag by Danielle Nicole

The characters

Oh, the characters, they are the soul of these books. I remember that I was a quite lonely teenager and Harry Potter not only made me turn off the real world for a while to breathe escape and have hope but more than that he made me feel understood as I had never felt until then.

All characters had their strengths and their inner challenges to face. Harry felt misunderstood and judged, Neville was bullied, and Ron felt inferior, intimidated e humiliated by his other older brothers, but they all had an inner strength and Gryffindor’s bravery that was being discovered and unlocked through the story. There is also the exceptionally ordinary Luna.. so dreamy and so smart, and Hermione, so systematic but the best friend one would wish for. Draco Malfoy was manipulated by his father to gain his love and is still, he was never enough for Lucius. The most complex and interesting character for me.

Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood Mug and Spoon

Harry Potter™ Spectrespecs Keychains

Wizarding Spectacles | embroidered unisex tie dye t-shirt

The dark side: Dementors & Death Eaters Gifts

There is a constant battle between good and evil in the Harry Potter books. What I love about it is that all this light and dark struggle fight is not just external, but also a deep psychological inner fight that we see in some characters’ development. I am reading everything again in my 30s and now can see all the psychological geniality behind the books, and understand why so many Harry Potter fans love the Dark Arts and the bad guys in the books. So, the Harry Potter gifts below are for women who embrace and accept their shadows because they know that light and shadow walk together.

Harry Potter™ Dementors™ Snowglobe

Harry Potter Voldemort Death Eater Dinnerware Sets , 16-Piece Ceramic Dinner Set

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