Summer is around the corner, and with it comes the big hype for the Barbie movie and all their bright girlie, happy moods, pink outfit, and of course, a cool hot pink bikini. If this is your first stop here, The Mood Guide is a buying guide where we make lists organized by aesthetics that reflects certain moods or lifestyles!

This post is part of our Hot Pink Aesthetic Guides, and is a curatorship of the coolest hot pink swimwear and beachwear in the USA, for every woman and for every body type.

Moods evoked by a hot pink bikini!

Hot pink, fuchsia, bright pink, or neon pink is a color that evokes femininity, brightness, and sensuality together in whoever is wearing it. This trendy shade of pink is always absolutely feminine yet happy and sexy color. When it comes to swimwear, the details make a difference in your desired mood.

Strappys and small shapes in a bright pink bikini, for example, will make you look and feel like a sexy baddie woman, a la -stereotyped – Marilyn Monroe, or Kylie Jenner on the beach. On the other hand Textures, frills and florals will channel much more feminine, happy, cute & girly Barbie vibes.

You can check the aesthetic that perfectly matches your mood here in our complete aesthetic list guides.

Check out the menu below to find the perfect hot pink bikini or swimsuit for you and for every type of body.

Hot Pink Bikinis

Hot and Neon pink bikinis are just perfect for evoking radiant hot summer girl vibes. Details such as straps, frills, and gold rings will certainly add an extra ¨look at me, I’m hot and pretty as fu** vibes, but if you want something flirty and cute, pick a pink bikini with frills and ruffles.


Simple hot pink bikinis come in all shapes and sizes and just say: ¨I want some attention, I am feminine, but I’m also minimalist¨

Frenhie bikini Top $75.00-$79.50 l Bottom $34.50 l J.Crew

Wrap bikini set Top $59.50 l Bottom $59.50 l Boston Proper


The textured fabric in bikinis and one-piece swimsuits became a trend in the past couple of years and I absolutely love it. It adds a touch of sophistication and style to the simple bikini.

The strappy details make this an absolutely gorgeous pretty baddie option.

Strappy Triangle Top $38.00 l Briefs $26.00 l Box Avenue

Textured bikini set From $23.00 to $49.00 l Box Avenue

Textured bikini Top $24.46 l Bottom $20.96 l Amerian Eagle

Still in the texture category, we have this gorgeous super neon bikini with a crochet texture. Wet textured bikinis, sparkly and metallic effects are also a way to draw even more attention to your already bright pink bikini.

neon pink crochet bikini

Neon bikini Top $80.00 l Bottoms $70.00 l Anthropologie

Sparkle Top $65.00 l Bottom $59.00 l Good American

Frills & cuts

For the ultimate flirty Barbie look, girly frills, ruffles, fringe, and other ¨cute oppulences¨ will make you get this mood.

frill bikini Top $28.00 l Bottom $19.00 l River Island

Textured bikini set top $35.00 l bottom $32.00 l ASOS


Neon pink mixed with prints and patterns are fun and happy with a super happy summer aesthetic.

Floral Neon Top $58.00 l Bottom $56.00 l Urban Outfitters

Pink and white set Bottom $78.00 l TOP $78.00 l Box Avenue

Bikini Set $195.00 l Loveshackfancy

Curvy and plus-size hot pink bikinis.

Support all your curves to feel sexy and gorgeous in a neon pink bikini when enjoying the beach or pool.

Curvy Bikini Top $125.00 l Bottom $110.00 l Cosabella

Plus Size set Bottom $57.20 l Top $96.80 l Soma

Underwire TOP $31.46 Amerian Eagle

Top $29.95 l Bottom $29.95 l Victorias’ Secrets


High-end designer neon pink bikinis to o look and feel like a very expensive Barbie queen.

VERSACE Top $245.00 l Bottom $221.00 l FORWARD

DUNDAS bikini set $445.00l FORWARD

Hot Pink Swimsuits

One-piece swimsuits are an option for those who want to keep the flirty feel of hot pink but with a little more coverage.

Simple One Pieces

Basic, minimal, plain options of neon, bright and hot pink one-piece swimsuits.

Swimsuit with removable straps $235.00 l Cosabella

One Piece $235.00 l Cosabella

neon pink one piece swimsit

Neon pink One Piece $79.00 l Good American

fuschia swimsuit

One Piece l $119.00 l Good American

Florals and frills

Cute flowers, ruched details, and frills make these uniquely ¨Barbiesh¨ and super feminine.

Twist front $119.50 l Boston Proper

Ruched with ring $208.00 l

$148.00 l Lily Pulitzer

Ralph Lauren One Piece $195 l The Bay


One-Piece Swimsuit $125.00 l Anthropologie

Textured Swimsuit $62.00 l River Island

One piece $34.96 l American Eagle

Long Sleeve one piece

For the surfer girls, these long sleeve rashguards are perfect for adventurous Barbies.

Plus size and curvy


Luxury neon pin and bright pink one-piece swimsuits to feel expansive (like Rihanna in the Met Gala, but at the beach or pool).

Extra: Hot Pink Cover-ups

If are really obsessed with neon pink, you may want the full pink Barbie beach look, including a neon cover-up.

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