JK Rowling already confirmed that Hufflepuff is her favorite house. After reading all the books I truly believe that this house is so underestimated. I have already written an entire Hufflepuff aesthetic guide, and now I will reinforce the greatness of being a Puff with a complete list of Hufflepuff Traits.

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Today, at 36 years old, I consider myself to be a Ravenclaw, but I wanted to have more of the Slytherin Cunning. In my childhood and teen years though, I was a Hufflepuff. Always the sweet, childish, dreamy, and always beyond optimistic one, even though I was quite shy.

Are Hufflepuffs boring?

I have read in many places people labeling Hufflepuff as a boring house. This is so sad because we can see how society takes loyalty and kindness for granted. To me, the Hufflepuff traits and core values are much more important to this world than Gryffindor’s bravery, for example. I mean, if the whole planet were Hufflepuff at heart, there would be no wars, just happy people planting their food and feeling joy with the simple things in life.

All Hufflepuff will share these Traits and characteristics

  • Dresses for Comfort
  • Gest along with most people
  • Sees animals as friends
  • Big hugs are their love language
  • Forgiving folks with the purest hearts
  • Loyal to the core
  • Often gets taken for granted
  • Very crafty and artsy
  • Loves comfort food
  • Bivert. They have a very welcoming energy but need introvert time to recharge
  • Tries to avoid conflict
  • Loves nature, even the weirdest part of it
  • Has a very strong moral compass
  • Prefere the in-between seasons and weather: Spring and fall
  • Are very patient
  • Think before speaking (not impulsive)
  • Loves the cottagecore aesthetic
  • The most tolerant and forgiving
  • People often underestimate them
  • Are very charming and kind
  • hopeless romantic
  • loves complimenting people
  • Learns from nature
  • Sweet like honey
  • Possesses an enormous inner magic of always seeing the bright side of everything
  • Loves Van Gogh and sunflowers
  • Boys are unapologetically emotional

Random Quotes that you would see someone with Slytherin essence saying

People with strong Hufflepuff personalities, and even if who don’t identify with saying those out loud, can learn something from them

“Love yourself enough to know you deserve more”

“Life is art. It exists to make you feel¨

“There is bravery in being soft¨

“Kill them with kindness”

“The world is filled with nice people. If you can’t find one, be one”

“Kindness is not weakness”

“Save the bees”

“Crying is not a weakness”

Dont be so cool you cant cry. Dont be so smart you cant wonder. Dont be so set on your sunny days that you cant love the roll of the thunder

Hufflepuff main characters’ personalities and traits

Cedric Diggory

The courageous, handsome Hufflepuff champion, Cedric is the most popular student of Hogwarts. The typical high school boy that every lady wants for their beauty, bravery, leadership spirit, and kind heart.

“Remember Cedric. Remember if the time should come when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy. Remember what happened to a boy who was good, kind, and brave, because he strayed across the path of Lord Voldemort? Remember Cedric Diggory”

  • The pretty boy
  • A gentleman
  • Kind and generous
  • Trusting and kind
  • Brave spirit
  • Trustworthy

Random quotes that would represent Cedric

“Go for it. Whether it ends good or bad, it was an experience”

“Why is “pretty boy” considered an insult

” Do what is right, not what is easy”

Remus Lupin

Hogwarts professor of defense against the dark arts in the third book, and the first one to introduce us to the amazing Marauders universe. Lupin is a man and a werewolf and a character with a golden heart

The stranger was wearing an extremely shabby set of wizards robe that had been darned in several places. He looked ill and exhausted. Though quite young, his light brown hair was flecked with gray. “

Harry Poitter and the Prisioner of Azkaban

  • Listen to old songs on Vynil
  • Loves the smell of books
  • A dark academia kind of guy
  • A little shy but very cool

Random quotes that would represent Lupin

“It’s nice to be important, but is more important to be nice”

“I am here if you need me”

“I’m a wolf. Her. My moon”

“If anyone understood loneliness, the moon would”

“The moon made me do it”

“Sometimes the moon is all I have”

Nyphandora Tonks

Our ” Hufflepunk”, Tonks is the kind of woman that we may call a nice badass. She is one of Harry’s Aurors in the 5th book and further becomes Lupin’s girlfriend

  • Creative witch
  • Authentic to the core
  • Rock and roll punk vibes
  • Proudly weird
  • Revolutionary spirits yet kind
  • Beautifully chaotic
  • Can’t help doing sneaky things
  • Cool hair is her identity

Random quotes that would represent tonks

“I fall in love with souls, not faces”

“Wake up, Kick as, be kind, repeat”

“I thought that my life would suddenly improve if I got a black leather jacket. And I was 100% right”

“My body, my art”

“Pink is punk rock”

” I can find joy, right here in the mess of things”

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