There’s nothing neutral or low profile about gold nails. No matter which designs you pick, from the simplest French tips to the most extravagant art, the golden shade will add a pop of glam to your hands. It’s the perfect nail color for unapologetically fierce women and for celebrations like New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Birthdays, and weddings. So, in this post, you’ll find the most glamorous and popular designs and ideas for gold nails. There’s an inspiration for everyone, the minimalist, the extra, for short nails, long coffins, cute, with black, white, and so on.

Gold Nails Ideas & Designs

01. Glitter tips

02. Sparkles


03. Double Frenchie

04. Glitter extravaganza

05. Golden stars

06. Gold + silver

07. Borders

08. Modern art

09. Nude + cuffs

10. Pastel and gold swirls

11. Wedding bliss

12. Stripes

13. Glitter cuffs

14. Fancy bees

15. Lightening

16. Abstract

17. Light and darkness

18. Louis Vuitton logo

19. Sparkling tips

20. Navy chic

21. Deep green

22. Hearts

23. Amethyst hearts

24. Gold + grey

25. Honey drip

26. Minimal

27. Art

28. Winnie the Pooh

29. Gold leaf

30. Golden wings

31. Butterflies

32. More butterflies

33. Gold tips

34. Ho ho ho

35. Gold Christmas

36. Black tips, gold cuffs

37. Billionaire

38. Gold stripes over matte black

39. Milky + gold

40. Dots

41. Dots on nude

42. Barbwire

What’s your gold nail of choice?

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