In my humble opinion, summer is for the beach while fall and winter are for the mountains. Therefore, in the midst of tons of fun summery nail art, beach nails are my number 1 design for the sunny season.

And what exactly are beach nails? The first thing that comes to mind is all sorts of nail designs related to the beach, from real to mystical elements. In that case, you’ll find nail art of sea, ocean, sunsets, seashells, fish, sharks, mermaids, and so on. Of course, you can also think of beach nails as simple white or nude nails that are zero work and hassle during your vacation.

If you’re a usual reader of The Mood Guide you know I spend at least an entire day doing research for every post. So, make sure you save all your favorite inspo and follow the most inspiring nail artists you find here. They are the bomb for sure.

Tropical Beach Nails Designs

01. Ocean Waves nails

These ocean nails are a work of art that I can’t get enough of. The soothing green, the waves, the seagal. In my opinion, they are the ultimate beach French tip nails.

02. Depth of sea nail art

The depth of the ocean keeps secrets and wonders that are magical, just like this stunning nail art.

03. Long beach nails

Oh, the teen summer love. Drawing hearts in the sand, making promises, watching the sunset. Until vacation is over. In some cases, these acrylic nails will last longer than a vacation affair.

04. Palm tree blue nail art

The palm tree against the blue sky and all you have to do is watch the day going by.

05. Boho beach nails

Beach vacations are a great match for bohemian vibes and this orange and gold kind of mystic nail design is here for it.

06. Seashell and pearls beach nails

It’s not an ocean without the pearls.

07. Mystical mermaid nails

I don’t buy the idea that mermaids have a magical voice that lures men into the water. But when I think about mystical sea creatures these are the nails aesthetic that comes to mind.

08. Lilo and Stitch nails

Lilo and Stitch are the ultimate Hawai inspiration for Disney fans.

09. California vibes

10. Miami Beach nails

The glam, the extravaganza, the fun, and the vibrant colors of this nail art are 10/10 Miami Beach vibes.

11. Pink beach waves nails

Hot pink was made for summer and here’s a terrific way to match it with a sunny day by the beach.

12. Stormy waves nails

We all prefer a calm sea, but the ocean has its own mood and we can’t beat it. For nail art, however, a stormy ocean makes up for a stunning beach manicure.

13. Cute beach nails

Go big or go home is the mojo behind this mesmerizing beach nail art. The colors, the details, everything is done to perfection.

14. Hawai-inspired beach nails

Apparently, you can’t enter Hawai territory without a nice Hawai-inspired manicure. Of course, I’m just kidding, but if we can have a reason to get a nail design inspired by the natural wonders of the island, why not?

15. Extra long tropical beach acrylic nails

If you love extra-long acrylic nails, you’re in for a treat with a beach manicure because you have a lot of space to go crazy.

16. Goldfish nail art

Cute goldfish nail art if you’re more into the trip to the aquarium vibes than scuba diving during your beach vacations.

17. Sophisticated mermaid nails

These nails are up for the job of being Ariel’s wedding nails.

19. Save the Orcas nail art

Show all your love for marine wildlife with this cute Orca nail design.

20. Night Ocean nails

Even though bright colors are the obvious summer call, it’s perfectly fine to get a bit moody and go with metallic navy and emerald as in these gorgeous ocean nails.


You can rock an elaborate beach nail art even if you have short nails. @l.anett.nails combined a solid turquoise ombré, with white milky plus rhinestones, and metallic mermaid scales. Fantastic creative work and one of the easiest to DIY at home.

24. Tropical beach nails


Tropical flowers on top of classic milky white nail polish are the vibrant summer touch you need if you love whites, but want a little fun twist.

26. Tropical sunset nails design

The golden hour by the beach, watching as the sky morphs into a warm orange is the kind of experience one can only have during summer. Or in a nice nail art like this one.



28. Little Mermaid Beach nails

If you are a die-hard Disney fan The Little Mermaid is the obvious choice for a cute beach manicure.

29. Shades of blue tips

These French tips take inspiration from the different shades of blue from the ocean and they kind of remind me of waves or summer prints.

31. Sophisticated beach nails

The golden hour and the gold sand can become a sophisticated feature with the right amount of gold glittery nail polish.

32. Shark nails

34. Tropical mermaid nails

Blue and orange are a winning color combination for summer, especially for beach nails. The palm tree and the mermaid scales are proof that there’s no such thing as a bad beach match.

35. Marine life nail art

Corals, turtles, sharks, fish clusters, and all the colorful marine life are a source of endless inspiration for fun beach nail art.

36. Mermaid and pearls nails

Feeling like a mystic mermaid this summer? Can’t go wrong with this glittery purple and pearls mix.


38. Glitter beach nails

The mix of two types of glitter created such a nice effect. It’s a sophisticated result of a simple concept. Love it.

39. Pink and purple seashell nails

The mix of two types of glitter created such a nice effect. It’s a sophisticated result of a simple concept. Love it.

40. High tides

The soothing blue of the ocean tides.

What are your favorite beach nails?

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