I have already written a few posts with gorgeous wallpapers inspired by the Hogwarts houses, and now it is time for some Gryffindor wallpapers for iPhone, in case the Brave and the Loyal need some daily reminder of their brave and strong spirits on the phone screen.

If you are a courageous person, who is always ready to stand up for what is right, then Gryffindor is probably your Hogwarts House, and these wallpapers are for you.

The wallpaper ideas below are a mix of stock-free images that I curate & original AI generated + Photoshop images I created. I am a graphic designer and former illustrator and I enjoy AI as a tool to accelerate my creative process. 🙂

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Gryffindor Aesthetic Wallpapers

1- The Gryffindor Lion

The Lion is the animal that represents Gryffindor. The lion perfectly portrays this house’s bravery and loyalty. This is why this is an excellent choice for a beautiful Gryffindor background on your phone.

gryffindor lion wallpaper
The Mood Guide
The Mood Guide
Gryffindor aesthetic wallpaper for iPhone
The Mood Guide
Gryffindor background
The Mood Guide
The Mood Guide

2- The Gryffindor logo

Mikhail Nilov I Source

3 – Gryffindor Quidditch Wallpaper

The Mood Guide

4- Gryffindor Common Room

Photo: Shayna Douglas I Source
The Mood Guide
Gryffindor common room aesthetic wallpaper for iphone.
The Mood Guide

5 – Gryffindor Art wallpaper

Lovely cute illustration patterns for your Gryffindor background.

The Mood Guide
The Mood Guide

6 – Gryffindor Aesthetic Things

Everything in the Harry Potter universe comes with cozy vibes. But, in my opinion, there is something most relaxing in the Gryffindor aesthetics. The images below are simple visual representations of the Gryffindor moods on your phone screen.

Photo: Samuel Regan-Asante I Source

Photo: Prateek Katyal I Source
Photo: Dagmara Dombrovska I Source
Photo: Valeriia Harbuz I Source
Photo: Valeriia Harbuz I Source
Photo: Valeriia Harbuz I Source

7 – Gryffindor Christmas Aesthetic Wallpapers

Gryffindor and Christmas are the ultimate cozy magical mood. Some images can certainly tell better than words!

harry potter gryffindor aesthetic wallpaper for christmas and holidays

In conclusion, whether you are a die-hard Gryffindor fan or admire the house’s values, these wallpapers will definitely inspire you to be your best self and stand up for what is right.

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