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Honestly, of all the discussions in America, the Millennial x Gen Z is the one thing I wish would never stop! I love that because of the social aspect of the internet. For the first time, different generations can share ideas in the same space. So here I’m holding on to it because it’s harmless and fun! And what can be more Millennial in fashion than hipster clothes and the iconic skinny jeans? We invented hipster! And I know hipsters don’t like labels, but let’s own it for a sec and honor the style! But because hipster is more of a lifestyle than just a fashion trend nowadays, I’m taking into consideration some hipster’s values, like sustainability, handcrafting, harmony between life in the city and in nature. So, most picks are from authentic brands that also share those values.

Be ready for some plaid and flannel shirts, iconic beanies, workwear jackets, old-school graphic shirts, and really skinny jeans that will make our beloved Gen Z teens cringe!?

Jumpsuits are super hipster and we have an entire post dedicated to the bold one piece:
Fall Jumpsuits That Adventurous Free-Spirited Women Will Love

Hipster Clothes For Women

Graphic tees from the ’80s, workwear & oversized jackets, plaid & flannel t-shirts, skinny jeans, beanies,

Upcycled Music Graphic Tee With Plaid Flannel Sleeves
? Urban Outfitters

Upcycled Music Graphic Tee With Plaid Flannel Sleeves

Sizes: One Size



So, Urban Outfitters has this Urban Renewals collection where they upcycle clothes, accessories, and even furniture. In this case, they are updating classic graphic music tees with hand sewed plaid flannel sleeves. So, each piece is a unique and authentic combination!

? Abercrombie & Fitch

David Bowie 90s-Inspired Relaxed Band Tee

Sizes: XXS – L



This faded cotton tee is broken-in to feel like old but will last like new!

Anine Bing Tiger Sweatshirt
? Revolve

Anine Bing Tiger Sweatshirt

Sizes: XS – L



Because guess who was not born in the ’80s? I remember only kids who loved rock would wear this type of graphic pattern. It’s a classic.

AE Plaid Cropped Button Up Shirt
American Eagle Outfitters

AE Plaid Cropped Button Up Shirt

Sizes: XXS – XXL



Why not go with a cropped plaid shirt?

Plaid Organic Flannel Shirt ll bean hipster clothes
LL Bean

Plaid Organic Flannel Shirt

Sizes: XS – XL



Organic cotton is more sustainable, of course, but it’s also so soft and durable. This is the kind of cozy warm shirt that you’ll when it’s in the laundry! It’s available in more colors, but the navy & white combo match pretty much anything from any wardrobe!

Fjäll Räven

Insulated Recycled Wool Flannel Shirt

Sizes: XXS – XL



No crispy morning will stop you from going outside with these insulating flannel shirts made in recycled wool.

Levi Black Skinny Denim

Levi Black Skinny Denim

Sizes: 23 – 33, Lenghts: 28 – 32



In case you don’t have a good basic pair of high-rise black skinny jeans!

Levi red corduroy Pants

Levi red corduroy Pants

Sizes: 23 – 34, Lenghts: 28 – 34

$69.50 $34.98


Burgundy or wine red corduroy is always the new black jeans during fall!

7 For All Mankind Skinny Grey Jeans hipster clothes
7 for All Mankind

7 For All Mankind Skinny Grey Jeans

Sizes: 23 – 34



In case you don’t have a good basic pair of high-rise black skinny jeans in your minimalist collection of hipster clothes!

Oversized Camo Utility Jacket In Organic Cotton_outerknown_organic cotton

Oversized Camo Utility Jacket In Organic Cotton

Sizes: XS – XL



Not every jacket is sturdy enough to go into the wilderness and stylish enough to go to your favorite bar. This one is! Made from sturdy organic cotton, full of patch pockets, and with an adjustable drawcord at the waist.


Uniqlo Corduroy Jacket

Sizes: XXS – XXL



This is a very basic corduroy jacket, at a reasonable price point. It’s available in 4 muted colors that will layer beautifully any hipster outfit.


Relaxed Fit Canvas Bomber Jacket, Carhartt

Sizes: XS – XXL, 1X – 3X



Need a resistant and stylish jacket to face the fall outdoor marathon and look good? This bomber jacket is made of mesh-lined canvas and it’s not lined, perfect for mild transitional weather. You can chase a toddler down the pumpkin patch and still look dressed up for the post-carving pictures.

Herschel Supply

The Abbott Herschel Flat Knit Rollover Beanie

Sizes: Only Size



Herschel’s beanies built a name for themselves so you can’t go wrong. This is one of many colors and knits, so you’ll find your favorite.


Customizable Wool Felt Pork Pie Hat For Men and Women

Sizes: 21 – 24 ⅜ inches



The classic hipster hat in wool felt, pure rayon satin lining, genuine leather sweatband, 3 5/8″ telescope crown. You can choose from many diameters and there is room for customization. The hats are made in Greece and they already sold over 2000 pieces on Etsy!

Writing this post I realized that I like hipster clothes more than I imagined! This mix of rustic and urban, nature and city is definitely my vibe. Also, I remembered that I was kind of hipster around 2012. Or at least I’d wear a lot of oversized plaid shirts with my skinny pants. I guess it was mainstream at the time because as much as I love fashion, I’m not the cool outlier in the family, that’s my creative designer little sis!

I hope you found some hipster clothes you like. Let me know in the comments!


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