Angelcore Aesthetic – also known as angelic aesthetic is about reproducing the ethereal, natural and perfect symbology of angels from renaissance and neoclassical art in contemporary images and mood boards. The aesthetic trend is amazing because it allows us to visually create our own worlds of possibilities and has a huge symbolic appeal.

This post was carefully curated, researched, and created aiming to make the Angelcore Aesthetic more than just a dreamy mood board. This is a guide that gives you tools to bring the elements of this aesthetics to your lifestyle and create a truly authentic life.

Why live the life people want for you when there are infinite possibilities that suit you better?

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What is the Anglecore Aesthetic

Angelcore Aesthetic color palette, symbols and elements:

Of course, as the name says, Angelcore comes from, well, Angels.

Although angels have a very strong religious symbology, the Angelcore aesthetic is not necessarily related to religion. This is because the greatest reference of this aesthetic is the angels painted in Renaissance and Neoclassical art, which represented a time of transition and of scientific, cultural and artistic rebirth after the Middle Ages. Identifying with this aesthetic (and any other) is much more about the emotional appeal that a set of images has on us!

Angels in art aesthetic:

The angel aesthetic of the angelcore movement comes specifically from the cupid or cherub, from the Renaissance arts. Imagine that unreachable beauty of angels you see on classic art and paintings: benevolent, pure, spiritual, and loving beings. Mix that with the clumsy, cute, childish cupid and Cherub aesthetic and you will get what Angelcore is about,

angelcore art aesthetic
Photo: Pinterest
cherubin aesthetic art
Photo: Pinterest
little angels aesthetic art paiting
Photo: Pinterest
angelcore art
Photo: Pinterest

Angels are all about paradise purity and love. Cupid, in mythology, is the son of Aphrodite and the God of Love, and that’s why colors like pink (the color of love), light blue, transparent and white (color of the sky, spirit, and paradise, home of the angels) predominate in this aesthetic, which means this is an aesthetic with an extremely girly visual mood.

Cupid and angel aesthetic: light Blue and pink sky, clouds, wings, free, clumsy, naughy attittude, serenity, vintage pastel color palette, romantic pink flowers, flowy fabrics

Angel wings aesthetic:

Angels are always pictured with wings. After all, wings are what lift them to the skies and make them free, divine creatures from the heavens.

angelcore aesthetic photography
Movable Angel Wings l MacWings l Etsy l Photo: @geoffroy_groult (shop below)
angel aesthetic wings
Photo: Pinterest
angelcore wings aesthetics
Photo: Pinterest
Photo: Pinterest
cherub cupid aesthetic
Photo: Pinterest
angel wings aesthetic
Gold Real Feather Wings l Etsy l Photo: Etsy

angel wings aesthetic
Angel wing aesthetic l Photo: Pinterest

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Greek statutes references and Angel statue aesthetic:

Not only angels but also Classic Greek Statues, angel statues and floral greek gardens are big references for this aesthetic. The iconic and mysterious Venus de Milo is one of the most famous Greek statues and a big element from the Angelcore aesthetic.

Venus de Milo fake statue in classic floral garden. Photo Source: Flowers Time
Photo: Pinterest


Venus was often painted with angels and she was also the goddess of love in Greek mythology and the mother of an angel (cupid). She was adored by renaissance artists, therefore, a strong element of the feminine in the angelcore art and aesthetics. One important thing of the renaissance is that nudity was not considered something to be ashamed of. Women and men were beautifully portrayed in full nude and one of the biggest classic examples is The birth of Venus painted by Sandro Botticelli. So, in my personal interpretation, angelcore is also about being proud, comfortable and happy in your own body – in a very pure, feminine and natural way.

The birth of Venus – Sandro Botticelli 1483 – 1485 l Photo: Google Arts & Science

 ¨According to the interpretation by Ernst Gombrich, the work depicts the symbolic fusion of Spirit and Matter, the harmonious interaction of Idea and Nature¨

Source: Google Arts & Science

Venus Aesthetics: Angels, seashell, pink flowers, floral dresses, long, flowy, braided hair, natural woman.

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Angelcore Aesthetic Outfits and Accessories

If you love girly outfits, so you will find the real you in angelcore fashion. Angel aesthetic clothes are all about reproducing the angelical colors and fabrics from the arts in real life. Women in paintings were usually wearing pearls, satin, silk, and flowy and light fabrics. So, angelcore style is about wearing vintage romantic clothing that evokes your most innocent and feminine side combined with the subtle sensuality from Greek sculptures and an innocent baby angel mood.

Clothing Aesthetic: Simple, light, and flowy chiffon dresses and silk nightgowns. White and soft pink lace, ribbons and white, pastel pink and blue colors

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Favorite Angelcore Clothing Brand:

  • Loveschackfancy: This brand is expensive, but is absolutely the most angelcore shop in the USA. Just like the angel art of the renaissance, this brand value romantic elements, quality and perfection in every single pastel pink and baby blue detail.

For the accessories, angels, florals, pink gold and pearls. Those elements and big references to Venus and to the jewelry of the time.

illict letter vittorio reggianini angelcore aesthetic
Art: Illicit Letter by Vittorio Reggianini l Photo: Pinterest
angelcore girl angelcore jewelry

Pearl Lace Choker l BijouLimon l Etsy l $28.00

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Favorite Angelcore Accessories Brand:

  • Bijou Limon – Etsy: the most stunning Romantic Vintage French Handcrafted Jewelry.

Angelcore Aesthetic Makeup and Hair

Soft pink natural makeup and glossy lips, Angelical makeup, nude eyelashes, and pinky nude makeup to get a fresh skin-like finish and natural light high-shine lip gloss.

Favorite Angelcore Makeup Brand:

  • Emcosmetics: The most romantic palettes are here. Everything about this brand is ethereal, classic, girly, enchanting, and luminous, just like classic angels.
angelcore makeup
Maskara – Photo @emcosmetics
angelcore makeup
Moonbean Cushion Highlighter – Photo @emcosmetics
angelcore makeup venetian rose eye palette
Venetian Rose Eye Palette l Photo @emcosmetics
angelcore makeup
Crystal Lip Gloss – Photo @emcosmetics

Renaissance & Angel Hair Aesthetic

Wear statement pieces on your hair to add some greenery that expresses an angelical natural, classic mood, such as silk bows or mini floral hair accessories.

Gold Pink Floral Comb l WilldRoseAndSparrow l Etsy
angelcore aesthetic hair
Gold Flower Hairpin l WildRoseAndSparrow l Photo: Etsy
Photo inspiration: Pinterest
angelcore aesthetic

La delicatezza dei fiori. Angeli – 1948
Angelcore aesthetic hair
Photo Inspiration: Pinterest
angelcore aethetic hair
Beige Hair Bow l WildRoseAndSparrow l Photo: Etsy

Angelcore Decor

Mix Shabby Chic romance with stunning royal, opulent baroque architecture and soft vintage items and you will get an angelcore decor aesthetic. Elements to Create a perfect, classic and ethereal angel aesthetic room:

Angelcore Decor Aesthetics: gold, pastels, chiffon, marble from the antique sculptures, ornate vintage victorian items, cameo, afternoon tea, rococo, baroque, royal palaces and churches, antique stuff.

The Angelcore room and home decor:

A lovely and light romantic, vintage french farmhouse decor to make you go to bed like an angel. Ruffles, chandelier, and floral wreaths, white, pink and gold vintage decor items and silk pillowcases.

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Angelcore Lightning: chandelier, glass, candles and pink vintage.

Angelcore Wall art: Heavenly wall decor and renaissance art with gold frames.

Angelic aesthetic decor

Angelcore places:

Austria, Italy, and France are the places to go if you want to feel in a history book. Louvre and Versailles in Paris-France and Austria are the most iconic and easy to associate with this aesthetic, but below we give you some alternative places to add to your bucket list and visit to feel and smell these stunning historical buildings.

Esterhazy Palace: Also known as Hungary Versailles, this stunning rococo Palace in Hungary is true jewelry and probably one of the most beautiful angelcore castles in the world.

angelcore castle
Photo @sarahmichaelstone
Photo: @dominikakosztyo
Photo: @berenteipetra
angelcore castle budapest
Photo: @dominikakosztyo

Admont Library Austria

Bringing the Angelcore aesthetic attitude to your life:

Flowers in your hair, enchanting everyone around with an ethereal presence, and a sassy attitude, decorating your personal space, like your bedroom, with classic, girly and antique decor, wearing a flowy white dress while planning a tour next trip to Versailles. And if you want to wear wings to go to the market and let anyone know you identify with a renaissance angel, why not? Just embrace who you are.

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