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03 Flower

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Spring nails are joyful and bright like the extra daylights we start getting during the most blooming season of the year. You can wear Spring nails year round because they are most and for most cute. Even during winter, they will help you beat the January blues and countdown to bright sunny days. It’s all about taking blossoming nature elements into your own hands. So, in this post, you’ll find the cutest Spring nail designs and art filled with flowers, butterflies, bees, strawberries, and many pastel colors. On top of all the inspiring ideas that you can DIY or bring to your manicure, I added some practical nail wraps, press-on nails, and stickers, after all, you wanna spend more time flashing your mani under the sun than making them.

Simple Spring Nails Ideas

1. Pastel essentials


2. Tips & Lines


3. DIY art


4. Pale Pink, Hot Pink

pale Pink, Hot Pink french tip simple nails

5. Sage Green & White Leaf Press-On

6. Lavender and Lime Pie


7. DIY Pastels


8. Easy Pastels


9. Pastel Ombré Nail Wraps

10. Half Nail


11. Cute Polkadots

cute simple nail design

12. Peach Perfect


13. Pastel Swirl Press-On Nails

14. Spring Tips

spring french tips easy nail art

15. Warm Hues


Cute Spring Designs For Nails

16. Spring Buzz


17. 3D Easter Bunny


18. Strawberry Picking


19. French Butterflies


20. Hand Drawn


21. Bright Butterflies


22. Holographic Press-On

23. Woodland


24. Hearts and Smiles


25. Sparkling Butterflies


26. Lemons


27. Cottagecore Spring


28. Pastel Rainbows & Flowers


29. Vintage Romance


30. Spring Unicorn


Flower Spring Nails Ideas

31. Bright Flowers


32. Romantic

romantic simple flower nails

33. Pastel Cherry Blossom Nail Wraps

34. Cottagecore

cottagecore simple nails

35. Fairy Bride


36. Gucci Inspired Florals


37. Lavender Daisies

spring flower nails

38. Sage Green Daisy Press-On

39. Fun garden


40. Girly Flowers


41. Lavender French & Daisies Press On

42. Sunny Floral Day


43. One of each

colorful simple nails ideas

44. Dainty


45. Flower Power


46. Groovy 70s Nail Stickers

47. Primavera


48. Lilac Art


49. Minimal Chic Spring


50. Yellow Cuteness

short nails with white checkered and yellow flower design

51. Lavender Field

long oval nails with sage green nail polish and lavender flowers

52. Vitamin C Boost

long oval nails with coral and yellow sprig flower nail design

53. Purple Witchy


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