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Soft Girl aesthetic, aka soft aesthetic, softcore aesthetic or softie style is an aesthetic that might be confused with cute aesthetic, cutie aesthetic, pastel aesthetic, kawaii aesthetic, preppy aesthetic, and even girly aesthetic due to many common elements among these aesthetics.

But of course, the different names denote subtle differences between these aesthetics, and since our intention with The Mood Guide is not only to find out what your aesthetic is but also to help you find the best things within that particular little world, we tried to define this aesthetic as detailed and specific as possible.

What is the soft girl aesthetic

After an interesting journey through, Pinterest, Tumblr, articles, Instagram, We Heart It, and Wattpad, I came to the conclusion that the soft aesthetic is indeed a mix of a tiny bit of everything cute, pastel, and girly, but softer! This means to take your florals, pastel colors, and pretty in pink aesthetic and add an extra portion of innocent, childish, dreamy, and ethereal moods, symbols, and elements to it.

For example, you may love sweet and pink girly stuff and outfits, but not necessarily is into very childish things such as teddy bears. So, the soft girl aesthetic probably is not your aesthetic. But if you are in the mood to reconnect with your innermost innocent side and show it to the world, then this is your aesthetic.

It’s important to remember that being a soft girl is not about relating the navy aspect of innocence to being dumb or stupid. I actually think that is important to stop this stereotype because is very possible to be super positive, optimistic, dreamy, and attracted to cute and pretty stuff and still be a badass. Think Ariana Grande and Cassie from Euphoria, two great examples of badass ladies with strong Soft Girl aesthetic vibes that create a unique innocent, cute, and a bit childish identity to them.

Photo Courtesy: HBO
Photo Courtesy: Ariana Grande Instagram

Ps: there are other types of soft girl aesthetic, being the dark soft girl the most popular.

Soft Girl aesthetic behavior, personality & How to be Soft.

The Soft girl is usually friendly, loves bears, loves pretty cakes, cries easily, loves sweet/strawberry scents, loves pastels and cute things. ??

Evoking the soft girl mood

For days when you want to reconnect with and support your inner child, wear pastel pink, sleep with a teddy bear and eat a soft strawberry lemon cake for comfort. ??

Soft Girl Outfits

Girly cute and delicate outfits that show an angelic, innocent positivity. Soft clothes in pastel colors like pleated mini skirts, fluffy sweaters, and white cottagecore dresses or nap dresses will get you that softie looks.

@princessmei (shop mint slit skirt and pink sweater below)

Soft Girl Clothes

Below are some of my favorite aesthetic clothes to get in the soft look and feel.

White, gingham and pastels pleated skirts

Pastel colors slit & gigham mini skirt

Cute Sweaters and cardigans

Selkie classic mini puff dress

this pretty in pink puff selkie dress is a classic that makes any girl feel like a lovely, delicate and soft cotton candy

Soft Girl Makeup & Hair

Ultra Gentle on skin beauty Products is what the soft girl deserves to comfort herself while pampering.

soft girl hairstyle
softie aesthetic hair
soft girl makeup and hair

Soft Girl Room

Lovely pretty in pink space to sleep like a little princess doll. Influences of royal core, angelcore, and pink aesthetic with little details that resemble your childhood such as diaries, a teddy bear, and maybe a doll.

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