Hello, Slytherins. After the big success that was my Slytherin aesthetic guide, I decided to create a post fully dedicated to Slytherin Wallpapers for iPhone. There is so much interesting stuff that can be explored within this magic and super aesthetic and powerful Hogwarts house.

So, in this post, I will list some Slytherin house wallpaper ideas, Slytherin Christmas wallpapers, and even cute Slytherin wallpapers. Because yes, although Slytherins are mostly cunning and ambitious, they are allowed to be cute as well.

Slytherin Aesthetic Wallpapers for iPhone

The aesthetic wallpapers below are inspired mainly by the Slytherin colors (silver, green and black) and elements (especially the snake). But also a gloomy, mysterious mood suits well his house.

Are you one of those cunning folk? Then make a statement on your lock screen with the wallpapers below.

The Slytherin Snake

The most aesthetic and symbolic thing about Slytherin is obviously the snake, and that are so many stunning and statement maker options of the Slytherin snake background for prou Slytherins to use on their lock screens.

slytherin wallpaper iphone aesthetic snake
slytherin snake wallpaper iphone hd
slytherin snake aesthetic wallpaper
slytherin aesthetic snake background
slytherin mote aesthetic wallpaper
aesthetic slytherin wallpaper iphone

Slytherin Hogwarts vibes Wallpaper

Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft in full Slytherin colors.

slytherin hogwarts wallpaper
slytherin aesthetic wallpaper
slytherin wallpaper iphone hogwarts

Slytherin House Badge

Another option is to leave no mistakes that you are a true Slytherin.

slytherin house badge snake wallpaper
slytherin wallpaper

Death eaters & the Dark Mark

These are for those who are unapologetically on the dark side (every Harry Potter fan knows that the greatest ark wizards came from this house, although not are slytherins are bad).

death eaters wallpaper iphone
death eather slytherin wallpaper
death eater slytherin lockscreen
slytherin dark mark
slytherin mote wallpaper mood

The house things

A bunch of objects gathered with the Slytherin aesthetic is a super nice and cute way to embrace your Slytherin love on your phone background.

From the wand to iconic poisonous potion bottles, I bet you would love the dark & cute vibes of the Slytherin wallpapers below.

slytherin aesthetic wallpaper iphone hd
slytherin mood wallpaper
slytherin wallpaper background
slytherin aesthetic wallpaper iphone

Slytherin moods backgrounds

If you are more minimalistic, these abstract and conceptual aesthetic wallpapers with Dark nights and storms in black and dark green are super ¨Slytherisnish¨.

slytherin mood green wallpaper

Slytherin Christmas wallpapers

cute christmas slytherin aesthetic wallpaper christmas lockscreen
slytherin christmas wallpaper

Slytherin wallpaper quotes

Sltyherins have strong values and remarkable personality traits that might be summed up in these meaningful quotes.

slytherin wallpaper iphone quote
slytherin aesthetic wallpaper quote
slytherin quote aesthetic wallpaper iphone
slytherin wallpaper quote aesthetic dark green
slytherin aesthetic wallpaper quote for iphone

Slytherin Quidditch wallpapers

slytherin quiddish wallpaper iphone

Snape Wallpaper

slytherin snape aesthetic wallpaper iphone

Lord Voldemort

slytherin aesthetic collage wallpaper dark lord
slytherin background green
lord voldemort aesthetic wallpaper

Draco Malfoy

Reading all the books again in my 30s, I realized how much I love Draco. One of the deepest and most interesting character developments.

draco malfoy aesthetic wallpaper iphone

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